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Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Masthead- shown in a harsh bold Buzz word- used the word ‘exclusive’ to attract font, using capital letters which jumps Plug- using this to stand out from the rest of the reader into the magazine feeling more out more to the reader and the cover to draw attention to it straight away, involved and interested in what it has to offer. communicates across that this is the also being at the top above the masthead Temps the reader more to open the magazine or name of the magazine. Using the makes this the first thing that you see on the purchase it. Suits the genre of people that are colour red also stands out from the interested in Nirvana’s style of music. cover so the audience is automatically pulled in black and white background tying in by seeing a well known groups name first. with the colour scheme also.Date and price- the date of the magazine issue Sub image- images showing what isand price is displayed in a small font, this could featured inside the magazine, acts as aindicate that the publisher doesn’t want the price sneak preview of what you could see if youto be the first thing that you see as an audience purchased it. Relates to the buzz word andas it is more on the expensive side at £2.50. The adds to the attraction that it gives to buyingfact that everything other than the price stands the issue.out in the cover would be the publisher wantingto make the reader feel that it is worth the price. Sub heading- using a quote from insideThis also indicates that the magazine is of a the magazine as a heading on the coverhigher value and quality. gives the audience an indication of the many things that they can see inside theBuzz word- using a second buzz word ‘win’ on issue. Highlighting this how it would appearthe cover attracts the audience more to the in the article gives the reader a trust thatissue. Using a bold background with yellow text there will be more information inside. Theto highlight a well known band also gives an text below being in different colours toattraction towards whatever contest that the stand out with well known names boostsaudience could get involved in. Using a direct the eye catching nature.reference to what page the contest would be The main feature of the magazine coverfound on gives the reader instant access to is communicated through the name ‘Jakebeing within a chance of winning. Bugg’ written in capital letters in a similarMain image- the fact that he is holding a none style to the masthead, this could indicatealcoholic drink in the cover of a magazine known that he is just as important as thefor sex, alcohol and drugs indicates that he goes magazine itself and the main feature inagainst the stereotypical rock star. It also this edition.appeals to the audience as they would want tolearn more about why he has chosen to do thisso publically and controversially. The main Barcode- indicates theimage also is shown to be in black and white magazine is made to be boughtwhich shows him to almost fade into the Layout- the placing of the text over the by its audience.background compared to the text that is bright main image introduces us right to the artistand actually over his body only emphasising his as his name is shown in capitals and bright The placement of the text also could be tofacial expression and the drink he is holding. colours. It is quite different to the the magazines benefit due to the fact thatRepresenting that he is quite mysterious and the placement of text in most magazines as we he isnt well known so before the audiencefact that he is new to the music world also would expect the headings to be around dismisses who he is they are drawn in bysupports this idea what we would want to learn the main image than over it. This is the large text and mysterious nature of themore about him as an audience. connotative of that he goes against the cover. norms and isnt all about the attention.
