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Esa.tek company profile rev.051112 en


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Esa.tek company profile rev.051112 en

  1. 1. company profileEsa.Tek - Company Profile Rev. luglio ‘12
  2. 2. companycompany Esa.Tek, born in 2005, from an idea of ​founder, based on many years of experience in industry & services: From traditional systems of 60s, to industrial automation and robotics 70s and 80s, up to the 90s with the integrated maintenance. New millennium started with new technologies and a free energy market, with construction of cogeneration & trigeneration systems and facility management in industrial, commercial & hospital sites.
  3. 3. missionmission Our Mission is:  Support the companies to understand & manage the new technologies, for produce energy, whether generated by traditional & renewable sources, and consequently the production & energy consumption, as an opportunity of business and not a coercion increasing of market.  Create value, generating wealth from savings in energy consumption.  Grow, together with companies in time.
  4. 4. the staffthe staff Esa.tek, includes a group of experienced engineers and skilled workers, but also the support of the founder. Our staff of professionals is engaged in the various thematic areas related to the world of energy, with skills technical, legal & administrative.
  5. 5. the activitythe activity The ESA.TEKs activity, is based only on specific needs of its customers. In a world so changeable, you can’t meet its challenges, with generic services and not based on specific and punctual needs. With this approach Esa.Tek, offers the following services:  Service energy  Energy efficiency management  Systems maintenance  Projects and contracts ESCO (Energy Service Company)  Certification for energy management (ISO 50001)  Develop of initiatives with traditional & renewable sources
  6. 6. service energyService energy Development, design, approval and construction of cogeneration & trigeneration systems of commercial & multifunctional sites. The energy service, is:  with construction of systems, with a maintenance contract. or  with ESCO contracts, construction of systems (FTT - Third Party Financing, all costs of project is ESCO) with a long-term supply contract for electricity, heat and cooling to end users.
  7. 7. energy efficiency management energy efficiencymanagement Projects of save energy for industrial, commercial and hospitals. ESA.TEK’s activity take place in two areas:  Management & efficiency of systems, the results are reduction of energy costs EE & natural gas.  Services O & M - Operation & Maintenance, sharing energy savings generated from efficiency energy management activity on systems.
  8. 8. energy efficiency management energy efficiency So, you can reduce your energy costsmanagement SAVING ENERGY COST SAVING ENERGY COST Payback of ESCO Energy costs before ESCOs contract Energy costs after Energy costs after optimizations investments
  9. 9. systems maintenance systems maintenance Maintenance services (ordinary and/or extraordinary) are planned and implemented, based on specific needs of customers, and include:  electrical systems  technological systems  special systems
  10. 10. ESCO contracts (Energy ESCO contracts (Energy Service Company)Service Company) Request, approval and manage of TEE (Title Energy Efficiency) for:  Recovery heat from industrial processes  Utilize inverters on electric motors  Cogeneration & CAR (as Decree of Italian MISE)  Heat production using renewable fuels  Automation process for energy saving  High lighting efficiency  High efficiency in productions of heat & cool
  11. 11. certification for energy certification for energy management (ISO 50001) management (ISO On June 17, 2011 was issued by the ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 50001 the new international 50001) standard for energy management. The objectives of the standard:  help businesses to use resources more carefully for energy;  promote best practice energy management and consolidate the competitive behavior in this field;  assist in the evaluation and favor the development of new energy-efficient technologies;  provide a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain;  facilitate improvement in the field of energy management in the context of projects that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases;  enable integration with other management systems such as environmental, health and safety.
  12. 12. develop of initiatives with traditional &develop of initiatives renewable sources renewable sources with traditional & Esa.Tek, with a constant monitoring of technological developments and of changes of law relating to develop saving energy & use of renewable sources, supports companies in the development of new initiatives, particularly with regard to cogeneration, biomass and the geothermal energy.
  13. 13. contactscontacts P.zza Pilastri, 18 80125 Napoli (NA) Italy Dr. Francesco Cuomo Tel: +39 081 593 43 25 Mobile: +39 348 260 81 30 Fax: +39 081 593 53 69 e-mail: