Digital Literacies Seminar


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Digital Literacies Seminar

  1. 1. Emerging Technologies – Embedded Digital Literacies Frances Bell, Marie Griffiths Maria Kutar Image used under Creative Commons License from Edans
  2. 2. Context, Philosophy and Design X6
  3. 3. practice theory Personal/ consumer Commercial/ producer
  4. 4. Example of linking theory/ising to (personal) practice
  5. 5. How does your personal network influence finding and sharing behaviours? Network influences Network influences Saving/ Finding volume/ quality impact sharing links links 2 virtuous circles if finding/sharing Strength is in overlap Delicious Twitter
  6. 6. Then applied to business context
  7. 7. Issues and Emerging Themes  (from reflective assignments)  Increased awareness of implications of personal use e.g.Facebook  Comments on their use of links/ plugins in public web content conveys a sense of themselves as active nodes in socio-technical network  Web site evaluation important practice of critique  Reviewing consumer /producer relationship in business context
  8. 8. Tree ear Nutmeg66 on Over to you – I am listening
  9. 9. What next?  Module (PRINT) handbook (except slides)  Use classroom-based discussion in place of lab-based activities  Refine assessment  Campaign for university-wide provision of academic social network