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organisational culture of pixar before and after the merger with disney


  1. 1. Organizational Development P.Shrinidhi
  2. 2. • 26 Oscars• 5 Golden Globe awards• 2 Grammys
  3. 3. Establishment•Lucas films computer graphicsdivision•Edwin Catmull Head•John Lasseter comes in•Steve jobs buys 1980’s•Signed $26 Million deal with Disney•1995- World’s first computeranimated movie Toy Story
  4. 4. Pixar way•Anti – Hollywood culture•No cubicles•Central cafeteria, restrooms,meeting rooms and mailboxes•No employment contracts•Health benefits•Pixar university(110 courses)
  5. 5. Ed Catmull•Leadership – never be afraid to selecta more talented person than yourself•Process – Postmortems, Daily meetings,Brain Trust•Accountability Collective Creative Creative People Creative Leadership
  6. 6. John Lasseter• Peer review• Free to tell your ideas• Stop when it is not right• Innovate everything you do Collaboration Playfulness creativity
  7. 7. Disney• $26 million deal – 5 movies• Marketing and distribution• 50-50 split of the profits• Also rights of the movie and sequel rights• Investment alliance• A profit conscious organization• Polar apart culture
  8. 8. •Logger heads withMichael Eisner•They were not ready togive the company to thecooperate giant•Then came Bob Iger•Iger gave the promisesto keep the companyseparate
  9. 9. Clause• No employment contracts• No involvement in the creative process• Whole of the animation in the Disney will be presided by Ed Catmull• Continuation of upper management in relatively secure positions• John will be the Chief Creative officer of D.P• Final authority will be with Mr.Iger and Mr.Disney• No change in HR policies followed by Pixar
  10. 10. Advantages for Disney• Elimination of one of the best competitors• Some of the other competitor may get the advantage of the having best animation studio• Revenue from merchandising• Revenue from the profits• Technically best• Different story• Unforgettable characters
  11. 11. Changes in Disney• After the buying the Disney shares wet up by 25%• Mr.Iger has cut down the layers of the organization to decision making units• Help Pixar make more films without disturbing their creativity• Because Dream works(Kung Fu Panda) and Fox(Ice Age) are doing better• To make the animation studio of Disney like Pixar• Level of the engagement is low in Disney which should be changed• Collective genius
  12. 12. Culture• Pixar a 2nd home• Creativity + Marketing• Not letting the combination change• Adapt “there is a child in everyone”• incorporation of Disney animations to Pixar• Collective genius• Quality movies
  13. 13. Visions of future• Carrying out a org that can function without them• No micromanagement (delegation)• No final decision by the executives• Success not permanent but hard work is• The Pixar univ is not to teach ppl skills but to be more observant• Rewards never money• New Talents that match pixar• Quality film
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