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  1. 1. INSTAFITBeach Body Edition Francisco Montaño
  2. 2. Esteban Beltrán
  3. 3. EditorialBy Orlando Leal Nowadays people do not really know where to find information regarding their health and good physical care. It is in the best interest of people to start looking for helpful reports on how to stay in a good condition and living a life filled with strength. This magazine believes handing out information about health will help society live a better life and thriving in the future. There are not a lot of places where you can find information as important and interesting that this magazine contains. Whether its an interview with a doctor, an investigation or different surveys that you can answer to have some fun. We believe that health issues do not have to be boring. With some creativity and hard work we will be able to capture the public’s attention and let them learn useful information. Different articles that have science and health have the bases to be a very interesting topic. Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, an engineer or a civilian with some curiosity, this magazine is just for you. There is no real need to know anything very advanced to understand what is stated in the articles in this magazine. So we invite you to dig into this magazine and find a whole new world. Hugh Jackma
  4. 4. n Profile By Francisco Montaño Hugh Jackman is a 45 year old Australian actor best known for his role in X-Men, Les Miserable and Wolverine. What’s impressive from this actor is his ability to transform his body for a movie. In he’s last movie “Wolverine”, everyone was able to notice the extreme physical condition he was in, but as the actor recalls “this body isn’t achieved overnight”, his physical condition is based in about three hours of exercise a day and a 6000 calorie diet. The actor says that the secret to a body like this one is in your mind, people often set goals, but Hugh doesn’t, because he doesn’t limit himself to what he thinks he can do, so this way he can aim for even more than what he thinks it was possible.
  5. 5. This man is an incredible example of perseverance and self control, even his trainers are amazed by his determination, and would kill for a chance to work with him. This man is setting a new standard for actors all over the world, because he showed others that its not enough to be transformed by a makeup artist or edited by computer, a true dedicated artist, like him, will go through extreme measures to achieve his goal.
  6. 6. The Meat Eating Disease Personal experience by Orlando Leal When I was three years old, I had one of the strangest sicknesses of all. It is called necrotizing fascitis, or commonly known as the flesh-eating bacteria. It all started when I had chicken pox, a virulent infection that makes a lot of hives on all your body. The streptococcus, which is always around us, could have an easy way into my body because my immune system was debilitated by the chicken pox. I became very sick and my parents took me to see my doctor, but he didn´t know what was causing the illness. The local doctor recommended my family that they take me to the hospital in San Diego where doctors could diagnose me and do all the procedures to heal me. An ambulance took me across the border to San Diego’s Children’s hospital, where I got diagnosed. Surgeons started doing the procedure of taking away all my dead and infected skin, and replacing it with skin from my thigh. Now as a way of remembering I have a huge scar covering half of my chest. Luckily I was able to make it out of there alive. I was in the brink of death; the flesh-eating bacteria ate half of my torso but did not go for any vital organs. If my parents hadn’t acted fast, I would’ve died.
  7. 7. Medical SchoolInterview by Orlando Leal There are a lot of people who want to be medical doctors in today’s world. Information about how to be a doctor is very scarce and the people who get into this schools can´t make an educated decision. The finality of making this interview is to give every possible piece of advice and information for these people, so that they can make the best possible decision. In this issue we interview Dr. Gustavo Rogfed Is getting into medical school hard? Why? It is hard but not impossible. It is because people who get into these schools will be the people who will care for tomorrow’s health.
  8. 8. What is the hardest thing about medical school? Doctors need to know a lot of information, and sometimes you have to learn complete books for a test. Who would be a perfect candidate for medical school? Someone who has the vocation to help people out, people who don´t do it for the money, but for society Do you regret being a doctor? I don´t regret a second of my career. True it is hard sometimes but the results you may get are very satisfying. What do you like the most about being a doctor? I like the opportunity to help people out and saving lives. It gives a lot back to me.
