4sqconf: sintesi per dati e per immagini


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Prima Conferenza dei Sindaci di Foursquare - Bologna, 17 luglio 2010

Una sintesi di tutti i dettagli relativi all'organizzazione e ai partecipanti.

Organizzatori: Roberto Cobianchi e Francesca Fabbri di Mimulus, Tommaso Sorchiotti, Lisa Marie Gelhaus

4sqconf: sintesi per dati e per immagini

  1. 1. Prima Conferenza dei Sindaci di Foursquare Bologna – July 2010, 17th
  2. 2. V e n u e FrassinagoDiciotto via Frassinago 18, Bologna unconventional design show room air conditioning free wi-fi connection
  3. 3. V e n u e
  4. 4. Mayor Kit Each attendee received: Italian flag Mayor band & personal badge Mayor pen by Vittorio Martini Wired UK issue “Matilunga” Mimulus pencil
  5. 5. Mayor Kit
  6. 6. Catering BK1 Concept Factory (Montecatini) welcome coffee break appetizer / buffet dinner
  7. 7. Catering
  8. 8. Board & Staff Managing board is composed by: Roberto Cobianchi, Francesca Fabbri, Tommaso Sorchiotti, Lisa Marie Gelhaus
  9. 9. Board & Staff
  10. 10. MultiMedia live twitting interviews photos and videos swarm badge check-in countdown (first italian swarm badge: we’ve got it!)
  11. 11. MultiMedia
  12. 12. Online Buzz Before the event: +30 reports, 1 article on local newspaper After the event: +30 reports, 1 article on national newspaper (Il Sole 24 Ore)
  13. 13. Online Buzz
  14. 14. Special Guests
  15. 15. Special Guests
  16. 16. Location: A Organization: A+ Catering: A Contents: A Networking: A Sentiment
  17. 17. Let's say it once: 4sqconf was a great success! The reasons are various. First, everything was organized in just over two months, with excellent choices: informal location, limited number of participants to maintain a personal relationship between them, great mix of content and networking, as simple as brilliant creative ideas (each participant had an Italian flag mayor band), healthy air conditioning and a cherry on the cake. Luca Conti Excellent organization, excellent content, a great mix between number of people and networking. An approval to the location, the organizers Mimulus, Tommaso and others, and sponsors (really brave, in such days). A small note: in the end we held a Skype conference with Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare. It was great to see a CEO speaking quietly, dressing a T-shirt, sitting in his garden, eating crisps and turning the webcam to his dog. This is also social PR. Standing ovation to Roberto Cobianchi, Francesca Fabbri, Tommaso Sorchiotti and Lisa Marie Gelhaus! Good, good, very good! But it is only the beginning. Yes, because the stage of the Conference is a real jewel; I like exactly the kind of furniture that will blend Tech / minimal + green attracts me a lot, because that is a beautiful an unusual place for a conference. Despite having seen the photos before you leave, I was really impressed: great place, chairs and tables for everyone, catering super efficient, guests smiling, wi-fi connection for everyone (a bit slow... but it is quite normal when you have 70 geeks working together) and air conditioning to kick off the stifling heat of the hottest weekend of the year. In short, everything is perfect. Luca Della Dora Sentiment Gianluca Diegoli
  18. 18. People attendee profiling: blogger, web marketer, SEO expert, journalist, social media expert 6 speakers + 1 sponsor speech 6 sponsors + 1 media partner 50 booking in Eventbrite many people in waiting list 60 attendees from all around Italy 10 people in staff
  19. 19. People
  20. 20. Sponsors
  21. 21. Additional Resources
  22. 22. website http://www.4sqconf.org/ slide http://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow? q=4sqconf photos http://www.flickr.com/groups/4sqconf/ videos http://www.youtube.com/user/mimulustube twitter conversations #4sqconf Additional Resources
  23. 23. Photos by Anna Monti Barbara Lorenzini Davide Patti Elena Franco Francesca Casadei Francesca Fabbri Laura Bolletta Luca Della Dora Stefano Giraldi