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The slideshow had to link people playing to people doing, being, belonging and becoming.
Slide 1 shows people doing, as they’re actively participating in playing a game of cricket which is a purposeful activity but also they are belonging to the group for the social aspect. Slide 2 was chosen as it represents people belonging because the people in the photo have social interaction, friendship and mutual support. In contrast, Slide 3 shows children playing dress ups which is becoming as becoming represents what you envision in the future. As the photo was taken in 1915, it was the social norm for a woman to grow up and get married. This also shows that there is no time restriction to play, it cross generational. Slide 4 demonstrates 'being' as the children, even though they are playing are doing a quiet, reflective activity. Slide 5 and 6 both represent belonging. Even though they are demonstrated in very different situations, they focus on the social interactions and the bonds formed between the people through a sense of inclusion. Slide 7-9 demonstrates doing though the purpose of learning how to line dance in a series of steps while also strengthening the friendhip. Slide 10 shows being as they are taking time to appreciate their surroundings and each other while appreciating each others company in the group. Slide 11 is like slide 2 it shows people belonging to a social group and appreciating each others company on a social outing . Slide 12 shows a sense of doing as they have created a game with a sense of purpose. Slide 13 shows becoming as the younger child would use the role modelling of the adults as well as belonging through the game. Slide 14, 15 and 17 all show belonging through friendship and inclusion whereas 16 shows being as it a quiet, meditative activity. Slide 18 shows a sense of being in the appreciation for the game but also represents that play is not restricted by culture. Slide 19 represents a sense of belonging. Despite their curcustances they take time to play a game, strengthening friendship and their mutual support for each other. Slide 20 also shows belonging but it in a happy circumstance as they are belonging as a family and creating sibling bonds.

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Participation in Occupation presentation

  1. 1. Being occupied through: PLAY Doing, Being, Belonging Becoming
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