  9. 9. Being Vegan Changed my Life Personal Experience Francisco Montaño All my life I’ve struggled with health problems, from migraines to numerous stomachaches, this was something I thought I wouldn’t be able to control ever. In addition to this my body was not as fit as I wanted it to be, even though I worked out for hours on a daily basis. All this changed 2 years ago when a friend and I decided to do a detox for a friends birthday party, we decided to be vegan for 2 weeks, but after those 2 weeks ended I was so surprised with the results I decided to continue, and from that moment till now my life has changed drastically. The first change I noticed was the transformation my body experienced, not only did I loose weight, but I got extremely fit and my muscled looked more toned than ever, even though I consume no meat at all. Also, my digestion works marvelously, better than ever, and don’t even get my started on my skin, it’s glowing and free of pimples. I think another one of the numerous benefits I’ve experienced is the increase on my levels of energy, before, I would come home from work exhausted, directly to bed, but now my energy lasts for hours and when its finally time to go to bed I sleep perfectly. If you say that being vegan is not for you, I recommend you to give it a try, you have nothing to loose and a bunch of benefits to discover.
  10. 10. MXLiBiCi Service By Gabriela Juárez The last years, the culture of cycling has been increasing in many cities of the country, including ours. Even though Mexicali is not exactly the best city for this activity, due to its extreme weather and also because the city is not designed for this sport, the popularity of cycling has been very notorious lately. Some of the issues that affect this activity are that, unlike other “ecologic” cities, Mexicali does not count with pathways for cyclists. Other fact that influences in a negative way the development of cycling is the lack of people´s culture, from drivers as from cyclists. There are many accidents every week related to cyclists and drivers. Drivers always discuss and argue that cyclists don´t respect their limited area for the activity, but it is also difficult for them to go out for a ride when they do not have specific areas for this recreational activity. Recently, an independent organization, called MXLiBiCi, that is separated from the government and that acts according to its own needs, has been looking for the welfare of cyclists. They are already making changes in Mexicali by establishing sections for cyclists to practice their favorite activity with all the freedom they need and without danger. These kind of organizations have a great impact and benefit the city.
  11. 11. A SAD LOVE STORY Nostalgia by Gabriela juárez This is the story of a very sick woman, who had no chances of living. She had a heart disease since she was born. Her name was Shaniqua, and had a family that loved her a lot and supported her; she also had a boyfriend named Tyron with whom she had been with for 8 years. Regardless of Shaniqua´s disease, the family tried to have a regular life and enjoy of each other. One day, Shaniqua started feeling very bad, she thought it was not something important and ignored it. But the time passed and she did not feel better, she called her boyfriend but it was already late, she fainted in her bedroom. When Tyron arrived home, he saw
  12. 12. Shaniqua laying on the floor. Tyron took her to the hospital and the doctors said that the only way of saving her life was if she received a transplant. He was in shock because, getting an organ could take very long, and his girlfriend´s life was in danger. Tyron took the hardest decision of his life. When Shaniqua woke up, she was feeling refreshed. She saw her chest and had a big mark but did not care because she felt very good at that moment. After some time, she finally was able to see her family, parents, and siblings. But she had a bad feeling when she did not see her boyfriend. When she asked for him, no one could tell her what was going on. After asking for some time where he was, her parents finally told her that she was living because of him. Tyron had given her his heart.
