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This presentation will discuss the types of content that are most in demand.
Writers who wish to make a living and earn more income should pay attention to these types of content as these are the ones that are poised for growth. For more info visit: http://www.beafreelancewriter.com

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What can you write

  1. 1. What can you write? A presentation by Francesca StaAna ~ BeAFreelanceWriter.com
  2. 2. 2 words: A LOT. Press Releases Guest Posts Speeches BrochuresInternal Memos Taglines Long Form Product Sales Letters Descriptions Website Newsletters Blog Posts Content Video Scripts Flyers Sales Copy Voice Overs Case Studies Proposals About Pages Presentations White Papers www.beafreelancewriter.com
  3. 3. Web Content The words, paragraphs, or blurbs that you see on websites. Web content characteristics will vary, depending on the client. The about page of one company can be completely different from another. www.beafreelancewriter.com
  4. 4. Web Content – Things to Keep inMind Target Audience – Who’s going to read it? Keywords Length, tone, wording, etc. www.beafreelancewriter.com
  5. 5. Blog Posts Online Journal – Must be updated regularly. It’s where people/companies write about updates, recent events, opinions, tips, etc. SEO and Marketing Tool www.beafreelancewriter.com
  6. 6. Blog Posts Write INSANELY useful content for the blog’s target audience Tell stories Provide actionable tips Insightful commentaries www.beafreelancewriter.com
  7. 7. Sales Copy Content written for the purpose of selling GOAL: Persuade readers to take the CALL TO ACTION Sales involves really getting to know the target customer It also involves mind-reading and other Jedi mind tricks. (I’m kidding… sort of.) www.beafreelancewriter.com
  8. 8. Sales Copy – The Single MostImportant Factor  THE CUSTOMER Go beyond their likes and dislikes Get inside their heads Make them feel as if you’re reading their mind Push specific impulse buttons. (Greed, Sense of Urgency, Fear of Loss, Jones’ Effect, Indifference) www.beafreelancewriter.com
  9. 9. Press Releases An official statement issued by a business to the general public Used to announce newsworthy information Used to get attention of the media Can also be for traffic / SEO purposes www.beafreelancewriter.com
  10. 10. Newsletters Contain news articles Used to get the word out with regards to what’s happening in an organization Can be used internally (for members, employees, etc.) Can be used externally (for customers). www.beafreelancewriter.com
  11. 11. Newsletters - Email Contain news articles Compilation of latest blog posts New products, services Company updates Ongoing promotions www.beafreelancewriter.com
  12. 12. Video  Big and getting even BIGGER  In February 2013 alone, 78 million Americans watched 33 billion online content videos *  48 of top 50 Internet Retailers have on-site video (200% increase from 2011)*  Video ads expected to grow 26% in 2017 *comScore Releases February 2013 U.S. Online Video Rankings http://bit.ly/Xg8SOv www.beafreelancewriter.comSunday Sky Infogrphic http://visual.ly/2012-state-online-video
  13. 13. Video Scripts Writing will depend on what the video is all about and the client Some may have a storyboard, some may need you to whip up a script from scratch Timing is crucial! – Be direct, keep it snappy! www.beafreelancewriter.com
  14. 14. HIGH DEMAND for CONTENT 120 100 80 60 CONTENT 40 20 0 2013 2017 2021 2026 www.beafreelancewriter.com
  15. 15. Poised for growth The Internet is the first and go- to choice of consumers Increase in the number of websites, apps, videos, and software and other online media www.beafreelancewriter.com
  16. 16. Consider these stats…  5 BILLION Internet users by 2020 *  50 Billion online devices by 2020 *  That’s a LOT of web content waiting to happen  … As a writer, you’re going to want to have a piece of that.10 fool-proof predictions for the Internet in 2020www.networkworld.com/news/2010/010410-outlook-vision-predictions.html50 billion devices online by 2020 www.beafreelancewriter.comwww.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/9051590/50-billion-devices-online-by-2020.html
  17. 17. Want to learn how you can writeeffectively and make money doing what you love?Register for Copywriting 2.0, the course that will teach you how to build acopywriting business in 6 months or less! www.BeAFreelanceWriter.com