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Uniform franchise offering circular (ufoc) rats


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Uniform franchise offering circular (ufoc) rats

  1. 1. Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC)
  2. 2. Emotional connect with Laptop• Here is a fact which I would like to share. Almost a year back one gentleman of age 40 landed my service centre with one IBM Think Pad T40 Note book. It was password protected. No one can switch on laptop without knowing the password. He requested me to reset the password. I quoted him Rs.4000/- and he immediately approved the quotation• After 2- 3 days that gentleman came to my service centre and collected the laptop and paid the service charge and he was very excited with soft eyes. I asked him the matter and got a reply “this is the only memory of my brother who died in Singapore in an accident and he got back this laptop from police along with his coffin. He was unable to open it because he doesn’t know the password.• After 6 months that person returned back to my service centre and asked me to change the screen as LCD was faulty and he paid me Rs.6000. He told me that every day he switches on laptop with his brother photo on wallpaper and remembers him.• There are several other incidents where people clearly tell me they are spending on old laptop because they have got emotional attachment with this gadget. It cannot be measured in terms of money
  3. 3. ABOUT RATS• Repair and technology services (RATS) is an innovative company of laptop repair formed by the team of RS e solutions and REBI. Achieving the past 10 years of experience in laptop repair and service industry with in west Bengal, now appearing as RATS crossing the boundary of regions and initially have a plan to setup world-class company owned Hub in four major cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai with twenty franchise outlet within year 2012.• The portable Computer (Laptop) market is growing around 45 % year on year than desktop Computer because of falling price, portability, Battery Back up and other several advantages. All these gadgets normally cover one year of warranty. The main challenge for all common users even corporate is to get quality service at reasonable cost. Authorized service provider do not repair laptop on chip level and card level repair cost is always expensive There is an unorganized small service industry who try to make up this gap but because of lack of technical expertise, non availability of genuine and new components and ICs they could not meet customers expectation. More over chip level machineries and equipment cost is very high and as a result using low cost and improper machineries reduce the life of these gadgets and sometime irreparable damage. Then only one option left to the customer to buy a new laptop.• Repair And Technology Services (RATS) was born with a concept to provide laptop repair facilities for all brands and different laptop models at prices which are up to 60 per cent lower than the Authorized Service providers. Usage of state-of-art tools, equipments and machineries, highly trained manpower, and usage of high quality components help us in delivering quality services across all our stores across all over India.
  4. 4. RATS Business Opportunity• RATS India launching its one of a kind, One stop shop for all your software and Hardware branded laptop service retail chain, RATS offers you an exciting low- Investment & low Risk Business opportunity to build your own business and grow financially. With our support, you will be operating a cash-flow generative, low overhead business which ensures profit for you on every day by day as the business grows .• As a franchise partner of RATS , you will be offering a world class standard services to your customers in an more economical way with , better quality service to the end user .
  5. 5. RATS Advantage• High earning potential with low overhead costs• International standard training• Multiple income stream• Brand sharing• Usage of latest tools, equipments & machineries• Proven marketing concepts• Implementation of industry best practices• Exceptional support with one-on-one Traning• An ongoing follow up & support system• Bulk buying advantage, with regards purchases of spares• A unique custom-built ERP, POS & CRM system• Outstanding performance through all business cycles
  6. 6. The Concept• Notebook PC sales surged to 1.8 million, from 980,000, as prices that fell below 20,000 rupees (500 dollars) made laptops the favoured choice of young first-time buyers.Sales of notebook PCs grew the most, by 81% as compared to 7% growth in the desktop PC segment.• The above curve is showing within one year warranty period failure rate is only 7.2 % but after 2nd year it is 19% and after 3 years it is 31%. The mail problem is no laptop manufacturer is interested to provide support to the customer at reasonable price. In all the cases repair cost is almost 25- 40 % of laptop cost.• One unorganized segment is working to provide service but in most of the case delayed service leads to customer dissatisfaction and because of lack of technical expertise, using inferior quality tool and machineries ultimately turn it to a total loss.• Main Concept of RATS is to set up a chain of repair and service out outlet all across India backed up by company owned world class service hub in all metro cities of India.• Our one number one nation concept will help all customers to get service from any part of India.•
  7. 7. • Our visionTo provide the best quality service in laptop repair industry using the state of the art machinery and best technical expertise at reasonable cost to meet and exceed customer expectation. • Our missionTo design and set up a unique business module focusing on technical superiority, Branding and market coverage and convert an unorganized service industry to a most organized and trusted industry which will ensure quality service at reasonable cost.
