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  1. 1. My PitchFrancesca Emmingham
  2. 2. General DecisionsGenre- Indie musicCost- £2.00Colour Scheme- Red, black and yellowTarget audience- 16-25 years oldStyle/attitude- Relaxed, fun, individual
  3. 3. GenreThe genre of this music magazine will be Indie rock music, showing avariety of information, up and coming artists, exclusive stories andmuch more that can be offered from the magazine.The genre was chosen to be indie rock music as it is becoming moreand more popular and is not featured in enough magazines, thefestivals of 2012 featured new artists of this genre that us as a magazineexplore further and introduce to our target audience which would bepeople interested in buying this genre of magazine.The issues will feature this genre at a constant level with main featureson every issue that will be new and exclusive only to this magazine, wehave the insight to everything you will want and need to know aboutyour favourite bands and discovering new bands on the scene.
  4. 4. Cost of each issueThe cost of each issue of this magazine will be £2.00 orcould reach higher prices on limited edition/exclusiveissues. The price is this due to it being issued not thatregularly so is quite a valued issue to purchase, the targetaudience would be willing to pay this much as I would be agood quality magazine and would offer them everythingthat they would want in this genre of issue.Compared to other magazines such as NME priced at anaverage of £2.75 this issue will be cheaper so thereforecould attract more people away from other magazines likeit and to buy this one over those.
  5. 5. Colour SchemeI have chosen this colour scheme for my magazine as I feel thatits appropriate to the genre and style of the issue. Also from thefeedback from my questionnaire that my audience filled in I cansee that 31% of people’s favourite colour is Green and 25% isRed so I thought that this would attract more people to themagazine if these colours were featured on my front cover.These colours aside from being favourites of my target audiencealso are quite eye catching when put onto a solid background orimage so would still be visible over the main image and on thecontents page of the issue.
  6. 6. Target AudienceFrom analysing my questionnaire results show that 66% ofpeople that took the questionnaire were 17 or younger and also22% at the next highest percentage were 18-20 year olds so myresults were based mostly on those age ranges answers.I think that this is a suitable target audience as this age rangeseem to be shown to be the festival goers and have a wideknowledge on this genre of music and the new artists that arenow being featured and will be in this magazine. The age that Ihave chosen is more likely to take an interest in buying amagazine physically if they enjoy the genre of music but alsoolder ages could take an interest in the issue if they collect issuesor are interested in the new bands around.
  7. 7. Style/AttitudeThe style of the magazine will be of an individual relaxed nature. Although the colourscheme may be eye catching the fonts will not be very loud and in your face like theywould be in magazines like Kerrang.Font FontThese are two example fonts, another one I would feature to use as the masthead fontwould be Broadway as I feel that it is quite individual and fits the genre of the issue. Thetwo other examples would be used within features and in sub headings to the issue.The text to picture ratio will be quite equal within the magazine but with some pageshaving a higher picture to text ratio as from my questionnaire that has seen to havegotten the largest amount of results from my audience at 44% wanting equal amountsand 55% wanting a higher picture to text ratio but it will depend on the story as to howit is laid out within the magazine.As the style will reflect the genre of the magazine it will have quite colourful imagessuiting the mood of each story. The cover will feature a range of well known bands andup coming bands that our audience will recognise and therefore be influenced to readmore about.