Sex education


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Sex education

  1. 1. Esra Can - Betül Selvi - Kübranur Toplar - Kübra Yazıcı
  2. 2. Outline • Puberty • Sex education • Characteristics of a good sex education • Current situation in Turkey • What is to be done by school / family / counseling
  3. 3. What is puberty? • “Puberty” is the time where childhood ends in which the body becomes capable of reproduction. • Hormones are released by the brain to start puberty. (In boys, testosterone and in girls estrogen are released.)
  4. 4. Girls start puberty at age 10-11, finish at age 15-17. Boys start at age 11-12, finish 16-17.
  5. 5. Changes in girls Mature breasts Broader hips Pubic Hair
  6. 6. Changes in boys Facial Hair Broad shoulders Increased body hair Pubic hair grows up toward naval Mature genital organs Body more muscular
  7. 7. Sex Education • Sex education is a broad term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and other aspects of human sexual behavior.
  8. 8. Sex Education • Although some form of sex education is part of the curriculum at many schools, it remains a controversial issue in several countries.
  9. 9. Characteristics of Effective Sex Education • focus on reducing one or more sexual behaviors that lead to unintended pregnancy, STD/HIV infection or other health-related risky behaviors. • give a clear message about sexual activity and condom or contraceptive use and continually reinforce that message. • include activities that address social pressures that influence sexual behavior.
  10. 10. • provide basic, accurate information about the risks of teen sexual activity and about methods of avoiding intercourse or using protection against pregnancy and STDs. • provide modeling of and practice with communication, negotiation, and refusal skills. • employ a variety of teaching methods designed to involve the participants and have them personalize the information.
  11. 11. • incorporate behavioral goals, teaching methods, and materials that are appropriate to the age, sexual experience, and culture of the students. • last a sufficient length of time to complete important activities adequately. • select teachers or peer leaders who believe in the program they are implementing and provide them with training.
  12. 12. SEXUALITY COUNSELING FOR ADOLESCENTS • Adolescents are supposed to receive careful and complete education about sexuality to practice healthy sexual behavior. • Sexuality education classes have become a routine part of junior high and high school curricula in many parts of the country.
  13. 13. ROLE OF THE COUNSELOR • Counselors are in an ideal position to provide comprehensive sexuality education to adolescents as part of preventive health care with the help of pediatricians. • Adolescents may ask questions, discuss potentially embarrassing experiences, or explain some personal information to the counselor.
  14. 14. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR COUNSELING • Sexuality education shouldn’t be restricted to high school years, but it should be put into lifelong perspective. • Parents should be encouraged to discuss sex-related issues that are appropriate for the adolescent's developmental level and to answer the adolescents’ questions fully and accurately.
  15. 15. • Counselor should obtain a comprehensive sexual history from adolescents, including knowledge about sexuality, sexual practices, partners and relationships, and sexual feelings. • Counselor should counsel parents and adolescents about circumstances that are associated with earlier sexual activity.
  16. 16. • Both male and female adolescents should be informed about the methods of birth control. • Counselor should maintain nonjudgmental attitudes towards bisexual and homosexual adolescents and encourage them to be open about their behaviors and feelings.
  17. 17. • Children who have been victims of physical or sexual abuse or have witnessed sexual violence or physical abuse should obtain counseling about sexuality. • Counselor can work with a pediatrician to develop a comprehensive strategy to decrease the rates of unsafe adolescent sexual behavior and adverse outcomes. • Appropriate materials could be provided in the office of the counselor.
  18. 18. Projeler: Ergenlerin Sağlık Bilincinin Geliştirilmesi Projesi” • ERDEP CİNSELLİKLE İLGİLİ BİLGİ KAYNAKLARI: Kentsel kesimde yapılan araştırmalarda lise öğrencilerinin cinsellik ile ilgili bilgi kaynakları şu şekildedir: 1-Arkadaş, 2-gazete-dergi, televizyon 3-kitap. (CETAD araştırma verilerine göre) Current situation in Turkey
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