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Developing a Publication Strategy


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Developing a Publication Strategy

  1. 1. Publication Strategy – yourwork in progressFrances BellResearch in Learning Technology given on 25 June , 2013 atInstitute of Learning Innovation,University of Leicester
  2. 2. AimTo provoke thinking about how to develop apublishing strategyTo consider different media in the development anddissemination of ‘knowledge’
  3. 3. What does Wikipedia say about strategy?;) is a high level plan to achieve one or moregoals under conditions of uncertainty.Strategy is important because the resources available toachieve these goals are usually limited.Strategy is also about attaining and maintaining aposition of advantage over adversaries through thesuccessive exploitation of known or emergentpossibilities rather than committing to any specificfixed plan designed at the outset.
  4. 4. Some questions – 10 minutediscussionWhy do you want to publish?Where should you publish?When to publish?
  5. 5.  Gestation or Night inClose colleagues:•Presentation/ feedback•Local peer reviewConference:•Presentation/ feedbackPersonal network:Blogging and commentsJournal:Read contentCheck audienceOffer to reviewSubmit , and resubmitNo such thing as failure
  6. 6. Close colleaguesPresentation/ feedbackLocal peer reviewWriting partnersNot necessarily geographically close
  7. 7. Personal networkSocial mediaWhere is your network?#acwri #phdchatFor PhD students and comments
  8. 8. A word on Open AccessBenefits for readers and authorsLink makes article accessible via social media
  9. 9. ConferenceHard deadlinePresentation/ feedback
  10. 10. JournalStandard academic outlet - choosing is challengingCheck out chosen journalRead articlesCheck audience
  11. 11. What next?Offer to reviewSubmit , and resubmitNo such thing as failure
  12. 12. Fitting it all together to include different media and channels
  13. 13. What is your publicationstrategy?Make a note of yourGoalsUncertaintiesResourcesPlan at least one thing you will publish in nextMonthYear5 yearsCheck against your goals
  14. 14. Check back on questionsWhy do you want to publish?Where should you publish?When to publish?
  15. 15. SummaryPersonal goals important – short, medium and longtermPersonal networks help –information, encouragement,feedbackThings will change – you, your life, your job,knowledge, technologyNeed flexible strategy
  16. 16. Any other questions?
  17. 17. Resources