BZEE presentation 10 2011


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Dalane videregånde skole signed a contract with BZEE, Bildungszentrum für Erneuerbare Energien.

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BZEE presentation 10 2011

  1. 1. BZEEtrainingcenter inHusum,Germany
  2. 2. Bildungszentrum fürerneuerbare Energien - BZEE e.V.initiated in 2000 by the German Wind Energy Association(BWE), the wind energy companies and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)80 Members:Manufacturers, Service Companies, Institutiones, technical collegesBZEE Consult GmbH, BZEE Academy GmbHservice contract with BZEE e.V.
  3. 3. BZEE members/stakeholders
  4. 4. Why was BZEE established?• Booming wind industry in Germany• lack of qualified personnel• need for industry-wide qualification standard• need for safety standards• well maintained turbines = less down time = less costs
  5. 5. How the high quality standards are developed by the industry for the industry
  6. 6. Certification:International StandardISO 29990Learning services for non-formal education and trainingCertified by
  7. 7. Since 2000:Service technician training programfor wind energy turbines• half year training-program• 6-week internship and practical training on the job• final theroretical and practical examination
  8. 8. Student entry requirements• pre-qualification in electrical/mechanical engineering• medical certificate• ability to work at great heights• high level of mobility• ability to work in a team• knowledge of the English language• driver’s license
  9. 9. Test for high-work with every participant before the course
  10. 10. Test for high-work with every participant before the course
  11. 11. Number of half year courses for service techniciansin GermanyHusum site:Since 2000: 31 training coursesBremen / Bremerhaven site:Since 2002: 22 training coursesLauchhammer site:Since 2003: 11 training coursesHamburg site:9 coursesKöln site3 courses 1.400 new qualified employees for the German wind industry !
  12. 12. Number of half year courses for service techniciansin EuropeGermany:Since 2000: 73 training coursesFrance:Since 2006: 14 training coursesEngland:Since 2008: 3 training coursesIreland:Since 2010: 2 training courses2,000 new qualifiedemployees for the industryIn Europe !
  13. 13. Number of half year courses for service techniciansin North AmericaCanada:- Lethbridge College, Lethbridge AB- St. Lawrence College, Kingston, ON- Groupe Collegia, Gaspe, QC- Holland College, Summerside, PEI- Northern Ligths College, Dawson Creek, BC- Holland College, Summerside, PEI- St. Clair College, Windsor, ON- Great Plains College, Swift Current, SKUSA:- Michigan Technical Education Center at Kalamazoo Valley Community College Kalamazoo, Michigan
  14. 14. International implementation of contents of trainingcourses for “Service technicians for wind energy turbines“Support and preparation of service technician qualification projectsplanned in:Europe: - Italy - Netherlands - Poland - Norway - Sweden - Rumania/BulgariaAsia: - Korea - IndiaAfrica - Maroc
  15. 15. Requirements to the BZEE certified colleges by the advisory boardBZEE teacher training (start of the courses within one year)• electric teacher• mechanic teacher• Rotor blade teacher• PPE trainerWorkshops and equipment• Workshop with real nacelles• Rotor blade repair workshop• Training tower
  16. 16. Working with real components at the training site
  17. 17. Working with real components at the training site
  18. 18. Working with real components at the training site
  19. 19. Working with real components at the training site
  20. 20. training tower
  21. 21. training tower
  22. 22. Different ladder systems
  23. 23. Skilled Worker for Production of Windenergy-Turbines / Nacelles• 4-month course• 3-weeks internship in Companies• BZEE-certified examination
  24. 24. Additional staff training modules• PPE and high rescue training• Instructed person, electrics• Skilled person for specified electrical assignments• 36 kV operating permission• Hydraulics• Mechanics• Rotor blade repairs• Fiberglass-work, lamination• Safety driving with service truck• Fire fighting at turbine• dealing with dangerous goods• Industry-related technical English
  25. 25. Work Safety for Offshore-Service TechniciansModules for basic course• Emergency, rescue, communication and behavior• Sea survival and rescue (STCW)• Transport and access to offshore turbines• Firefighting and fire protection• Extended first aid (undercooling, dealing with injuries)• Rescue from heights from offshore turbines• Helikopter-training (Helikopter underwater escape - HUET)• Helicopter transfer, helicopter rescue, hoisting
  26. 26. Skills XP WindCompetence Management Database (launch EWEA Offshore 2011) Wind energy processes Profiles Qualifications Competences Providers People Web skills passport
  27. 27. Responsibilities:BZEE:- Curriculum and teaching material- Teacher training- Auditing of the courses and examination- Data base via Iron Key- Certification and registerColleges:- Realizing the courses- Training workshops and tower
  28. 28. more information: