The Future of Commercial Television


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A presentation made in New York in 2011, looking at Macro Trends, Digital TV and opportunities for marketers.

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The Future of Commercial Television

  1. 1. The Future of Commercial Television August, 2011
  2. 2. Macro Trends The Future of Digital TV Big Opportunities Today’s Agenda
  3. 3. We’ve All Heard About The “Death Of Television”
  4. 4. But Rumors of Television’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated! “…Americans watched more television than ever in 2010, according to the Nielsen Company. Total viewing of broadcast networks and basic cable channels rose about 1 percent for the year, to an average of 34 hours per person per week. The generation-long shift to cable from broadcast continued, but subtly, as the smallest of the big four broadcast networks, NBC, still retained more than twice as many viewers as the largest basic cable channel, USA.”
  5. 5. The Landscape Has Changed And Will Continue To Do So Consumer Media Technology
  6. 6. Always On(line) Time shifting Screen shifting Connected Multi-tasking Consumers Control
  7. 7. Technology Screens Boxes Enablers Content Ubiquity and Interactivity
  8. 8. Fragmentation Disintermediation New Media Companies Changing Models Media Democratization
  9. 9. What Do These Trends Mean To Us?
  10. 10. Personalized Everywhere Anytime Addressable Social Transactional The Future of TV Me TV
  11. 11. Current: Personalized Content in Aggregate 94MM+   Video   Views   23MM+   Channel   Views   1.7BN+     Total   Upload   Views   PERSONALIZED
  12. 12. Future: Micro-Segmentation & Targeting From User Selected Content to Algorithm Delivered Content PERSONALIZED
  13. 13. Current: From TV Screen to PC Screen “It will never make money…” EVERYWHERE
  14. 14. Future: To Every Screen TV is Ubiquitous, Portable (and in the Cloud) 100ft 10ft 3ft 1ft EVERYWHERE
  15. 15. 15   Source: All data represent monthly figures based on Nielsen Fusion for audience overlap and unduplication, Nielsen Media Research (N-Power) for cable audience reach and Nielsen Netview for online audience reach. Oct '09 (most recent) Nielsen Fusion unduplication patterns applied across Jan '10 Nielsen Media Research cable monthly reach and Jan '10 Nielsen Netview online monthly reach. Unique mobile audience estimates based on Dec '09 Nielsen Mobile Total Web Report including reported mobile-online unduplication factors.; Nielsen NetRatings Jan 2010. Nielsen Mobile, June 2010; Nielsen’s NPower , Cume Analysis, Jan 2010, (Total Day M-Su 6a-6a) Persons 2+, (1 minute qualifier).; Omniture and DFP, June 2010; Apple App Store, Sep. 2010;Android Market Place, Sep. 2010; RIM App World, Sep 2010 1.8 BILLION page views per month Every Screen: The Weather Channel EVERYWHERE
  16. 16. " 85M+" consumers use " 2+ platforms " of The Weather Channel Source: Magid TWC Segmentation Study, 4Q 2010. Every Screen: Co-Ordinated Cross-Platform Devices EVERYWHERE
  17. 17. Current: Contextually Based Advertising ANYTIME
  18. 18. Future: Contextually and Behaviorally Based Advertising On Demand is Commonplace ANYTIME
  19. 19. Current: Location-Based ADDRESSABLE
  20. 20. Future: Data-Driven Messaging From One Size Fits All to Tailored Messages ADDRESSABLE
  21. 21. Current: Social Provides Earned Media & Increased Engagement SOCIAL 36MM+   Likes   600M+   Check-­‐ins  
  22. 22. Future: Native Social Experiences Viewers Adding Their Own Layer of Narrative to Content SOCIAL
  23. 23. Current: Smartphones TRANSACTIONAL
  24. 24. Future: SmartTVs The Rise of tCommerce TRANSACTIONAL
  25. 25. Tailored Messages Ubiquitous and Portable On Demand From Mass to Micro Targeting Shared Experience T-Commerce In Summary
  26. 26. Moving From Passive Viewing to Active Viewing ROI and KPIs Sustainable Brand Experiences Orchestrating Owned, Earned, Paid Shared Social Control How do we Monetize?
  27. 27. 1.  Dynamic Insertion 2.  Multi-Screen Content 3.  Social Applications 4.  T- Commerce Big Opportunities
  28. 28. 1. Dynamic Insertion Increase Response: Right Message - Right User - Right Context By 2015, Addressable Ad Spend Will Top $11.5bn in the US NATIONAL :30 SEGMENT #1 :30 SEGMENT #3 :30 SEGMENT #2 :30 SEGMENT #4 :30 ROI  &  KPIS   SUS  BR  EX   SHARED  SOC  CON   OEP  
  29. 29. 2. Multi-Screen Content Provide Access to Content Across Screens/ Devices to Fit Consumer Lifestyles ROI  &  KPIS   SUS  BR  EX   SHARED  SOC  CONT   OEP   Glee Karaoke app lets fans sing their favorite songs from the show Weather Channel provides information on any screen ABC’s iPad app lets you watch – and interact – with your favorite shows wherever you are
  30. 30. 3. Social Applications Create a Lean-Forward Experience Through Peripheral Comms & Content ROI  &  KPIS   SUS  BR  EX   SHARED  SOC  CONT   OEP   #TheGleeProject is visible throughout Oxygen broadcasts 101,055 followers of @TheGleeProject 14,000 Tweets were sent this July during the first ever presidential debate held entirely on Twitter.
  31. 31. 4. T- Commerce Closed Loop Integration Enables Immediate Commerce Opportunities ROI  &  KPIS   SUS  BR  EX   SHARED  SOC  CONT   OEP   HSN, Inc – a $3Bn retailer across TV, online, mobile, catalog & retail stores – also offers HSN Shop by Remote which is available in over 30MM homes.
  32. 32. Closing Thoughts TV is not dead – it is alive and thriving TV is Digital “The Future” is already underway You can shape what’s next!
  33. 33. Thank You Francis Anderson