  13. 13. By Gabriela Juárez I decided to interview a great athlete: Cristiano Ronaldo, in order to know how he conserves his figure and to receive advices on how to take care of our bodies. G: Hi, CR7. It is a great pleasure to meet you. CR7: Hello, I´m glad of being here and willing to give you all the information you need. G: That is awesome. Well… let’s start. Do you have a strict diet? CR7: Yes, I do. I have to, to yield on games and to be healthy. G: And who gives you the diet and which kind of food do you consume? CR7: Well, in my soccer team we have a nutritionist that gives everyone in the team a certain diet that consists on a balanced ingest of food. I am supposed to eat a lot of proteins, in chicken, meat, eggs and some natural supplements. I try to consume as less carbs as possible, but I still consume them. I also avoid any kind of junk food and eat lots of vegetables and some fruits daily. INTERVIEW WITH CR7
  14. 14. G: Wow, that sounds as a very strict diet and hard to follow. What motivates you to be in good shape? CR7: I am motivated to be the #1 player on the world and to give my team all the support I can. For this, I need to be physically healthy, so I do not complain a lot about the food I have to eat and the diet, I know it will give me positive results, so I do not consider it a hard condition to follow. G: Great words CR7. Well, that is everything. Thanks a lot. CR7: You are welcome. Goodbye and thanks for having me here.
  15. 15. App Review by Francisco Montaño Are you tired of trying to cook healthy and ending up with the same old recipes? Grilled chicken, salad, veggie soup? Or even worse, if you’re a vegetarian, its hard to find good recipes. Well we’ve found the solution to this problem, The Whole Pantry App, this app is available on android and IOS, and its only $8, this app was developed by Belle, a woman whose life was being threatened by brain cancer, and tired of medications that deteriorated her heath even more decided to change her life with the food she ate. In this app you’ll find delicious recipes, including beverages and desserts, it’s not only for vegans or vegetarians, there is plenty of options for every diet. This app also tells you if the recipe is dairy free, gluten free, low carb, etc. in order to help those who are in a special diet choose the recipes that fit best to their lifestyle. It may seem expensive for an app that tells you recipes, right?, but this app doesn’t only stop there, it features many sections that help you improve your health, from having a skin to having a healthy soul. In addition to this the app is in constant improvement, and the creator develops new recipes monthly. So if you want to cook delicious recipes and make an improvement in your life don’t hesitate con downloading this jewel.
  16. 16. Too many people complain at the moment of exercising, because they consider it boring and hard. People usually prefer to spend their time being lazy because they have a wrong idea about exercise. An easy way to start working out is having an exercise plan. You can start doing easy stuff such as walking for half an hour, or walking your dogs. Anything can be helpful if you enjoy doing it. There are some original and creative solutions for you to start exercising You can practice aerial silk, which is a type of gymnastic that consists in the use of bands hanging from the ceiling. It is a beautiful and entertaining art that can lead you to big benefits, and may increase your flexibility and condition, while you have fun doing it. You can also practice with the trapeze, it is a hard exercise but with practice you can become a professional and this hobby can become your passion. Creative ideas to workout Creative By Gabriela Juárez Other extreme exercise you could enjoy is skateboarding. It is not for everyone but if you are interested, you may receive all of its benefits. Beside these extreme and different exercises, there are many more that can be exactly for you. So don´t give up because there are many excuses, but it is your decision to start working out and being in shape.
  17. 17. Ab Coaster Product Review by Francisco Montaño I know, we’re all tired of those TV commercials that promise wonders and deliver low quality products that doesn’t even compare to the article we’re looking at on TV. Maybe you think all of these products are a scam, but I’m glad to tell you this is not true, I’m glad to present you the marvelous Ab Coaster, this machine promises to give you killer abs with one simple exerciser. At fist we were not convinced with this machine, after all it promises a lot for a simple mechanism, but once we tried it we were convinced that what they promise is actually true, with this product you are able to make a crunch on your knees, the motion you generate by doing this provide you an intense core workout that will surely give you that six pack you want. We tested this product with a group of 20 people, including me, and we’re glad to tell you the results are great, 90% of the people tested had amazing results in only 4 weeks, yes, maybe the results are not as fast as they promise on their infomercials, but one thing is true, this machine works, and it does it marvelously.