  2. 2. Buzz word- the word ‘free’ attracts the Plug- made to stand out from the rest of theaudiences attention to buy the issue due magazine with a harsh background colour toto it feeling more of a special issue catch the audiences attention towards this partcompared to others they may have seen of the cover. The use of a popular band that isof the same genre. It persuades the well known to the specific audience of the issueaudience to purchase this magazine and makes the plug more noticeable to the rest of thestands out from the rest of the magazine stories on the cover.due to it being bold and noticeable. Sub image- images shown on the right hand side of the magazine act as a sneak peak of what you can find as an audience inside the issue. TheseMasthead- the name of the magazine is shown images act as a boost to give the audience morein a bold font as always in every issue. The of an attraction communicating the sort of thingscolour of the masthead is different as it blends they can find inside the magazine. They wouldinto the background compared to the main mostly be of smaller size so that the audiencefeature of the magazine that stands out from the would want to have a closer of the text. The way that it is overlapped bya sub heading pulls away from the mastheadand focus’ on what it holds inside.Date issued and price- the date is shown in a Main image- the main image of this cover issmaller font due to it not being major information mainly of the name of the band in big letters tocompared to the rest of the cover. This cover stand out from the rest of the surroundings, thedoesn’t show the price next to the date as it band members are placed around their namenormally would be placed. This could indicate that which could indicate that the band is quite equalthe issue may be more expensive than other as no member stands out from the rest or is inmagazines or they wanted to hide the price so that front of another, they are all in quite not seriousthe audience would not be put off by this straight positions around the font which could show thataway without having time to see other aspects of they are not very serious and quite individual.the magazine. Anchorage- this sub heading is used as a last minute pull for the audience to purchase the issue. The bold large font could be used to make the heading more eye catching and Barcode- indicates that the therefore have more of a chance of the magazine is made to be reader noticing this when they first look but purchased by the audience. not really paying attention to its meaning until the rest of the cover is acknowledged. Kicker- the range of well known artists Buzz word- the word ‘plus’ is used as a listed at the bottom of the cover boosts pull to the audience to see that there’s the audiences interest into the even more than what the cover shows, magazine and acts as a last minute well known artists being shown below the persuading device to make them buy ‘plus’ attracts the audience to read more the issue if everything else on the into the magazine as not much is given cover has not yet already done so. away by the buzz word in this sense.
  3. 3. Date and price- the price of the issue along Masthead- traditional NME colour and font Buzz word- using the word exclusive within thewith the date are quite small on this cover. This shown by harsh colours that stand out from a top of the cover as is shown gives the readers thecould insinuate that the price could be quite white background and also match the colour benefit of seeing this information one of the firsthigh compared to other magazines so instead scheme of the cover. The white background in glances at the cover. The word exclusive alsoof revealing the price of £2.40 straight away to this issue makes the masthead the first thing brings a feeling of value to the customers thatthe audience they are distracting them with all that you see within the cover. would be purchasing the magazine and that theythis bold and colourful text more noticeable are important to the publishers that they wouldthan the price to make them feel that it is worth deserve this information that nobody yet has.the money for what the issue contains. Sub image- the way that the buzz word is Sub heading- this second subheading accompanied with a sub image gives the acts as a kicker to the cover of the issue. readers all the more reason to purchase the Using a very well known artist in this genre issue. With the plug over is of ‘big interview of music such as The Rolling Stones and inside’ indicates to the audience that in order to pairing it with an exclusive story such as learn more about this exclusive information they Glastonbury attracts the audience as they will have no other option but to buy the issue. would want to know the latest information The way that the font is different for ‘inside’ that is clearly inside. The white background gives an urgency to the audience that they makes this information stand out more. need this news now. Buzz word- the word ‘free’ would automatically grab the readers attention Kicker- using the plus sign in this part of the within the cover as it has a value to the cover gives the indication that along with all audience that they are getting free these other parts of the issue there is also more merchandise or a gift a long with the that you can get, the kicker using summarising magazine. It also is used to make the words to boost the audience into purchasing the audience feel special and that they are piece. valued to the magazine by getting more for their money. Sub heading- this sub heading could also Barcode- a legal convention in order for the be used as an anchorage to the issue. It is audience to purchase the magazine issue. This is shown as a quote so could be used to pull commonly found on all magazines of this kind. the reader in as it is advertising what could be found inside this issue with a clear theme of Crystal Castles. This area of the cover is Main image- the way that the text is around each of the artists indicates that they crucial to dragging the readers attention to have confidence and that they are the centre of the issue for the magazine. The inside the piece. Without a quote or a pose that the woman is doing is not serious and not trying to go with the male subheading of what to expect they will most gaze of other magazines featuring women on the cover. This relates to her genre likely not read into more of the issue and just of music being individual and knowing that her audience of music will know that dismiss it, The size of the font makes it more this is her personality already. It looks as though she is quite vampire like and noticeable as it’s a bigger size compared to deadly as she is wiping her mouth as if she has just taken a bite out of something. any other parts of the cover apart from the The male in the cover is behind her not making eye contact with the camera masthead so communicates that it is an which could indicate that he is not the main artist in the band and not really important part of the feature. interested in being focused on in this cover.
