#4sqdayITA: sintesi per dati e per immagini


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Il 16 aprile 2011 l'Osservatorio Foursquare Italia ha organizzato il 4sqday di Bologna. "La community esplora la città": tre percorsi per conoscere gli angoli più segreti e curiosi di Bologna, per poi trovarsi al Mayors Lounge, l'aperitivo dei sindaci. Ecco una sintesi per dati e per immagini di quella bella giornata

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#4sqdayITA: sintesi per dati e per immagini

  1. 1. the Community explores the City Bologna – April 2011, 16th
  2. 2. Meeting Point Sotto Le chiappe del Nettuno / Under The “ass” of Neptune
  3. 3. Kit Each attendee received: Foursquare Italia and 4sqdayITA pins Personal sticker badge Rules and the first clue Mayor’s T-shirt (only for The Mayors Lounge) “ Mayor on board” Bumper Sticker
  4. 4. Kit
  5. 5. 3 paths to discover Bologna
  6. 6. The Mayors Lounge, Contests & Gifts
  7. 7. Mobile People
  8. 8. O n l I n e B u z z 16 reports before the event 18 reports and 1 article on local newspaper after the event + 2,000 tweets with “#4sqdayITA”
  9. 9. Italian Foursquare Community +100 Foursquare lovers to discover Bologna 50 Foursquare lovers at The Mayors Lounge Tickets sold out in just over two days People came from all over Italy
  10. 10. Italian Foursquare Community
  11. 11. Board & Staff Managing board is composed by: Roberto Cobianchi, Luca Della Dora, Francesca Fabbri, Tommaso Sorchiotti
  12. 12. Board & Staff
  13. 13. Organization: A+ Activities (Paths & Lounge): A Networking: A Sentiment
  14. 14. When technology meets it’s fans it cannot be anything but a spectacle of inventiveness and creativity. From an idea of Mimulus was born the Osservatorio Foursquare. We were surprised by the success of the first Foursquare Mayors Meeting, and today we had a lot of fun celebrating the 4sqday with three paths to explore Bologna. It must be said: it was really cool. Alessandro Vitale … the fantastic Italian 4sqday pins (designed by @Luca2D), the bumber sticker (“Mayor on board”) and a lot of desire to have fun being together: more than "community of geeks”! We met bloggers, users and enthusiasts with a desire to meet each other and share many ideas, not necessarily related to "digital life"! Michael F. Forni When will be the next 4sqday?? We can’t wait for another year… let’s celebrate the unbirthday! GirlGeekDinners Modena Sentiment The afternoon was spent in great joy, with groups of 4sq lovers unleashed around the city armed with smart phones, tablet, batteries, and even suply phone not to miss even a chech-in, expertly guided by the tips left for each venue… Congratulations to the organizers, and... if you’ll see an orange Matiz around Modena with a sticker "Mayor on board”, you’ll know I’m there! Lara Babitcheff
  15. 15. Additional Resources
  16. 16. website http://www.4sqday.it photos http://www.flickr.com/groups/foursquare-italia/ video http://vimeo.com/22703105 twitter conversations #4sqdayITA Additional Resources
  17. 17. Photos by Francesca Casadei Luca Della Dora Leonora Giovannazzi Stefano Giraldi GGD Modena Diego Orzalesi rachytuxe Gianpiero Riva Antonio Severino Alessandro Vitale
  18. 18. WE