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Level Up: Gamifying Your Library Media Program

What if your library media center could be as engaging and addictive as Candy Crush or Minecraft? In this workshop, discover how to flip the media program and make “fun the new responsible” by applying game mechanics to non-game processes in your media program. We will explore how we can use game mechanics to facilitate more engaging and inspiring learning experiences for our students. Learn how to design tasks, stimulate and retain interest, monitor positive attitudes and provide a nurturing environment. View successful example implementations of gamification in a media center program and discuss outcomes. During this hands-on session we will employ game mechanics so that the participants may engage in a gamified experience. Learn your game personality and create engagement to develop “the strongest players on the server,” the autonomous learner.

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Level Up: Gamifying Your Library Media Program

  1. 1. Level One All the World is a Game!
  2. 2. @VandyTune #FAME14
  3. 3. Satisfaction is the new expectation, and delight ought to be the goal. --Stephen Anderson
  4. 4. In the 1970’s we told everyone that they could make choices about what they receive. Apple offered us choices. Told us to customize everything. Our students now view themselves as customers focused on experience.
  5. 5. Fun – ovation!
  6. 6. Play is the highest form of research--Einstein “Game players regularly exhibit persistence, risk taking, attention to detail, and problem solving. All behaviors that ideally would be regularly demonstrated in school. --The Education Arcade at MIT Conceive Develop Test Implement Analyze
  7. 7. Games are unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle. --Jane McGonigal
  8. 8. H E R O Feels like HOME They choose to be ENGAGED Find RESPECT Leave feeling OPTIMISTIC
  9. 9. Welcome to my land, the Land of Media! Join me in the throne room!
  10. 10. By Royal Decree, We have just received word of your bravery and intelligence. We are considering you for knighthood, but before you can be knighted, you’ll need to hang your Coat of Arms on the tournament wall. You’ll also need to complete a treacherous journey, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Your Queen
  11. 11. Key Terms Game-based Learning Tips, techniques, and tools that apply the principles of game design to the learning process -- a dynamic way to engage learners and help educators assess learning. Gamification A system of design that incorporates game thinking and mechanics to motivate and engage learners. Learning is not the goal, behavior modification is.
  12. 12. The goal of the game is to track Carmen's villains around the world, arrest them and ultimately arrest Carmen herself. The player begins the game by first going to the country where the crime took place and then obtaining hints from various sources on where the thief went next, leading to a chase around the world to find the thief before time runs out. The original game was designed to teach school children about the realities of 19th century pioneer life on the Oregon Trail. The player assumes the role of a wagon leader guiding his or her party of settlers from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley on the Oregon Trail via a covered wagon in 1848. Quest to Learn’s unique standards-based integrated curriculum mimics the action and design principles of games by generating a compelling “need to know” in the classroom. Each trimester students encounter a series of increasingly complex, narrative challenges, games or quests, where learning, knowledge sharing, feedback, reflection and next steps emerge as a natural function of play. For instance, in the integrated science and math learning domain, “The Way Things Work,” over the course of one trimester, sixth graders help a shrunken mad scientist, lost inside the human body, navigate the systems he encounters and report back to his research lab.
  13. 13. A dynamic way to engage learners and help educators assess learning. To see more examples, including examples of Game Based Learning in the library, please visit
  14. 14. BBOOM!! Enemies attack the kingdom! The goose is dead! Find the golden egg and sit on it.
  15. 15. BADGES! You are awesome!!!
  16. 16. What just happened? Was it fun?
  17. 17. Games are unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle. --Jane McGonigal
  18. 18. An app that allows users to check in to places they visit, become the major through repeat visits, and earn rewards The Ninja Program is a free program for students and educators to learn how to use Google Apps for Education in a fun and social way. Study, take tests, earn badges, and become a Ninja Master Recruit a party of adventurers from your household or office, and whenever one of you completes a chore, you can log it and claim XP.
  19. 19. My Story
  20. 20. Harsh Reality
  21. 21. Enter the Land of Reading
  22. 22. Finding the path Goals: 1. Increase participation in SSYRA. 2. Increase circulation. 3. Decrease damage and lost books.
  23. 23. SSYRA Reading Program Year 1 System: • Bought 5 to 7 copies of each book. • Created a special display for each book. • Introduced the books to the students through video on morning announcements and 15 minute (1 minute per book) book talk. • Charted usage with the program tracking charts. • Everyone was invited to join book club and go to Book Festival.
