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This short presentation is a brief summary of a Radiodays Europe conference session on how to approach you radio station if you wan to increase ratings and revenue. It is not the complete presentation.

The session answered the following key questions:

- What are the secrets of redefining AC radio to make it more relevant, more attractive and more powerful than ever?

- When should you modernise your AC radio station?

- How do you turn around an old-fashioned AC radio station and make it the radio station that gets talked about and drives passion and loyalty amongst both listeners and colleagues?

Answering these questions were some of Europe's top radio programmers:

- Francis Currie (International Radio Consultant, UK)
- Hans van Rijn (Group Programme Director & Nordic Business Development Director, SBS Broadcasting, Europe)
- Christian Schalt (General Manager, RS2 & Kiss FM, Germany)
- Kevin Palmer (Promotions Director, Cadena 100, Spain)
- Ivars Embrekts (Owner & General Manager, Radio Skonto, Latvia).

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AC Radio 2.0

  1. 1. AC 2.0 – Reinventing AC Radio Francis Currie
  2. 2. Top 5 Things to Think AboutThe five areas of focus for every programmer every day  market – Who are you competing with? market – What are you competing on?  listener listener – Who are you talking to? – Do they care what you say? brand  brand – What do you stand for? product – How does the listener know?  product comms – What are you doing on air? – What are you doing off air?  communications – What are you saying? – How are you saying it?
  3. 3. Loving the ListenerHow well do you really know the listener really? identity attitudes & values aspirations behaviour environment Adapted from Robert Dilt’s Neurological Levels Model
  4. 4. Building the BrandWhat is your radio station’s DNA? How do you live these values?  on air – Presenters – Production fun – Benchmarks – Promotions  on digital – Facebook – Twitter Radio – YouTube Station – Website  on the street – Events feelgood friendly – Promotions – Street Teams – Marketing Example DNA Only
  5. 5. Programming by PassionDo your listeners love it? Do they find the Morning Show consistently:  Entertaining?  Interesting?  Useful? Do they love the songs you are playing?  Is the research right?  Are the rotations right?  Is the balance right? Does everything else fit the listener’s self-image?  Presenters?  Production?  Benchmarks & Features?
  6. 6. CommunicationsWhat are you saying?  Are you saying: – The right things? On Air – In the right way? – To the right people? – In the right places? On On the Social Street Media  Are you doing: – The right things? – In the right way? On the – With the right people? Website – In the right places?
  7. 7. Contactfrancis currie consultingemail francis@franciscurrie.comdir +44 (0)1285 656 666mob +44 (0)7770 828 530tw @franciscurriefb Francis Curriewww franciscurrie.comadd P.O. Box 243 Cirencester United Kingdom GL7 9WY
  8. 8. Coming SoonSign up now for free advance content: RADIO WARFARE is the first ever radio programming manual by Francis Currie. The book has been in development for a long time and is now in production. RADIO WARFARE builds on over twenty- five years of successful competitive radio programming intelligence gathered from London, the UK and markets around the world. Sign-up now to get your free pre-release drafts of every chapter as soon as it is ready: WARFARE – winning the battle for the airwaves