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Research essay about the Aracena's Natural Park and their economical uses.

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  • Sierra de Aracena Natural Park-rocio-otero-3e

    1. 1. Comenius project: “Turning Ideas Into Actions” Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park By Rocío Otero Cantarero 3ºE.S.O.E I.E.S San Blas (Aracena)
    2. 2. Natural Park description The Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park is located in the north of the province of Huelva. It is one of the largest natural parks in Andalucía, with 187.000 hectares, spread in 28 municipals towns with 41.000 inhabitants. It was created by Junta de Andalucía on 28 of July 1989.
    3. 3. Natural Park towns Álajar Monasterial la Real Aracena Aroche Arroyo Molinos de León Cala Campofrío Cañaveral de León Castaño del Robledo Cortelazor Cortecon-cepción Cortegana Cumbres de San Bartolomé Cumbres Mayores Cumbres de Enmedio Encinasola Fuenteheridos Galaroza Higuera de la Sierra Hinojales Jabugo Linares de la Sierra La Nava Los Marines Puerto Moral Santa Olalla de Cala Valdelarco Zufre.
    4. 4. Park description The geographical position of the natural park, with a warm continental and Mediterranean climate with a lot of rain, it determinate the landscape of the park. There are pastures of holm and cork oak and chestnut forests.
    5. 5. The main geographical features The most important geographical accidents inside the natural park are: The most important rivers: Múrtiga's river Huelva's brook Odiel's river The highest mountain inside the natural park is called Cerro del Castaño
    6. 6. Fauna (birds) The Natural Park is a paradise for flora and fauna. We can find a lot of different kinds of birds. For example: The Black Stork The Black Vulture Eagles
    7. 7. Fauna(mammals) And also animals like: Foxes Otter Deers Wild pigs
    8. 8. Flora Rockrose Thyme Rosemary Lavender Wild iris
    9. 9. Fungi Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park is a special place where born abundant fungi appear autumn. We can find: -Amanita Cesarea (Tana) -Macrolepiota Procera (Gallipierno) -Boletus Aereus (Tentullo)
    10. 10. Economic exploitation The main economic activities carried out in the Natural Park are: 1. Farming and forestry activities 2. Tourist activities
    11. 11. Farming and forestry activities The traditional farming activity is the breeding of Iberian pigs in our pastures and forests. Cured ham is the most important product obtained from the Iberian pig. It is very famous all over the world for its great quality.
    12. 12. Tourist activity The creation of the Natural Park improved important tourist industries. There is a lot of accommodation like hotels and rural houses. There are a lot of accommodation like important tourist industries. There are a lot more bars and restaurants At the same time different active tourism companies have started.
    13. 13. Monumental and cultural heritage The important monumental heritage of many villages in the Natural Park have been declared as Places of Cultural Interesting. We can highlight: Cortegana Castle The twon of Zufre The Mosque in Almonaster la Real The twon of Aracena
    14. 14. Culture heritage Popular cultural events are being kept in most villages of the Natural Park. For example: Reina de los Ángeles pilgrimage of the Arias Montano Rock Dancers of Cumbres Mayores Holy Week in Aracena Three Wise Man parade in Higuera de la Sierra
    15. 15. A company born in the Natural Park The 3 Goals Activity Company with climbing, rappel, archery and much more activities. Also you can enjoy different routes to know the flora and the fauna in Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche. Also there are patrimonial routes to know the towns and villages like Aracena, Alajar, Almonaster… to know his natural heritage: Gruta de las Maravillas Cave, the Mosque in Almonaster la Real, Cortegana’s Castle and much more!