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Global Service Jam 2012: Bangalore Chapter


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Global Service Jam 2012: Bangalore Chapter

  1. 1. BENGALURU 2 5 -2 6 th Fe b 2 0 1 2
  2. 2. What is globalservice jam?
  3. 3. 48 hours On the last weekend (25-26) of Feb, people who are interested in service design from more than fifty cities will be participating in a Global Event. From Luxembourg to Rome to Mexico55 cities & counting City and to Egypt. AND so will Bengaluru!1100+ participants & counting service200 + design projects
  4. 4. What is global service jam?In a spirit of experimentation, innovation, co-operation and friendly competition,teams will have less than 48 hours to develop, design and prototype completelynew services inspired by a shared theme using Design Thinking methodology.More than 55 cities from all over the world are participating with already morethan 1100+ participants. At the end of the weekend, their collection of brand newservices will be published to the world.
  5. 5. Who all were a part of the global event last year?(See for yourself, now you know why I am jumping while making this presentation )
  6. 6. This years participants!55cities& counting Can you spot us there?
  7. 7. So,Who are the 1100+people who will participate?Must be designers from various areas who will attend this?In a traditional sense, we are used to believethat anyone who is directly involved wouldwant to be here. Ergo people who designservices like design thinkers, servicedesigners or business men.
  8. 8. DevelopersNO ! Visual/Industrial Designers UX / UI designers Entrepreneurs Service Designers MBA StudentsANSWER (is a simple): Art directionpeople were left with such varied and different Digital Communicationperspective on service design that left an impact onthem. EditorsWe are also inviting a variety of similar people this year, Physiologistso that the experience is enriching and everyone is atthe end of it , very excited to have worked with such Studentsvariety of people and to have also interacted withpeople around the world. & and a lots more
  9. 9. You may have usedErr, some of them.but what exactly isservice design?Huh! Do you know that India is service led industry with around60% GDP coming from only services?Service design is an multidisplinary approach thatcombines different methods and tools fromvarious disciplines. It is a new way of thinking asopposed to a new stand alone academicdiscipline.It is all about making the service you deliveruseful, usable, efficient, effective and desirable.
  11. 11. Learn.Challenge.Meet.This is a unique platform where people from differentdiscipline come across a common table to learnmethods of Design thinking by doing (and not thinking!)Challenge teams on your design thinking skills and thesolutions you make.Network with people locally ( and Globally!) fromBengaluru who are interested in Design ThinkingMethodology.
  12. 12. So, how do these jams look like? WOOHOOO!
  13. 13. How can youparticipate?
  14. 14. By taking ownership in any of thebelow mentioned areasSponsorsVolunteers &Participants The most important set of people that we are looking forward for .mail and we will help you make this your event as well.
  15. 15. Sponsors: All events need sponsors to work perfectly WE have sponsorship packs and small sponsorship also. Please mail us your interest and we will get back to you. Our contact are on the last slide.We would only require to sponsor for conveniences forthe participants, like stationeries, video cams, couldalso be knowledge by taking a session on frameworksonto approaching a service design problem, certificatesor maybe even bean bags!We love bean bags!Volunteers: There is a lot room here for help also. We added benefits to this role, we will be giving a small session on service design tools, specialvolunteers for many purposes. To lead and guide teams mentions and some video footage thatwith frameworks and process, for helping in the happen on the location.production work during and after the event. We are still planning and setting the stage right now, but this is going to be to train you into the process enough that you wouldbe able to handle queries.Participants: This of course, are the people we are This is the most exciting stage to be in.working for . Everything we are trying to do here in Although there are no responsibilities here, but like I said would love to hear before handthese session is for you to come and meet people. Your from you. Ideas, suggestions, smallonly duty is to come forward, step up and contribute the contributions will be greatly appreciated.
  16. 16. Contact us at:Official@GSJ12_BangaloreBengaluru’s Local HostsNeeraj Jain@freespiritjainneeraj.freespirit@gmail.comFrancis