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Commonwealth of learning ff oers4_os


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Presentation made at the Kenya Symposium on Open Education

Published in: Education
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Commonwealth of learning ff oers4_os

  1. 1. OPEN EDUCATIONALRESOURCES FOR OPENSCHOOLSFrances Ferreira, Education Specialist,Commonwealth of Learning
  2. 2. Open SchoolingOpen schooling is anappropriate responseto the rapidlyincreasing demandfor secondaryeducation, it can beconducted at scaleand cost-effectively.It has the potential forcomplementing theconventional schoolsystem and usingICTs to scale upeducation.
  3. 3. What is Open Schooling? The physical separation of learner from theteacher The use of unconventional teachingmethodologies, and information andcommunications technologies (ICTs) Flexible approach
  4. 4. OER4OS• COL/WFHF• Policy Shift• Assistance – Ministries of Education / Teachers• OER in 20 subjects• Multi media 5 subjects• 12 Subjects in Moodle
  5. 5. Building thecapacity ofteachers is KEYwhen developingOER and forachievingeffective use oftechnology in theclassroom.
  6. 6. Enabling Environment• Ignorance re OER/CC• Instructional Design• Culture and work habits• Additional workload• Connectivity• BandwidthImages - ClipartImages from Clipart
  7. 7. ChallengesGetting Subject Teams to Use Basecampfor all Communication (administrative &OER development)Timely authoring of print-based courseunitsEffective and timely communication withCountry Coordinators & ParticipantsOnline trainingImage from Clipart
  8. 8. ChallengesThe evaluation was discouraging to some participants and the projectteam had to work hard to keep the teams motivated. The time and effortwhich went into addressing the evaluation’s recommendations delayedthe outcome of the project significantly.Image from Clipart
  9. 9. Critical elements of successLeadershipMonitoring and EvaluationCommunityImages - Clipart
  10. 10. Open Schooling Raised theGame…
  11. 11. Learning materials are available as OER in multipleformats to suit as wide a range of users as
  12. 12. Platforms for Innovation
  13. 13. THANK YOU !