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Brown Land & Timber Company<br />Jim Ed Brown, CEO, 885 Highway 172, Warren, Arkansas 71675, 870.226.4400<br />www.brownla...
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Brown Land & Timber Company 2011 Executive Summary


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Brown Land & Timber Company Executive Summary for 2011. Our Acquisition Service procures a very specific class & geographically located land growing a very specific age and class of timber that come together for the "perfect storm" of investments that have: outpaced the cost of living, are a hedge against inflation and are non-correlating have outperformed the stock & bond markets. This "new" & tangible asset class has yet to be copied by another conpany leaving the market wide open for the time being to our investors who will get there first and have the greatest profits in the coming years!

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Brown Land & Timber Company 2011 Executive Summary

  1. 1. Brown Land & Timber Company<br />Jim Ed Brown, CEO, 885 Highway 172, Warren, Arkansas 71675, 870.226.4400<br /><br />Executive Summary<br />Brown Land & Timber Company is an acquisition and sale firm that can be engaged by an investor to purchase and sell a very specific class of land in a very specific geographical area, which has a very specific age and class of timber growing on it. We call this asset class “Class-Jump Land & Timber”.<br />This asset class has returned an average of 15% per year over the last 33-years, and has never been worth less than the acquisition price during the most dismal economies, including the Savings & Loan Crisis, DotCom Bubble, the 2008 Financial Meltdown and our current recession. In addition, this very unique class of land & timber is very liquid and can be sold at any time and closed within 30-days.<br />The biological growth from this class of southern pine timber and the increasing need for this class of land for urban expansion combined with our proprietary “Class-Jump Buying and Selling Strategy” creates an investment that will avoid “Market Risk” when land and timber prices go down.<br />Every reliable economist and sophisticated investor agrees that inflation is eminent due to the large amount of money that has been injected into the US economy. This creates the additional feature of a hedge against inflation.<br />According to Bloomberg TV, there are investors with over $7 trillion dollars in the USA that are looking for a safe, reliable, predictable, transparent place to park their money. These investors will be attracted to our service and product. They can enjoy peace of mind knowing their investment is non-correlating to the stock & bond market, has low risk, high return, it will preserve their capital, …and it is a hedge against inflation during an uncertain economy with a struggling stock market.<br />Using a combination of direct mail, media advertising and the internet, our service and the product we provide will attract investors with orders of up to $100 million during the next 12-months.<br />A $100 million order will generate an annual return of 15% or more for investors, and $40 million in front-end profits for our company, which we will split 50-50 with the investors. Because our compensation is based on receiving ½ the amount we save our investor, not on how much money he spends. The only way we can make more money is for our investor to pay less!<br />At the current time, we are the only company that has identified the inefficiency between how Wall Street Timber Investment Management Organizations and the largest Timber Companies are evaluating and pricing land & timber, versus the pricing by traditional real estate and timber appraisals. This inefficiency has created a short-term opportunity for the wise investor to purchase timber growing on the most sought after land throughout the southern pine regions of the United States.<br />