Franchise Connect Business Associate Proposal


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Franchise Connect Business Associate Proposal

  1. 1. The Franchise Store Franchise Connect’s Business Partner Lounge
  2. 2. About Franchise Connect Franchise Connect is acknowledge as one of the most trusted Franchise Company by the brands along with investors. With its experience, expertise and knowledge of franchising industry, Franchise Connect has endured the success of all it business associates. A unit of Big Cat Ventures , Franchise Connect can trace its roots to 2009 when Mr. Ravikumar started this as a franchising venture to help brands connect with investors. Today Big Cat Ventures is operating in four different verticals and its success and proven track record is be attributed to is deep understanding of Business & Brand dynamics in organizations. Our businesses are spread over  Franchise Connect - Our Business in Franchising & Franchise Consulting  Venture Growth Capital - Developing Brands By Partnering With Them  Idea House - Converting new Ideas into potential businesses  Bridge – Developing People
  3. 3. VISION , MISSION & CORPRATE VALUES Vision : To be preferred partners to our clients in the areas of expanding, consulting, systemizing, brand building, training and finding the right partners for their growth. Mission : To service our clients by understanding their unique needs, providing timely solutions in a cost effective and a sustainable manner. Core Values : This business is built on four core values of integrity, transparency, accountability and responsibility and would be a part of our ethical business practice with our partners, employees, stakeholders and the laws of the land.
  4. 4. The Market  With the shifting global balances, one of the strong emerging economies poising to be the new power block is India.  Over 75% of Indian’s dream of owning their own business! – but few every buy! Fear drives them away.  Estimates that franchised businesses have a 90% success rate within 5 years of opening.  Non-franchised businesses have only a 48% success rate within their first 6 years.
  5. 5. Concept & Evolution Of “The Franchise Store “ Our Channel Partners  More Focus on individual Investors & Entrepreneurs seeking franchisees.  Local Entrepreneurial Expertise on the City, Its Businesses & contacts.  Closer control and better servicing of as all leads generated by our portal and other means will be serviced through our channel Partners only.  Expansion in our own network of offices & better servicing of clients on all their requirements through trained local experts.  Increased Customer Database and Servicing capabilities through the offices for all clients seeking new businesses on the portal or through our other means.  Individual City pages on the portal will be managed by franchisees along with promotions for the registered entrepreneurs to give the local experience to the clients
  6. 6. Advantages to the Channel Partner  Ready Business From Day One.  Professional Support & Guidance .  A National Branding for your own business.  Being updated of the Best New Business Opportunities available for your regions everyday.  Access to a network of investors and partners  Opportunity to become a trusted business person in your region by helping others with business opportunities  A profitable white collared business opportunity
  7. 7. Advantages & Support
  8. 8. What Does The Franchise Store offer  Franchise Sales Opportunities  Identifying and promoting Brands wanting to Franchise  Marketing & Promotions  Consulting  Add Sales  Corporate Trainings  Property Leasing  End to End brand Solutions  Lead Management & Conversion
  9. 9. Exclusive Support For Partners a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) Complete Training and Business Development Skills at HO for 2 days compulsory for the franchisee. Standard Operating Procedure Manual that would help you on the minutest detail of our business. Complete Reporting Systems, Procedures, Drafts and Clear Directions at every step. Ready Business leads from Day 1. Marketing & Lead Generation Support. Live feedbacks and lead re-routing for servicing at the local levels. 50% Revenue Sharing on all Billings done. Extensive Territory Preparation. Business Support Manager on Call. Established National & International Companies & Agents Network.
  10. 10. Exclusive Support For Partners Training & Regular Up gradation of skills. b) Nation wide Promotion, Regular Brand Building & PR activities on a national scale. c) Internet Marketing & Portal support for lead generation & local promotions. d) Real Estate Brand Locator training & complete mechanism for farming the desired geography. e) The Franchisee will work very closely with a designated manager on the back end and ensure that every customer who reaches out to us from their cities is serviced with new business opportunities from our ready list of the best businesses available at all times. f) Individual city page access would be granted for marketing entrepreneurs from their respective cities. a)
  11. 11. Cities for TFS „ Opportunities S. No City State GDP Population 1 Jammu J&K Not Avilable 2 Chandigar Punjab Not Avilable 808,515 3 Delhi Delhi NCR $167 billion 9,879,172 4 Jaipur Rajasthan $24 billion 2,322,575 5 Ahmedabad Gujarat $64 billion 3,520,085 6 Agra East UP Not Avilable 1,275,134 7 Lucknow West UP $22 billion. 2,185,927 8 Patna Bihar $10.5 billion 1,366,444 9 Kolkatta Bengal $150 billion 4,572,876 10 Bhubeneswar Odissa Not Avilable 648,032 11 Bhopal MP Not Avilable 1,437,354 12 Mumbai Maharashtra $209 billion 11,978,450 13 Pune Maharashtra $48 billion 2,538,473 14 Hyderabad AP $74 billion. 3,637,483 15 Bangalore Karnataka $83 billion. 5,438,065 16 Chennai TN $66 billion 4,343,645 17 Cochin Kerala Not Avilable 596,473
  12. 12. INVESTMENT & RETURNS Capital Investment Required Turnover you can make from this business Your Profits & Return on Investment How to achieve this ROI The ingredients you need to get these profits The support from our side to make you reach this ROI
  13. 13. Capital Investment Cost Head Amount Required Franchisee fee Rs 1,00,000 Payable to Big Cat Ventures for starting up the channel partner operations Capital Reserve @ Hand Rs 1,50,000 Costs for office space, if required and licenses to operate, Salaries for 6 – 8 months, this is all your reserve capital Initial Marketing Expenses Rs 25,000 Total Rs 2,75,000
  14. 14. Monthly Turnover Projections Products Category A Revenue Sharing ( FC : TFS) Franchise Consulting 100000 50 : 50 50000 Add Sales 50000 70 : 30 15000 Selling membership 15000 60 : 40 6000 Retail Property 150000 50 : 50 75000 Trainings & Seminars Corporate Recruitments 50000 50 : 50 25000 35000 50 : 50 17500 Total Monthly Business 400000 * Note : These projections are on a worst case scenario basis. TFS ‘s Turnover 213500
  15. 15. Profitability Monthly Projected Turnover 200000 On Average Expense Projection & Profitability Parameters Avg Spedcification Amount Avg % age Manpower 1 tele, 2 marketing 35000 17.5% Rent 300 - 500 sq.ft 15000 7.5% Communication and travel Mobile Bills, Fuel 10000 5% Admin , travel, EB, Miscellaneous 10000 5% Total Expense 80000 35% 120000 65% Profitability On Average
  16. 16. Initial Resource Requirements Profile Department Marketing Business Development Marketing Tele Sales Infrastructure Office Rent Expenses 15000 Computers 2 Printer 1 Telephone 1 5000 Communication & Travel 5000 Miscellaneous TOTAL 5000 25000 Total No of People 1 Business 1x 15000 15000 1 Training 2x 10000 20000 These amounts are indicative and may vary from place to place. This could also decrease based on the existing infrastructure of the Prospective partner. This working capital is already been calculated in the expenses & ROI.
  17. 17. How To Achieve This ROI Products We will provide you with the best products available in the market Business We will provide you with some of the best Strategies and also help your team implement it Trainings We will equip you and your team by providing all necessary trainings both in sales and implementation Customer Support We will mentor you in handling your customers successfully so that they come a long ways as your customers To Be Successful and reach this turnover all you have to do is “ Just Follow What We Ask You To Do & Implement it – You Will Be successful”