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Career Graph Manpower Consultancy Franchise Offering


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Published in: Business, Education
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Career Graph Manpower Consultancy Franchise Offering

  1. 1. Franchise Opportunity
  2. 2. About Us Established in 2009, Career Graph has led the way by offering customized recruitment solutions in the areas of logistics, telecom, advertising & media, banking, insurance and training industries. Our success and proven track record can be attributed to our deep understanding of Business & HR dynamics in organizations. Our businesses are spread over three core areas • Consulting & Recruitment Business • Competency Testing For Candidates Vision To be preferred partners to our clients in the • Competency Testing & Career areas of diagnosing, consulting, systemizing, building, training and finding the right winning teams for their success . For Students Guidance Trainings Mission To service our clients by understanding their unique needs, providing timely solutions in a cost effective and a sustainable manner.
  3. 3. The Management Ms. Hemalatha – Managing Director Heads the organization as a resourceful and dedicated leader pouring her energies into brining the organization what it is today. A mother of two, she has built this business from scratch, consistently growing and holding the clients. She currently heads recruitments and steers the ship. Godfrey Fernandez – Director L & D Heads the learning and development division, which along with corporate trainings, holds and operates licenses for marketing and delivering competency tests. Godfrey is a expert facilitator and a executive trainer with around 25 years of solid experience backing him up. He has helped people set up their lives and transformed them more than once across boundaries in various countries.
  4. 4. Services Offered At Career Graph HR Consulting & Recruitments Corporate & Campus Trainings 1. Entry & Mid level recruitment services 2. Executive Search 3. Niche Profile Recruitments 4. Payroll Management & Outsourcing 5. Turn Key Recruitment Solutions Areas of Future Focus : 1. 1. Competency Tests For Recruitment 2. Competency Tests For Training & Development 3. Corporate Training 4. Campus To Corporate Trainings For Colleges 5. Career Guidance Programs For Colleges International Recruitments 2. Campus Recruitments 3. Total HR Management Software
  5. 5. Some of our Organizational Development Programs. PERSONAL SKILLS BUSINESS SKILLS LEADERSHIP SKILLS Achievement Motivation Call Coaching Skills Emerging Leaders Assertive Communication Business Communication Skills Conflict Management Campus to Corporate Problem Solving & Decision Making Delegation Skills Change Management Cross Culture Sensitivity Situational Leadership Creative Thinking Client Interaction Mentoring Skills Active Listening Skills Working with Emotional Intelligence Performance Management Stress Management Business Etiquette & Social Graces Goal Setting Time Management Eye for Detail Leadership Communication Interpersonal Skills Facilitation Skills Project Execution Quotient Personal Productivity Global Team Work Wow Appraisals Personality Development Advanced Presentation Skills Working Wonders Global Communication Skills Leading with Emotional Intelligence Presentation Skills Managerial Effectiveness
  6. 6. The Industry
  7. 7. Industry Facts • The recruitment & training industry is a Ten Thousand Crores with a growth rate of approximately 25%. • In this highly competitive environment, training forms the key to a successful career path for potential candidates. • Employment in the Indian IT and ITeS Industry is over 2.5 million and expected to grow at 15% YOY (year on year). • SME’s and the growing corporate clients in tyre 1 and 2 cities sets the stage for sustainable HR and Training business in India. • With globalization, political boundaries have become nonexistent in the corporate world. • Industry experts say that out of the total manpower hitting the market from educational institutions only 20 % are up to industry standards for absorption. That leaves a huge
  8. 8. The Partnership
  9. 9. Roles & Responsibilities (Recruitment Business) 1. The Franchise identifies the companies requiring candidates , sings the service agreement, gets the job description and passes it on to the corporate office. 2. The franchise’s dedicated recruitment executive works on the requirement, and lines the candidates for interview, closely works with you and the clients in getting the feedback, convincing the candidates if needed and doing all end to end work till the person is placed 3. Once the candidate is placed the franchise raises the invoice as per the service agreement and does the follow up for collection 4. The Franchise partner is responsible for the collection, client interaction, client servicing and the corporate office would be responsible for your operations. 5. The franchise can also start working with companies with
  10. 10. Unique Franchise Approach Career Graph’s model works on a unique central processing system based on a hub and spoke model, which is also 100 % personalized for your need. By placing a dedicated recruitment executive / team for you at our office this is what you save investment in an Career Graph saves 80% of your portal cost office, furniture, computers, telephone lines – just for 1 or 2 which comes to as high as 1.5 Lakhs every executives. year when your are doing your business individually. The franchise has to just take care of the salaries of his recruiter by transferring them on a specified date to the corporate office along with a standard sharing fee for the portals. The franchise also gets the advantage of his/her
  11. 11. Competency Tests & Trainings 1. The Franchise identifies the companies, schools , colleges requiring competency tests and trainings, negotiates the sale, gets the payments. 2. All online related tests the payment is got in the name of the company “ Compass Now” and the company releases the required user id’s for the tests. 3. For training programs, the franchise finalizes the deal, arranges the travel and stay of the corporate training team, the team executes the training. 4. The revenue from all these business are shared.
