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  1. 1. PROYECT W
  2. 2. we are too mob Felipe David Felipe About usWe are based in Bogotá, Colombia.We are currently working with a San Francisco based tech start up called kiip. Its a mobile rewards network. Weare running the office for Latam region. (www.kiip.com).We recently invested in Usuallee. This is a creative community where people can share, discuss and exploresolutions to common daily problems, based on their own experience and life style. Usuallee is all about how to livein a smarter way. (www.usuallee.com)On a side project we developed Appdelios a website to discover mobile apps.(www.appdelios.com). We are interesting in developing big projects that have meaning.
  4. 4. It’s a Business Network to manage yourcompany’s relations with it’s environment: clients, suppliers and competition.
  5. 5. THE PROBLEM Competition .xls .pdf Your Suppliers Clients Company Satisfy Aggregates You satisfy someone needs Value elses needsAs a purchase manager you are looking at proposals On the other hand, when you a seeking for newall day long, some of them are pdfs and videos other leads it’s always hard to get to customers that are inare spreadsheets or word files. You know they are fact looking for your product or service. And whensomewhere in your computer or email but when its you get a chance it’s to make to the top amongtime to compare and evaluate it can get really messy. your competition.
  6. 6. THE SOLUTION You can also "propose solutions" to others companies needs. This way you can create new leads from companies that are in fact looking for your product or service.Wouldnt it be great if you could have all those Clientsproposals stored in one place under the same formatso you can easily pick the one that better suits yourcompanys needs? Thats where Project W comes in.In Project W your company can create "needs" so Youryou can get proposals from different relevant Companysuppliers. All the proposals you get are stored in thesame format making it extremely easy to compareand evaluate. You can add any condition or filter so Suppliers Competitorsyou get proposals only from companies that meetyour requirements.
  7. 7. MARKET SIZE USA $ 1.016B IT Spending $ 242B IT Services $ 79B Enterprise software $ 4B Software as a service (SaaS) Proposal manager
  8. 8. HOW IT WORKS1 2 3 Tell others about Connect with your Interact with your company environment them• Create your company’s profile • Connect with your suppliers • Create needs for your company• What do you do? Product/services? • Connect with your clients • Answer to other company’s needs• Who have you worked with • Follow your competition • Manage proposals• Milestones
  9. 9. 1 TELL OTHERS ABOUT YOU Company’s Profile Profile logo What do you do? Share your products or service Milestones Share your achievements: new hires, Case Studies partnerships, big deals, etc.Share success stories
  10. 10. 2 CONNECT WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT Connect with the companies in your environment and flag them as your current clients, competitors, partners or suppliers and keep up to date with them. Discover: Find new companies and flag them as potential clients, competitors, partners or suppliers. Get to know them and keep up to date (search by location and sector and connections). Create groups among partners, or other associations. Share relevant info easily no matter where you are.
  11. 11. 3 INTERACT WITH THEM You need something ? You think you have a solution? Create new need Propose solutionShare what you need and get proposals Answer to other companies needs. Showright away, create a template and organize your products or services and create newthem. Then easily choose the one that better connections.suits you. • Get notify when someone creates a need in• Use a template and choose what info the your industry proposal has to include • You work with teams so all the right people• Create conditions/filters so only the can include all the information needed in the company’s you want can send you proposals proposals• Store them and organize them so you can • Create new leads take fast and good decisions • Send proposals easily to the right people• After getting the proposals you can request • Track your results more info, send questions, or request a face- to-face meeting.
  12. 12. THANKS!