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A trip to New Zealand.

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Naranjo rodriguez francisco_jose_in2_tarea_globaliii

  1. 1. 13/08/13 1 A trip to New ZealandA trip to New Zealand ▶ Inglés 2º bachillerato. Curso 2012-2013 ▶ Francisco José Naranjo Rodríguez
  2. 2. 13/08/13 2 Trip out & backTrip out & back OUT Date City Time Company Layover Duration Departure 21-8-13 Málaga 17:25 Lufthamsa 2 stops Frankfurt and Hong Kong 30 h 35' Arrival 23-8-2013 Auckland 10:00 Lufthamsa BACK Departure 30-8-2013 Auckland 23:59 Lufthamsa 2 stops Hong Kong and Frankfurt 50h 46' Arrival 1-9-2013 Málaga 16:45 Lufthamsa
  3. 3. 13/08/13 3 Costs Málaga-Auckland + Auckland-MálagaCosts Málaga-Auckland + Auckland-Málaga Passengers Number Price Adult 2 3972,56 € Child 2 3234,56 € (Taxes included) Total....................7207,12 € Price per passenger: 1801,78 €
  4. 4. 13/08/13 4 First stage (23-8 until 26-8)First stage (23-8 until 26-8) ▶ In this stage you stay at Waldorf St Martins Apartments Hotel (you can visit the link below) . An apartment with two rooms, with kitchen and all the services. A swimming pool complete the service in this hotel. Very good for children and well situated. The total price of this hotel is 284,18 €.
  5. 5. 13/08/13 5 Auckland and SurroundingsAuckland and Surroundings ▶ Auckland is more than a great city. It’s a whole region full of things to see and do.We recommend you to visit the centre area near the hotel. You could find the Auckland Art Gallery – 700m- and Auckland Museum and Auckland Domain – 1000m-. I could be a good beginning for the first day. You will be able to find many destination and enjoy the amazing nature bear the capital. For example, Northern Bays, North Auckland, Waiheke Island, etc. You have huge posibilities to enjoy in this days.
  6. 6. 13/08/13 6 Auckland and SurroundingsAuckland and Surroundings
  7. 7. 13/08/13 7 Second stage (27-8 until 30-8)Second stage (27-8 until 30-8) ▶ In the second and last stage of your trip you are going to travel to the Lake Taupo and Rotorua area. You visit in this place the amazing Maori culture in Rotoura and astonishing landscape in Lake Taupo. ▶ You stay one and a half at each place. Your trip will be by plane from Auckland Airport to Taupo in Air New Zealand company. Here you are going to have a rent car to move in this area. ▶ The total cost of the fly and car is 459,35 €
  8. 8. 13/08/13 8 Hotel in Lake TaupoHotel in Lake Taupo ▶ You stay at Hilton Lake Taupo Hotel. It is the only 5 star hotel on the island. Your room will be a King Junior suite with with private terrace and separate living area. The total cost is 832,98 € all included. ▶ This is your hotel for the three days so you will have picnic when you go to visit Rotoura. You use your rent car to move around these amazing areas where you enjoy all the culture and the natural environment. Let's see some pictures.
  9. 9. 13/08/13 9 Lake Taupo and RotouraLake Taupo and Rotoura
  10. 10. 13/08/13 10 Map of your trip.Map of your trip.
  11. 11. 13/08/13 11 Total costs.Total costs. ▶ The total cost of your trip is 8783,63 € ▶ If you want to do any change, you are free to suggest us . We try to complete your preferences. ▶ We hope you like our selection. We think it is a good trip for a little period of vacance ▶ Enjoy your trip¡¡