Multiculturalism &Living with Diversity in Turkey


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Multiculturalism &Living with Diversity in Turkey

  1. 1. Multiculturalism & Living with Diversity26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 1
  2. 2. Objectiveso culture, multiculture and diversityo multiculturalism around the worldo “Multiculturalism in TURKEY”o WHAT TO DO? 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 2
  3. 3. Introduction“Today, it is not surprising to see many people from totally different races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds living together in one society.” 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 3
  4. 4. CULTURE• What is defined as “good” and “bad”?• What is the relationship between men and women?• Which traditions are important?• Which languages are spoken?• What are the reactions to other cultures?• What is funny?• What role does the religion play? 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 4
  5. 5. MULTICULTURALISM We are different, but there is nothingwrong or threatening in that difference. Weare all seeking a better life for ourselves andfuture generations and there is no place foran "us and them" mentality in our society,today or in the future.” (Multicultural SA, 2003)26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 5
  6. 6. DIVERSITY“Assumptions like bigger is better; you cant stop progress; no speed is too fast; globalization is good. Then we have to replace them with some different assumptions: small is beautiful” (Bateman, 1930) 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 6
  7. 7. Multiculturalism Around the World• It exists in all the countries.•The most multicultural countries are:  the USA  Canada  the UK  Australia• Theoretically, it is accepted in most of the countries;however, this doesn’t happen in practice.
  8. 8.  However, in some of them, this is not wellaccepted, such as:  in France  in Germany The European Union is concerned with this subject and istrying to solve this problem, by making laws and promotingthe tolerance.
  9. 9. “Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away.”Martin Luther King, American Baptist Ministerand Civil-Rights Leader 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 9
  10. 10. Multiculturalism in TURKEY•Turkish •Tatar •Greek•Zaza •Kipchak •Syrian•Azerbaijani •Circassian •Albanian•Georgian •Druze •Chechen•Turcoman •Armenian •Bosniak•Uyghur •Kurdish •Rumanian•Qizilbash •Arabian •Laz•Qarabag •Crimean•Kyrgyz •Serbian 26-11-2012 67 different culture! KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 10
  11. 11. “It seems considerablydifficult but anyway, amulticultural Turkey is still trying to emerge.”26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 11
  12. 12. Who’s to blame?“Discrimination is somethingwe are all guilty of.”It is common to hear such kind of expressions onthe streets: “That man/woman is Kurdish, kill immediately!”, “That guy is Qizilbash, Godless!”, “Look, there goes 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 12
  13. 13. What to do?• Use Your Experience• Educate• Participate• Share• Look Deeper• Assume the Best26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 13
  14. 14. Conclusion Firstly, we should be aware of our owncultural heritage and we need to value and respect the other cultural differences. And then we absolutely have knowledge of cultural background and history of minority groups and appreciate the conditions and circumstances in which ethnic minorities find themselves. 26-11-2012 KÜBRANUR TOPLAR 14
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