  18. 18. Orlando Leal
  19. 19. Exercise can help you live Longer News By Gabriiela Juárez, News: April 10th 2014 Recently, some studies have proven that exercising can help you increase your lifetime. Being an active person and doing several activities that require body movement reduce the risk of developing certain diseases, as diabetes and heart attacks. Besides, doing exercises or any kind of sport regularly, help you look better and younger, because it also helps your skin. For these and many other reasons it is very good to stop being sedentary. Several studies from respected Universities from USA have proven the next facts about exercise. Here are five reasons for you to start being more healthy and fit. 1)It has been proven that exercise helps you improve your memory. This happens because your brain gets more energy and oxygen after a session of exercise and it helps you increase your ability to remember information. 2)Exercise helps you have a better posture. After doing several exercises, especially the ones where lifting weight is involved, you may be able to see the results on your posture and the way you walk. This is because your muscles are stronger and you feel more confident about yourself. 3)You will reduce stress. Exercise make your body liberate endorphins, which make you happier and forget easier about daily problems. 4)Exercising helps you sleep better. It is very probable you will get tired after a long session of exercise and afterwards, you will be able to sleep like a baby. 5)Exercise will increase your daily energy. Even though developing hard activities each day may get you tired, exercising regularly can increase you energy and make you feel more energetic and productive throughout the day. 10 Steps Towards a Flat Belly
  20. 20. How To by Francisco Montaño Being in shape for summer can be a tough task, especially when you’re trying to loose that extra fat hanging in your abdominal area and your love handles. What to eat and what to stop eating:  Stop eating carbs! in order to start burning fat you’ll have to do this, I’m sorry if I ruin your happiness, but carbs include potatoes, rice, candies, basically anything with sugar or starch. The reason of this is that carbs are the main source of energy of the body, wen you don’t have any carbs in your system, your body starts burning fat to get some energy.  Eat more greens, they are great four you, filling and really cheap.  Stay away from dairy products; they make you flatulent and swollen.  Stop drinking, alcohol has many calories, and when combined with juices or sodas the amount of calories and carbs can double easily.  Change soda and sugary drinks with water and freshly brewed tea and coffee.
  21. 21. Exercise:  Cardio is a great way to turn on your fat metabolism. Run, jump, hike, and repeat, it’s a great way to loose fat.  Burpees, yeah, if you don’t know what that is I envy you.  Sorry, but if you want a hot beach body you’ll need to start doing crunches, don’t worry you wont get bored of them, you may not know this, nut there are many different types of crunches.  Try crossfit, its an intense workout that will make you work on every single muscle of your body.  Exercise as many days a week as possible.
  22. 22. How to Become Vegan How To by Francisco Montaño When people try to change their lifestyle they often encounter many different obstacles that take away all their good intentions. A very common example of this is trying to become vegan. Changing to a vegan diet is not easy, specially living in a country that has a meat based diet. Besides from the negative obstacles and problems you may experience when trying to adapt this lifestyle you should also consider the wonderful benefits this type of diet provide you, like a healthy end beautiful skin, a good shape, great health, etc. Now we’ll give you a simple list of steps you should follow to successfully become a vegan:  Do it slowly, if you try to change drastically your diet you’ll be more likely to fail.  Research, look for testimonials, experiences and information to decide if this lifestyle if for you.
  23. 23.  Search recipes and new alternatives to your favorite dishes.  Consult a doctor before doing this change.  Make sure you receive a supplement of vitamin B12 (its only found in meats and in very small proportions in vegetables).  Challenge a friend to adapt this change with you, this way you’ll never feel alone in the process and you’ll have someone to share recipes and tips with.  And the most important step, do it because of you want to, not because others tell you to.  These are some easy steps to follow when trying to become vegan, and whether you do it for a day, week, or even a life take into consideration the wonderful benefits your body is receiving from this change.
  24. 24. Yo Mama By Esteban Beltrán so fat! Humor Yo mama so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had on flip flops. Yo mama so fat she went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken they asked her what size and she said the one on the roof Your mama so fat, when she twerked, she became a wrecking ball. Yo mama so fat shes on both sides of the family Yo mama so fat she had to go to Sea World to get baptized.