  4. 4. The page shows to have a clear heading to it to communicate to the audience of the issue that this is where they can get information about what to find inside the issue from what they have seen on the cover. This gives an organisation to the magazine and a clear structure for the audience to gain easier access. The main image within this contents page is of The Courteeners, this could communicate that they are the main feature of this issue and are the priority and best story to look at within the magazine. The way that they stand out from the rest of the pages makes the audience more drawn to them as an interest rather then the plain text down the left.The font colour being different in this area of thecontents page gives the impression that it is exclusive.Including the word special in the sub heading makesthe audience more drawn towards this part of themagazine and pay more attention to it due to having adifferent font and colour compared to the normal QMagazine style and colour code. The fact that it is awell known band that it is featured on gives the readermore of an interest compared to if it was an unknownband new to the magazine. Using the sub heading here ‘every month’ with such a bold and eye catching background tells the audience that every month they will receive this information below and gives them something to come back to the magazine for. This guarantees the magazine a return of regular customers as they are already putting aspects of their next issues into the current magazine being read.
  5. 5. This heading to the contents page is different in the way that it does not communicate straight away that this is a contents page but allows the readers to assume so. We automatically assume with the wording that this is the contents page due to the date issued and the Different to the contents page of the other bold wording being shown. magazine analysed, this one displays a variety of images relating to each part of the magazine. This is a good way of giving the reader more to look at on this page and giving a clear idea of what to find inside the magazine if they choose to have a quick look at the contents page before buying. It is also quite cramped in the layout not leaving any space which shows the audience that there is plenty to read and take in within the issue.The way that each feature issupported by quotes from the articleor the artists shown gives the ideathat the magazine is speaking to youas an individual and giving the readermore of an exclusive feel to itcompared to other magazines thatmay not do this. It makes the readerfeel more valued as a customer. Using Christmas gift ideas in the contents page using festive colours gives the audience a chance to receive a years worth of the magazine the following year stating a discount price. Guaranteeing customers for the next year for the magazine keeping the issues popular. The font is displayed in capitals so that the reader is most likely going to notice it within a few seconds of looking at the contents page even though it is not advertising what it inside the issue for the week.
  6. 6. Using a well known guitarist like Slash as the main image for the contents page gives the audience something to recognise. He needs no description just an image because of how iconic he shows to be to The masthead of the page is clearly the audience of this genre of magazine. stated in bold font shown to be in capitals. The colour of the font stands out from the black theme of colouring for this page Although In the main image he is normally similar to what the cover of the shown quite dark in comparison to issue used. The page feels official due to the rest of the page which shows the date released and the issue number yellow more than the more black being displayed below the heading for space Slash has the opposite this issue so communicates that the effect. magazine can be trusted in this way.A long with the image of slash thecontents shows the actual pages that youwill find inside the magazine. This shows a Below the heading the publisher hasmore accurate perception of what to find shown the layout the magazine intoinside the magazine from a graphology different sections rather than justpoint of view. stating page numbers. This gives a more organised approach to the contents and gives the audience a clearer perspective of what they can find in the magazine and where. Showing a signature at the end of this paragraph by the deputy editor gives a sense of officiality to the edition of the magazine as he has given the readers a direct address which is not normally seen in this scale on a magazine only by local columnists. Showing his title underneath his signature also gives a more formal element to this page and also lets the reader know that what they are reading are straight from the main people behind the magazines production.
