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Oil Spill Animal Quotes


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Psychic Investigator Frances Fox reveals what the animals have to say about the oil spill in the gulf.

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Oil Spill Animal Quotes

  1. 1. Frances Speaks to the Animals About Solving the Oil Spill Crisis
  2. 2. On August 3, 2005 Frances was being filmed by Animal Planet when she asked the Dolphins why water was so important.
  3. 3. They said… They said that there would be more catastrophes with water, but with violence and a breakdown of society. Katrina hit New Orleans 3 weeks later, changing the destiny of this nation. .
  4. 4. What if we had believed…?
  5. 5. What if…? What if your pet knows more than you do?
  6. 6. What if….? What if your pet knows how to communicate its knowledge?
  7. 7. What if…? What if we got the Noah’ arc story wrong?
  8. 8. What if…? What if the animals guided Noah and his people to safety instead of the other way around?
  9. 9. We know… 220,000 people died in the 2004 tsunami… the animals did not What if they knew and got out of harms way?
  10. 10. Well…? Isn’t it time we got “real” about the animals?
  11. 11. What if…? What if we could speak to them? What would they say about the oil spill if we asked them?
  12. 12. Frances did… Here is what they said to her in their language, telepathy, the original language of Planet Earth.
  13. 13. Peacock We are anxious that humans can still not see how they misuse their power. They can still stop the destruction but only if they pay attention to the needs of the natural world. The natural world does not need humans fighting about whether they should still drill in the waters.
  14. 14. Peacock Humans need to learn their lesson and use their minds to do “damage control”. The human mind has become addicted to images that reinforce disaster. It is like the addiction to alcohol, sugar or drugs, you know you should not watch disasters over and over yet you cannot bring yourself to turn off the TV. It is not too late but it is late.
  15. 15. Polar Bear We are furious that Al Gore has taken such a beating for revealing human weakness for comfort over community. You are part of our community yet you do not consider that we are part of yours.
  16. 16. Polar Bear If you treated the next-door neighbor as you have treated us, you would be thrown out of the community or exiled socially. Yet because you consider us expendable, you treat us as an asset that is yours to use. It is not too late but it is late.
  17. 17. Turtle The joy we wish to bring to the world is rapidly diminishing. Joy can only flourish where there is a desire for it. Humans have given up on their intention to be happy because they have lost faith that they can be happy. Now you only wish for survival, which means you are no longer aligned with joy. It is not too late but it is late
  18. 18. Dog We see such turmoil yet it is so simple. Being a good neighbor means taking care of your neighbor if the neighbor needs help. Being a good neighbor means watching out for your neighbor Being a good neighbor means taking into consideration the needs and rights of your neighbor when you determine to make a change. You are not good neighbors on Planet Earth. You take and get angry if you cannot receive easily.
  19. 19. Dog We dogs are now angry because we see that our unconditional love has not served our neighbors, the other animals, well. You got used to unconditional love from us and expect it from other animals, even as you destroy them. This was not our intention, to spoil you till you expect unconditional love with no thought of returning it It is not too late but it is late.
  20. 20. Giraffe “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” does not seem to apply to humans. We are the “others” yet you treat us as expendable and without soul.
  21. 21. Giraffe Our souls are clear, as are our intentions. We seek to help out in your evolution but we also get tired, we know when a battle is lost and we know how to retreat. It is not too late but it is late
  22. 22. Sharks Only a human would defecate in the place where they live. Animals know better. Animal instincts for survival include the instinct for survival of the species. Human selfishness has wiped out their instinct for the survival of their species. It is not too late but it is late.
  23. 23. Iguanas We hope to be the last to leave Planet Earth, as we were the first to inhabit it. We are the Nagas (dragons) who “own” this earth yet we were not selfish. We allowed you to live where you desired, without regard for your own well being, much less ours. Yet allowing you free will was a mistake, as even we have been displaced and need to “run” away from your destruction. It is not too late but it is late
  24. 24. Well…? Yes, it is embarrassing… but remember, they also say: It is not too late but it is late.
  25. 25. What if…? What if we ask them “what to do” about the oil spill?
  26. 26. Well…? Would you do what they recommend?
  27. 27. Well…? Or would you say “we hope it is not too inconvenient”….
  28. 28. It can happen… Frances will be going to New Orleans to speak to the animals. What if they give us real solutions? Stay tuned to