  25. 25. Eating Disorders News by Esteban Beltrán April 2014 In 2013 Mexico had the biggest numbers of people with eating disorders in all time recording about 40% of all the population to be diagnosed with a type of disorder. It is also said that this margin is only going to increase next year. Anorexia is more common in teenagers in the ages between 14 and 23. 90% of them are women and 10% are men. But numbers in men are increasing. This is the most dangerous of all the eating disorders out there. Overweight is the most common eating disorder in Mexico we are the number two spot in obesity in the world and number one in kids. This number is still increasing every year.
  26. 26. It is important to control our weight and the way we eat. In this magazine you will find diets and exercises to help your fight each kind of eating disorder. We will help the country fight against this. Let’s make Mexico a better place to live.
  27. 27. WORKING OUT! Essay by Esteban Beltrán Working out is very important in a daily life. It helps out with taking your mind off your problems and not only will you look better you will feel better. You need to work out at least three times a week so your body does not feel tired every time you work out. Always workout on Mondays because it is the first day of the working wees, if you start good you will finish good.
  28. 28. To have a great health, working out comes in hand with diet. If you have a bad diet working out won’t work at all. Working out it’s a lifestyle and it helps you forget your problems while you are doing something for yourself. Your life will have a positive turn around. Working out does not has to be going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. It can also be any kind of sport such as running, cycling basketball or many others. So start working out today, not only will you look better you will feel better.
  29. 29. A Day With Michael Phelps by Esteban B.
  30. 30. Precendents About Health Historical by Esteban Beltrán Before our time people could not get the diets and work out plans that we have today. I am not talking in a shallow way. What I am referring to is in a healthy manner. Many diseases could have been cured with a good diet and work out. Diabetes for example in the 1960s many people died because they didn’t know what diet to follow to stabilize the levels of glucose. Now a day it is very ways to control diabetes with minimal workout and eating correctly. It is possible to even cure diabetes in an early stage with the proper work out plan.
  31. 31. Working out has always been present but the progress we have made during the ages have been significantly better. If we continue moving forward we will be able to find a way to cure more diseases y eating properly and working out.
  32. 32. Diabetes I’m here with Mrs. Joes to interview her about how her life’s changed since she was diagnosed with diabetes. 1)Mrs. Joes, how can you describe this sickness? Diabetes is a disease in which the levels of glucose in your blood are too high. 2)How does the glucose work then? It comes from the food you eat every day. However, the most important factor to remark is the job of insulin in your body. 3)Why is insulin so important? It helps decompose glucose so your body can obtain energy to complete all of its functions. That’s why diabetes can be divided into two types. 4)What differentiates them? If you suffer from diabetes type 1, it means your body doesn’t produce enough amount of insulin. Nevertheless, if you suffer from type 2 diabetes, it means your body doesn’t produce glucose. 5)What happens when your system is full of glucose? You tend to get sick more often, get problems in your eyes and kidneys, and nerves start to emerge consecutively. 6)What do you recommend to us so we can avoid diabetes? Don’t eat food with a high percentage of sugars, and have blood tests once a month to see how stable your glucose levels are.
  33. 33. By Mariana Ortiz Literary Criticism -Mariana O. “The Paleo Diet”, starting with Loren Cordein, is a book that consists on presenting dishes our ancestors ate and kept them healthy. As we know, today there are more heart diseases; in addition, there has been a raise on the quantity of people suffering diabetes, cancer, and other health issues. The following are some plates you CAN eat:  Fresh lean meats  Fresh fish  Fruits and vegetables  Eggs  Nuts and seeds  Healthier oils The purpose of this diet is to elude any processed food, since our historical ancestors didn’t have the res our ces farmers have right now. The next points state which foods to AVOID:  Peanuts and beans  Wheat  Potatoes  Dairy  Refined Sugar  Salt  Canola Oil In my opinion, this diet is an effective one but the problem is that we don’t know how to manage it. For vegetarians, it’s a bit easier since they are used to eating lots of green and organic food. In the other hand, for us omnivorous, we have a wider menu. We eat dishes vegetarians don’t, so it becomes harder to avoid non-organic plates.
