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Martinique cruise presentation 2010 pour slide show


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Martinique cruise presentation 2010 pour slide show

  1. 1. © Martinique Promotion Bureau – CMT USA 2010
  2. 2. Martinique, a Windward island located in the Eastern Caribbean
  3. 3. A Warm and Welcoming People  400 000 inhabitants with a mix of origins: African, French, Indian… and more
  4. 4. Most cruise ships dock close to downtown Fort-de-France Great starting point to discover Martinique many treasures!
  5. 5. Fort-de-France: A Hearty Welcome!
  6. 6. Fort-de-France: The Malecon Waterfront
  7. 7. Downtown Fort-de-France: a Unique Architecture!
  8. 8. Fort-de-France “Grand Marché” Shop for local spices, tropical liquors, Creole delicacies…etc
  9. 9. Shop ‘Til You Drop! Downtown Fort-de-France busy streets La Cour Perrinon new shopping center
  10. 10. Unique buys from Paris and Local art crafts Art and Crafts, 18-carat Gold Creole Jewelries, the latest perfumes and cosmetics from Paris…..etc
  11. 11. An Island with a French flair… French and local designers available everywhere
  12. 12. French wines, champagnes and delicacies…
  13. 13. Mount Pelee Precheur Saint Pierre Carbet Fort de France Marigot Sainte Marie Trinite Tartane Basse-Pointe Northern Part of Martinique: The lush domain of the island N
  14. 14. Martinique: Flower of the Caribbean The island was named Madinina (Island of Flowers) by the Carib Indians. Flowers and gardens abound…
  15. 15. Aerial trails : walk among the bamboos! Balata Botanical Garden
  16. 16. A Hiking heaven From rainforest, historic trails to waterfalls discovery or mountain climbing, the island offers it all! Awarded Best 2008 Canyoning Caribbean destination by National Geographic Traveler.
  17. 17. Saint-Pierre previously nicknamed “the Little Paris of the Caribbean” Today: Classified City of Art and History…
  18. 18. …and dubbed “The Little Pompeii of the Caribbean” Since the 1902 Mount Pelée eruption that destroyed the city
  19. 19. Southern Part of Martinique: Renown for the very best white sand beaches on the island! Lamentin Trois Ilets Anses d’Arlet Diamant Sainte Luce Sainte Anne Marin Francois N
  20. 20. Not to be missed in the south: Les Salines Beach, colorful fishermen villages, blue lagoon waters protected by coral reefs
  21. 21. Convenient and pleasant 20-min ferry ride between Fort-de-France & Trois-Ilets
  22. 22. La Pagerie Museum in Trois Ilets: Birthplace of Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte
  23. 23. Great Cultural Events All Year-round! Carnival…Yole Boats race….Jazz and Guitar Festival…etc
  24. 24. Experience Gourmet Cuisine with Martinique’s own signature! Bon Appétit!
  25. 25. Martinican Rums… Simply The Best! Cheers!
  26. 26. Top Notch Infrastructures European standards Excellent road network State-of-the-art medical facilities, the best in the Caribbean and Latin America Drinkable tap water!
  27. 27. Plenty to Discover!
  28. 28. Plenty to Enjoy!
  29. 29. Plenty to Experience!