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Open source is central to ICT innovation


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Open source is central to ICT innovation.

Presentation at the Open World Forum, 2009.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Open source is central to ICT innovation

  1. 1. F/L/OSS is Central to ICT Innovation F. LETELLIER FLOSS Vision Open World Forum Paris, 2009 François LETELLIER
  2. 2. “We don't use open source software, but we use PHP, Apache, MySQL...” 80% LORGs use F/L/OSS 30% are not aware of it at management level François LETELLIER
  3. 3. By 2012... 80% of all commercial software will include OSS elements Source: Gartner Key Predictions for IT Organisations and Users in 2008 and Beyond, January 2008 François LETELLIER
  4. 4. Innovation! François LETELLIER
  5. 5. « Me too ! » Unix GNU/Linux MS Office OpenOffice PhotoShop Gimp WebLogic JBoss Oracle RDBMs PostgreSQL Source Forge 500 top projects New technology N. for a platform Existing techno. New market Radical innovation 1% <1% Existing market <1% 10% No innov. 87% Source: Innovativeness of open source software projects, K. Klincewicz 2005 François LETELLIER
  6. 6. About 10%-15% F/L/OSS projects are innovative The % is comparable in the proprietary software industry But... François LETELLIER
  7. 7. FLOSS potentially saves the industry 36%+ in software R&D investment that can result in increased profits or be more usefully spent in further innovation Study on the economic impact of OSS on innovation and the competitiveness os the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector in the EU, 2006, UNU-MERIT, NL François LETELLIER
  8. 8. How ? François LETELLIER
  9. 9. François LETELLIER
  10. 10. Proprietary components Public / private R&D Customer / User FLOSS components Build on top François LETELLIER
  12. 12. Proprietary components FLOSS components Contribute back François LETELLIER
  13. 13. François LETELLIER
  14. 14. Proprietary components Public / private R&D Customer / User Contribution FLOSS components Collaborate François LETELLIER
  15. 15. $ 91B revenue #1 in number of US patents granted/y $ 1B/y FOSS investment (2002) François LETELLIER
  16. 16. Geeky talk... F/L/OSS is an innovation “bus” for our Information Society François LETELLIER
  17. 17. Uses at home/soho Builds on other works Sell substitutes Contributes as a hobby Company Research XYZ Lab Transfers research results Worldwide F/L/OSS Code Base Shares R&D on Develops with non core-business taxpayers money Company Company Public XYZ XYZ Administration Uses in production process Sell hw/sw complements Offers services “publish” According to a protocol: the license “subscribe” François LETELLIER
  18. 18. New ? François LETELLIER
  19. 19. 2004 1994 1990 ASK Corp. <1980 Relational Technology Inc. / Ingres Corp. 1980 François LETELLIER
  20. 20. Actually, copyright and patent protection is more of an exception... Historically, unprotected or free software came first Extinction of IP rights (public domain) lets innovation spread widely in society François LETELLIER
  21. 21. “There's no business model for F/L/OSS!” François LETELLIER
  22. 22. Buy Get Build Sell Contribute F/L/OSS Bespoke development Use Migrate Lead Patronize Mutualize Dual license Hardware Complement Subscription Legacy In-house Service Open Core Software Refactoring Substitute Proprietary Freeware Customize publishing SaaS Externally Superset Outsourcing funded venture Integration Embedded VAR François LETELLIER
  23. 23. And what next ? François LETELLIER
  24. 24. entry community = audience Open-Source hurt competition Advertising SaaS AdSense Data Wars brand equity UGC web index your (YouTube user lock-in maps documents Blogger satellite Picasa) François LETELLIER
  25. 25. Free S o ftw a re fo r G reen I T François LETELLIER
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention! François Letellier - OW2 - - François LETELLIER