  8. 8. When do you need RATS?• My Laptop is virus Infected.• My Laptop is very slow and needs an up gradation.• My Laptop Data is corrupted; my imported official document, presentation, personal photos and videos are under threat.• My Laptop is Physically Damaged/ Hinges are broken/some keys are missing• My Laptop LCD is physically broken• My external drives not getting detected.• My battery hardly lasts for few minutes.• My battery is not charging at all. Do I need to change battery or problem somewhere else?• I am unable to switch on my laptop.• My Laptop is under warranty but Authorized service provider saying this is CID (Customer induced Defect) and warranty is void.• My laptop is overheating and shutting down automatically.• My laptop is out of warranty and Authorized service centre is asking 10000-12000 to replace my mother board.• My laptop is an important business gadget but it need to deposit for repair. I need a stand by laptop.• I need to repair my laptop on emergency. I have a flight today for business trip.• I want to buy a 2nd hand laptop with RATS certified warranty.• I want to buy a membership card for my laptop service for next one year.• My Laptop is not working but I cannot visit to the service centre because of my daily schedule. I need pick up and drop facility.• I want to extend the warranty of my laptop.• My projector is not working/ showing lamp error.• I need original software for my system.• I am reseller but not getting spares at reasonable rate
  9. 9. Desktop-Laptop Industry Past-Present and Future PC Shipments by Region and Form Factor, 2009-2014 (Shipments in millions) Region Form Factor 2009 2010* 2011* 2012* 2013* 2014* USA Desktop PC 27.5 27.1 26.4 26.0 25.7 25.5 USA Portable PC 42.6 52.8 63.9 74.9 85.5 95.8 USA Total PC 70.1 79.9 90.3 100.9 111.2 121.3 International Desktop PC 99.6 110.4 114.6 116.7 117.2 117.2 International Portable PC 126.3 164.5 200.9 240.4 284.4 331.0 International Total PC 226.0 274.9 315.5 357.1 401.6 448.3 Worldwide Desktop PC 127.1 137.6 141.0 142.7 142.8 142.7 Worldwide Portable PC 169.0 217.2 264.9 315.3 369.9 426.9 Worldwide Total PC 296.1 354.8 405.9 458.0 512.8 569.6
  10. 10. Service Hub• Service hub is basically a company owned modern critical chip level repair division with state of the art testing and repairing equipment. Minimum 1500 sq ft including training centre. Service hub will act as a HO of that region and all critical work will land from the franchise out let to the hub. And after repair work the same will be delivered back to Franchisee out let. ERP software will connect franchise outlet with hubs.
  11. 11. Service provides by the hub• Critical cases of motherboard repair ( SMD and BGA work, BIOS Programmer etc)• Projector Repair• Data Recovery ( From Logical and Physical Level)• Chip Level Training courses
  12. 12. Machinery and equipment required at franchisee centre:
  13. 13. Franchise Selection Cretria• Entrepreneurial skills• Zeal for marketing• Open mind, good communication skills,.• Right attitude to perform & excel and the ability to grow in the• ever changing business scenario• Franchisee must either have IT skills or the ability to employ IT• skilled people• Age, business or knowledge is not a limiting factor
  14. 14. Franchise Investment
  15. 15. RATS UNIQUE Multiple Revenue Stream• Service of Laptop,• Service of Projectors,• Data Recovery.• Sale of Laptop Accessories and Spares (Battery, Charger, Screen, Mother Board, Key Board, Hinges, DVD Writer, Projector Lamp Etc)• Sales of Service Pack ( Maintenance Contract Pack)• AMC of Laptop and Desktop of Government and Private Corporate.• Original Software Sales ( Windows, Office, Antivirus)• Broken Body repair/ Replacement• Laptop Chip Level Training.• Buy back and sale of old laptop
  16. 16. QUQLITY POLICY • We • are committed • to provide services • which consistently meet • or exceed customer expectations • in terms of Quality, Cost & Delivery• and to be the Leaders in Customer Delight
  17. 17. Move Forward With us We appreciate your interest in RATS INDIA (P) Ltd. CORPORATE OFF : # 239, West End Marg, Near Saket Metro Station, MB Road, New Delhi – 110030 P +91-9810344704 REGIONAL OFFICE : # 502 / 37 , 1st Main , 40th Cross , 8th Block ,Jaya Nagar | Bangalore| 560082 I India Tel : +91 80 2608 5555 |Fax : +91 80 4242 0800 Franchise Hotline - +91-782900114414