  12. 12. Products
  13. 13. Effective Learning Identify Success Patterns
  14. 14. Our Business Offerings
  15. 15. Investment & Earnings Investment Franchise Fee 80,000 Total 80,000 Products Career Graph Earnings Franchise Earnings Recuitment Business 20% of gross revenue 80 % of Gross Revenue Bulk Hiring 50 % of profitablity 50 % of profitablity Trainings & Seminars 50 % of profitablity 50 % of profitablity Competency Tests 40 % of Earnings 60 % of Earnings General Expenses Salary of recruiters + Rs 2500 for portals + Rs 500 for utility charges + recruiter mobile bills As per slab earnings* * Taxes as applicable
  16. 16. Average Revenue Projection Franchise Monthly Revenue Projection Revenue on Recruitments 1,00,000 Revenue from Other Businesses 1,00,000 Total 20,00,000 Expenses on Recruitments Salaries 10,000 Portals & Utility 3000** Recruitment Royalty 20% 20,000 Total Expenses 33,000 Net Profit in Recruitments 67,000 Average Profit From Other Business 40,000 Profits 1,00,000 per month
  17. 17. Slab Breakups For Campus Competency Text Products REVENUE UPTO Rs: (PER MONTH) SLABS (PER MONTH) 1,000 - 99, 999 Slab I (50% of Net Revenue ) 1,00,000 – 2,99,999 Slab II (60% of Net Revenue) 3,00,000 & Above Slab III (70% of Net Revenue ) Please Note: 1. All payouts are on monthly basis (only cheques) 2. All slabs are based on monthly performance billing (not carried to next month) 3. Billing & Commissions are calculated every month only
  18. 18. Slab Rate Calculation School Colleges Corporate Workshop Company M.R.P (per Login Id) 750 (per student) 950 (per student) 1500 (per employee) 25,000 (full day) Negotiated Rates 300 400 1000 12,000 ComPas Royalty at 40% 120 160 400 Career Graph Profit 60 % 180 240 600 SAMPLE SALES 250 nos BILLING TO SHOW Rs 45,000 Per Month Rs 60,000 Per Month Rs 1,50,000 Per Month Slab I – 50% of Career Graph’s Revenue/month Rs 22,500 (your profit) Rs 30,000 (your profit) Rs 27,000 (your profit) Rs 36,000 (your profit) Rs 75,000 (your profit) Slab 3 – 70% of Rs 31,500 Rs 42,000 Rs 1,05,000 SLABS Rs 75,000 (your profit) Slab 2 – 60% of Career Graph’s Revenue/month 12,000 TOTAL CAREER GRAPH EARNINGS @ NEGOCIATED RATES Rs 12,000 (Straight Profits 60%) Rs 12,000 (your profit)
  19. 19. OUR SUPPORT TO YOU • Start-up Kit : 250 visiting cards, 250 Corporate Broachers, 500 Competency Broachers, 500 letter pads • Screening and recruitment of recruiters • Complete training, mentoring and day to day handholding of your recruiters • Marketing Training & On field handholding on sales • Visits on Request for marketing calls • Business management system • SPOC (single point of contact) at Career Graph • Certification of students (for C2C)
  20. 20. KEY CO-ORDINATES Name Designation Anil Jamadagni Narayan Raghavan Franchisee Manager, Athiya MD/ CEO, Athiya Contact Number Email ID Thank You!!! 9686552217 9341237886 We Look Forward For You to Join Us.