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How to find the right designer for your next big thing?


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How to find the right designer for your next big thing?

  1. 1. How to find theright designer for your nextbig thing
  2. 2. Get to the right connections
  3. 3. is the best place tostart searching for people.Narrow down the results withthis query: around with the awesomesliders.Do check out the designersspecialty.
  4. 4. Reverse Search
  5. 5. Where do designers go tolist themselves and what’shep among them?You can find them here…
  6. 6. Check out the work
  7. 7. 1. Open up browser tabs for the people in your list now.2. Look for their portfolios in their profiles and start checking out their work.3. Close the tab the second you feel their work doesn’t speak to you.4. 90% of the designers would have their portfolio on one of these sites: Behance, Dribbble, Coroflot and Carbonmade.
  8. 8. Budgeting
  9. 9. Go to sites like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, 3Desk and check out bids.Hike it up a bit as these are the average rates.Better and more exclusive designers will charge more.
  10. 10. Ask the freelancer directly ?But this will take some emails, proposals etc.Hence a lot of time!!Take an informed guess ?Good enough!We’ll read up some stuff on HackerNews, andtry out a calculator to get an idea of how muchwe’d be shelling.
  11. 11. Availability
  12. 12. Check for projects they’re working on tofigure out their availability.Check out for this!Ask for a proposal from the designer,defining a proper quote. SuggestBidsketch for easy proposal creation.
  13. 13. Sign a contract
  14. 14. You don’t want to lose your chosen one. So hurry up and sign a contract !!
  15. 15. Find Check Budget Availability Sign