  34. 34. At the time we’re doing this diet we’ll be able to notice ourselves more active and full with energy. The catch is to keep eating healthy and balance our food choices, especially since we’re through with this diet.
  35. 35. By Mariana Ortiz
  36. 36. A Matter Of Health Essay by Mariana Ortiz For a person to have a good health must be of great importance because this can regulate their living years. It’s important to be healthy not only physically but also mentally. Being cerebrally unstable may put at risk their relationships with family and friends. The use of drugs and excessive amount of alcohol may drive them to an unbalanced state of mind. The first thing they should start considering is watching carefully what they eat and how much sodium, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sugars and protein each plate has. Eating dishes with lots of Trans-fat can block your arteries and reduce your living years without mentioning other diseases such as obesity. This could be given to an uncontrollable consumption of food. As a result of this it’s vital to be healthy in order to live a fully undependable life. Health problems can be somewhat easy to take care of when one cooperates and admit they have a problem. Excessive weight is usually easier to deal with than anorexia and bulimia. Having a strict diet and constant exercise during an extended period of time will certainly help you reach your normal weight. This could be obtained with doing at least 30 minutes of exercise and they’ll feel more active and fit. In conclusion, they should do a deep conscience test and think how healthy they are and if it’s worth putting their lives at risk just for the pleasure of eating different plates with lots of fat.
  37. 37. Gene Differentiation Investigative by Orlando Leal There is a simple way to know if a fetus will grow up to be a male or a female individual. That is by watching the sex chromosomes. If he has chromosomes XY he will grow into a male. In the case of having XX chromosomes, the individual will grow up to be a female human. As in almost all biological systems, there are some cases when the growth goes extremely wrong. Mistakes that make people wonder, what makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl? The Y chromosome has important and vital information for the development of male characteristics. This information is stored specifically in the SRY gene. When there is an absence of this gene, the development will be made into a feminine one, even though the individual has XY genes. In this case, whether it is a change of DNA by substitution or deletion, the individual will be feminine. The case that is exactly opposite is also possible. In this, the SRY gene is added to an X chromosome from the father, resulting in an XX individual with the gene that codes male development. In exactly the same way as before, the individual will be male but with a pair of X chromosomes in every cell from their DNA
  38. 38. Eating Disorders By Francisco Montaño Last week we interviewed an expert on eating disorders. It is not the same thing listening and taking advice and information from a random person and doing the same thing but with a person you know has precise information and expertise. This interview was answered thoroughly by Doctor Ray Ramoray. 1. - What takes people into developing an eating disorder? When people have a low self-esteem and they aren´t happy with the overall and normal way their body is. 2. - What can be done to prevent an eating disorder? It is important to be alert and put a lot of attention to the teenagers and what they are eating. Also try noting the needs that they have and make them feel loved just the way they are. 3. - Which are the most frequent eating disorders? The most frequent eating disorder is obesity, or impulsive eating, although people do not see the problem this is causing in the modern world.
  39. 39. 4. - Who is the most affected or expected to have an eating disorder? The most vulnerable group are teenagers. We have seen everything they are suffering, they are trying to find something that identifies them, that makes them who they are, and in that pursuit they get into serious problems. On the other hand women are also attacked by the extensive propaganda trying to make them look like unrealistic photo shopped models. 5. -How are eating disorders treated? Whenever someone is found an eating disorder, nutritionists and psychologists to treat the physical and mental parts of the problem. Now that you know this, be prepared and work for a better world free from eating disorders. Thank you, see you on the next edition of nutrition.