  24. 24. SSYRA Reading Program Year 2 Added to the System • Read a book and receive a charm. • Books completed will be tracked on a chart on the wall. • Students who read 4 or more books are invited to join book club. • Students who read 7 or more books are invited to go to Battle of the Books. • Students who read all 15 books are entered into a drawing for a Kindle. Chart from Rebecca Brown’s library.
  25. 25. SSYRA Reading Program Year Three--Creating the experience. Patrons are brought into the experience with a story line. Added to the System: • Quest—You are on a quest to become a knight and join the battle of the books. • Challenges—Lessons that add to the back story, i.e. heraldry lesson, medieval knights lesson, dubbing ceremony lesson • Celebrations of receiving rewards… i.e. granted by the king, knighting ceremony, fanfare, and perks.
  26. 26. Summary of Growth SSYRA Participation Looks like a Game 40 readers 10 participants in club 6 to book festival Feels like a Game 123 readers 21 participants in club 13 to book festival Experience 300 readers 48 participants in club with 3 teachers 42 to book festival Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  27. 27. Lessons Learned • Game goal is not a learning goal. • Experiences, not stuff make people happy. Craft a good experience. • Gamification cannot fix a bad product! Must have a good product and concept. Theme is only a lure. • Start small.
  28. 28. BBOOM!! It is time to practice your targeting skills. Create a matched set with a partner: a bow and an arrow.
  29. 29. BADGES! You are awesome!!!
  30. 30. Goal 2 Increase Circulation Bookmark Rewards Simple System (Looks Like a Game) • Book talks with classes once a month • Each checkout cycle, a choice of two different bookmarks that match the theme or the programming of the month if the student checks out a book. No checkout, no bookmark.
  31. 31. Bookmark Rewards Add to the System (Feels like a Game) • Only receive choice bookmark once during class checkout. • Special bookmark for checking out a book from a special display. • Receive bookmarks that are offered during special programs.
  32. 32. Bookmarks—the Experience Add to the System • Display of bookmarks on a window. • Formed the Bookmark Society, a club for collectors. • Bookmark creation contest, club are the judges. • Club designs bookmarks for special programs. • Designers receive special notebook and bookmark collecting pages.
  33. 33. Lesson Learned • Use spreadsheet to control values in the system! • Purchase far in advance.
  34. 34. The next session will start in 00 03 012345110123456789
  35. 35. The next session will start in 00 02 012345110123456789
  36. 36. The next session will start in 00 01 012345110123456789
  37. 37. The next session will start in 00 00 0012345110123456789
  38. 38. The next session is ready to start The next session will start in 00 00 00
  39. 39. Building a Gamified System Step 1 Know your objective and goal. Step 2 Looks like a Game. Environment, Theme. Step 3 Feels like a Game. Onboarding, How will I know I am playing? Step 4 Focus on the Experience.
  40. 40. • Start with a narrative. “Why should we play your game?” • Give a story that provides context for higher meaning. • Incorporate a world mission.
  41. 41. Engagement Loop • Customize • Share •Help • Compete • Save • Task • Mission •Game •Quiz • Fun • Delight • Trust • Pride • Curiosity • Points • Stats •Awards •Messages Visible Progress/Reward Motivating Emotion Social (Call to Action) Player Engagement
  42. 42. Autonomy • Ownership, blissful productivity, serendipity Mastery • Points, progression, leveling up, set completion Purpose • Epic meaning, quest, discovery, justice, saving the world
  43. 43. Don’t over do it. Sometimes, a full system is not necessary.
  44. 44. Challenges Mapped out in such a way to engage the user to complete a task independently. Limitedless Opportunities. • Approachable • Fun • Match Ability
  45. 45. Challenge Examples Bibliography challenge • Student views a series of tutorials. • Completes steps to create annotated bibliography. • Earns badge. CNN – iReport • Student views example ireport. • Investigates possible topics. • Creates report. • Submits electronically. • Earns badge.
  46. 46. Introducing Challenges 1st Challenge • (Option 1) Scavenger Hunt during a class visit • (Option 2) Center Challenge Continuing Challenges • Centers • Announcements • Posted on Website • Found as Part of Display • VCR box challenge
  47. 47. VHS boxes to display Challenges throughout the collection. (I shelf them like a book and students must find them.)
  48. 48. BBOOM!! Challenge: Brainstorm VHS box challenges with your partner!
