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Magazine research


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Magazine research

  1. 1. Magazine Research Francesca Emmingham
  2. 2. Q magazine is published monthly by Bauer Media Group who is a German company who titles 38million magazines every week. The company also publishes well known rock magazine Kerrang!Bauer Media Group also has a 50% stake in the British television company Box Television theother half owned by Channel 4 these channels include:• Q TV• 4Music• Kiss TV• Kerrang! TV• The Box• Magic TV• Smash Hits TVBauer has offices located all over the world:• Germany• USA• Spain• France• Austria• Poland• Portugal• Romania• Hungary• Czech Republic• Mexico• China• Russia• Slovakia• United Kingdom• Nigeria
  3. 3. NME is a music publication in the UnitedKingdom owned by Time Inc. that is merged withWarner Communication famous for owning theworldwide known Warner Brothers studios. Themagazine was launched in March 1952 andpublished weekly ever since. In 1996 themagazine was launched online and since thenhas become the most successful standalonemusic publication in the world.