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The two loggers


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The two loggers

  2. 2. “Let us visit ourlogging site andsee howproductive ourloggers are.”Yes Boss, I’llarrange forourtransportation
  3. 3. On the day of the visit, theynoticed two loggers who are reallyproductive. However, onelogger cuts trees twice as theother logger does.
  4. 4. “I am quite curious why oneof the two productiveloggers cuts trees twice ofthat of the other one.”
  5. 5. Mr. Foreman,have youchecked theirtime in and out?Yes sir, and theyboth startworking at 8amand finishes at5pm
  6. 6. Strange….observe howthey work. Ok Sir.
  7. 7. How was it Mr.Foreman?Sir, they arereally workinghard and aretaking breaks ontime.
  8. 8. Ahhhh, that makesthe difference….But I have noticedthat during theirbreaktime……