2011 communciation channels roadmap v3


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2011 communciation channels roadmap v3

  1. 1. Communication ChannelsRoadmapSeptember 2011
  2. 2. Our Core Team Values “Team Spirit” “CI Minded” “Quality” 2
  3. 3. Communication ChannelsOur Mission Statement “Provide the best communication channels and graphic design to promote SWIFT brand, products and services, and facilitate customers and employees’ engagement.” 3
  4. 4. How do we help SWIFTto better position itsbrand and sell productsand services on SWIFTchannels? 4
  5. 5. Team value proposition News Publication Corporate Website Mastering Graphic Design and Photos Video Production Web Analytics Publication Tool Management 5
  6. 6. News Publication Chief Editor and Publisher ensure news are published Featured news “timely” on the following channels : swift.com • SWIFT news • Press release • Featured news sibos.com • Latest news PlanetSWIFT • News stories • What’s new? Contact: Catherine Tordeurs
  7. 7. Corporate Website Mastering (1/2) Create useful, interesting and entertaining content for SWIFT staff to transform PlanetSWIFT into GREAT users’ experience! Contact: Jean-François Feront
  8. 8. Corporate Website Mastering (2/2) Build pages using the right information architecture to transform SWIFT internal & external web sites into good users’ navigation experience! Business objectives User research Information architecture / strategy and analysis (optional) Technical integration Usability testing Graphical design (optional) Contact: Jean-François Feront
  9. 9. Graphic Design and Photos Design and production of marketing materials such as logos, factsheets, and banners using corporate visual identity and styleguides (Guardian of brand implementation). Contact: Denis Leclercq
  10. 10. Video Production As with all other sales, marketing and communications collateral, video production must also adhere to corporate guidelines and standard processes. • Coordinator and planning - Innes • Project manager – Innes and Denis  Coordination of more complex video production • Distribution (delivery channels, integration) - Innes • Support - TBD • Conception – Innes and Denis • Develop the story board • Production/development • Cameraman – Innes Contact: Innes MacLeod
  11. 11. Web Analytics Better understanding how and why visitors interact with our websites. • Website usage • Demographic information • Traffic sources • Trends • User behavior • Navigation paths • Content optimization • Goals and funnels • Custom reports Contact: François Adant
  12. 12. Publication Tool Management (CMS) Make appropriate tools available for timely publication on e-channels • User-friendly interface • Distributed operations (regions) • Translation in multi-languages • Regionalisation • Micro-sites • Easy upload of videos • Integration with social media • Administration/user management Contact: Aurore Brouir
  13. 13. How do we facilitatecustomer and employeeengagement? 14
  14. 14. Facilitate customers and staff engagement • Provide web expertise to support knowledge sharing within the company • Leverage collaborative tools and social media to communication channels to facilitate:  Conversation between a group of participants  High interaction (two-way)  Discussion platform  Feedback gathering (poll, survey, ratings)  Raise awareness  Influence opinions (micro-blogging, blog) 15
  15. 15. 2011-2012 Roadmap Long term 2011 2012 – …In the pipeline: New initiatives1. CMS problem fixing - done in support of2. IPad App for Board papers (SWIFTBoard) - done 2015 strategy:3. Corporate web-based applications’ style guide 1. Develop consulting review - done services around web4. 2011 sibos (website & App) - done analytics5. swift.com business enhancements - ongoing 2. Deploy web site regionalisation and6. PlanetSWIFT business enhancements - ongoing micro-site capabilities7. Site migration to PlanetSWIFT V2 - ongoing 3. Implement key collaborative tool projectUnder investigation: to foster engagement 4. Introduce tool for easier• Going mobile (websites for mobiles and pads) collateral production• CMS upgrade and migration plan integrated with brand• Collaborative tools / swiftcommunity.net future guidelines 16
  16. 16. Projects and InitiativesProject/initiative Description Owner Status Define the mission statement and strategy for the Communications2012 Comm Channels strategy Channels team ADANT Francois On-goingCI ProjectsWeb Update process review Review of the web site creation/update processes TORDEURS Catherine On-goingVideo Offering Build the team consolidated video offering MACLEOD Innes On-goingTranslation Strategy Review our strategy around translation in line with the CMS revamp BROUIR Aurore Not startedCMS next generation Define requirements and migration planfor next generation CMS ROJAS Sebastian On-going Define the enhancements included in the 2012 roadmap forPlanetSWIFT enhancements PlanetSwift FERONT Jean-Francois Not started Use of new tools such as "Kadanza" to ease/optimise production ofCollaterals Production review collaterals LECLERCQ Denis Not started Review of the style, visual identity and usability of the web-basedGUI Style guide review GUI LECLERCQ Denis On-goingBusiness Projects Identify business opportunities in the context of our social mediaCollaborative business and collaborative tools strategy MACLEOD Innes On-goingWeb Analytics on PlanetSWIFT Implement stats reporting capability on PlanetSWIFT website usage FERONT Jean-Francois On-going Develop services around Google Analytics for product managers andWebAnalytics Services service owners ADANT Francois Not startedSibos 2012 FERONT Jean-FrancoisCampus 2.1 - Life@SWIFT MACLEOD Innes 17
  17. 17. 18