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Solr Presentation at Montreal on Rails


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Presentation I made on August 19th at Montreal on Rails. See for show notes.

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Solr Presentation at Montreal on Rails

  1. 1. SOLR
  2. 2. :full_text_search • Not relying on SQL statements • Searching using multiple words in any order • Stemming considerations (derived words) • Results weighting • Grouping (faceting)
  3. 3. :options • MySQL queries (‘like ?’, “%#{text}%”) • Ferret • Sphinx / UltraSphinx • Xapian (new) • SOLR
  4. 4. acts_as_solr • Based on the Lucene indexing and searching engine, a free/open source libray that was originally created in Java. • • Plugin, not a gem (yet) • tree/master