  49. 49. BADGES! You are awesome!!!
  50. 50. Rewards The Reason We Play.
  51. 51. H E R O Reward EARLY Reward OFTEN Celebrate Rewards Don’t be Negative
  52. 52. Not all users want to progress. Interest, Enthusiasm, Time Commitment, Social Sharing, Suggestions
  53. 53. Types of Rewards What do I reward?
  54. 54. “Earned Lunch” Users know exactly what to do to get the reward. Exa. Receive a bookmark at checkout of a book.
  55. 55. “Mystery Box” I don’t know the prize, but I know what I am expected to do to get it. Everyone who uses ID to checkout receives a reward while supplies last.
  56. 56. “Easter Egg” Unadvertised reward Voucher for blank hidden in books that I would like to see circulate.
  57. 57. “Rolling Reward” Lottery chances Complete an activity for a chance to enter. Slim chance of winning but reward is substantial. One ticket per point for passed AR quiz on nonfiction reading.
  58. 58. “Social Treasure” User is rewarded for gifting. Reward student for recommending books to others in Destiny.
  59. 59. “Rights of Citizenship” Privileges received after leveling up. Exa. Judge a bookmark contest.
  60. 60. “Sergeant” Rights of a leader. Exa. Computer safety patrol. Student who has earned the right to say no to unacceptable computer usage.
  61. 61. “Collection Set” Collect all the pieces to earn reward. Exa. Badges given for different activities in Destiny. When all are earned, then the patron levels up.
  62. 62. “Vanity Item” Received to demonstrate status. Exa. Bracelet or pin to wear to indicate completion.
  63. 63. “Currency” Any reward received that can be traded for goods and services. Exa. AR points, paw bucks
  64. 64. “Badges” Any static emblem or icon given when a skill is attained.
  65. 65. “Unlock” Reward of special access after completing specific challenges or leveling up. An hour of free game play.
  66. 66. “Crowning” Status gain for completing an activity or program with extra effort. Exa. Knighting ceremony after completing SSYRA reads.
  67. 67. “Karma Points” Received through contributions to community. Volunteering to teach others, nurturing, helping.
  68. 68. “Thank you” Received by Good Samaritans. Acted without expecting reward.
  69. 69. BBOOM!! Challenge: Provide a situation where you would offer a thank you reward.
  70. 70. “XP or Experience Points” Given for interest and time in game. Only goes up. Exa. Participation over time.
  71. 71. Categories of Rewards
  72. 72. Status Access Power Stuff Stick y Fluid
  73. 73. Status XP, Leaderboards, Karma Points, Vanity Items, Crowning, Thank you Access Special privileges, members only, early entrance Power Citizenship, Editor, Leader, Sergeant, Patrol, Field Expert Stuff Candy, prizes, currency SAPS
  74. 74. Reward Modalities The manner in which the reward provides a legacy or lasting effect on the system.
  75. 75. TRIBE SELF RELIABILITY Rewards that build community. Virality Collaboration Power Acceptance Rewards that make better citizens. Purpose Competency Autonomy Consistency Mastery Rewards that build the system. Curiosity Discovery Information Economy
  76. 76. Examples!!!!!
  77. 77. Lottery Entry for Book Review in Destiny Increas e usage of Destiny Make a recommendation to another sudent and they checkout the book. Social treasure Master Book Buddies Member of the Reader’s Service after 5 recommendations. Two friends checkout same book. Read and review. Level Up 5 Successful Book Reviews Level up Title or charm
  78. 78. Clean Slate Ice cream cup for all books turned in Reduce Overdues Random Easter Egg, no overdues at time of a checkout Donate item for fine forgiveness. Karma Points. Donate books to complete series in MC Social Treasure XP offered for no overdues over time Book Rescue Reward for book found on campus
  79. 79. 1st in the door reward Select music or use special chair Increase Morning and afternoon traffic Limited Entry into special area, i.e. only 25 in computer area for Minecraft Caught being good ticket Invite to special program Book the Food Food trial that matches a special book. (permission slip)
  80. 80. Window cling on class door for each collaborative lesson Increase Collaboratio n with Teachers Staff email shout or mention in weekly newsletter Gift for participation in program. End of year award for successful collaboration. Offer material creation or bulletin board help.
  81. 81. You must CELEBRATE!
  82. 82. BADGES! You are awesome!!!
  83. 83. Thank you! @vandytune #FAME14