  7. 7. The artist is shown to take up half of the double page spread The main heading contains a pun including thewith one image. The way that she is posed is quite elegant artists name. This stands out from yourand the camera is straight on her but her face is facing average article and accompanied with theupwards. This could indicate that she has power as we are images through the two pages the audience islooking up from under her jaw line, this could be connotative drawn into reading more about the artist. Thethat she is a well known artist and respected within the music bold black font contrasts with its backgroundbusiness. Also her brightly coloured hair indicates that she is highly and is complimented by the brightquite eccentric and individual, doesn’t play by the rules and colours that the artist is shown wearing and thenorms of society. colour edited pictures. The way that she is dressed could reflect her personality in this image. Her dress is shown to be tight over her right breast being quite promiscuous towards the camera although her left side is The double page shows to be divided into two equal parts, completely covered by fabric in quite a futuristic style of clothing. one half being for the text about the artist and the other This could show that although she may reveal herself to the dedicated to the article. This shows the importance of the camera she does like to cover up aspects of herself and leave artists that they take up two pages of the issue and that one some of it to the imagination of the audience. She draws attention page is taken up solely by a picture of them. The text shows to herself in this image but not so much that the audience wont a main heading, a sub heading and then an article that is in notice the texts like on a cover. She is also covered up by an quite a large quantity. object that looks unrecognisable that covers up part of the tighter side of her outfit.
  8. 8. The blank space in the double page is not a normal thing to be found in this genre of magazine, it Main Image- the theme of black and white from the cover is kept relates to the retro feel to the artist so the black and which indicates that he has a retro and old style to him which could white theme is still apparent within the background relate to his music style. He has a Beatles level to his look which of the text page and within the main image of the could be also incorporated in his sound. He is looking down on his magazine. The page is quite simple apart from the guitar which could indicate that he is passionate about it and holds red colouring shown in parts over the black and control over his own music which he probably writes himself. white colour scheme to make it more interesting for the reader. The colour scheme attracts the reader to the magazine due to the sharp bold colours being eye catching .The heading uses a quote fromBob Dylan lyrics, this is relevantto the piece but also couldsuggest that he is compared tothis artist in the way that hemakes music and could set atrend with the retro throwbackthat he is creating for himselfwithin the charts. The style ofmusic that he produces hasbeen compared to Bob Dylanand The Beatles because ofhow retro he is when heperforms and producesphotographs. The main text is shown to not be the main Showing the small page number in the corner feature of this double page as the main image gives organisation to the magazine, this relates and space around the masthead are the main back to the contents page within the issue that point of the page to draw the reader into wanting will have given the audience information in to read into the main text. This could indicate order for them to find this main feature. that it only takes the masthead to make the audience of the magazine want to know more about the artist as he is new to this genre so has a sense of mystery around him.
  9. 9. The main heading ‘underneath herbrassiness’ indicates that thisarticle is going where no magazinehas gone before and the audiencewould be more interested due to In the main image Katy Perry is quitewanting to see a side of her that provocatively shown which goes againstthey never have seen, the how we normally see her inside otherprovocative picture accompanied magazines aimed mostly at teenagers.with this indicates that the article This image relates to the stereotypes ofwill be unique and reveal a lot women as she is shown to be inside aabout the singer and that she is not kitchen which is what men would seeall what she seems. her as normally. This relates to the male gaze of the magazine issue with the way she is stood and what she is wearing. We would not normally see Katy Perry in this way so to see her away from the music and award shows. The angle of the camera being straight on to her eye line in this image makes it seem like she is looking the reader in the eye and communicating completely with the audience in this shot, the way her eyes are shown is quite seductive so could show the audience of the issue being older than her normal one.The talk of drugs relates to the targetaudience of adults within thismagazine. There wouldn’t be anyyoung teenagers to be expected toread this article. She wouldn’t expecther younger audience of her music toread this article as she is quite openabout her younger days and thiscould put some people off that arentnormal readers of the magazine.This stands out from the main textand gives the reader an insight to the There is no text over the main image of Katy Perry which gives no distraction tosinger that they did not know would what she is wearing and where she is. Male audience members would normallyexist. Gives more information than skip a double page of Katy Perry due to her girliness normally but in this magazinewe would normally associate with her it is the opposite. The Rolling Stone magazine is normally showing celebrities inas an artist and a young woman. quite a complimentary and sexual way even though its target audience wouldn’t be looking specifically for this.