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Using bed woodworking plans to build a custom


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The difficulty of building a woodworking bed varies depending on the style. Regardless, it helps to already have experience with woodworking beforehand in addition to acquiring the right plans.

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Using bed woodworking plans to build a custom

  1. 1. Have you been thinking about getting anew bed, one that has a style and designthat is more to your liking? While you canalways go out and buy a new one, if youenjoy woodworking then this is a chance tobuild one instead. Building one yourself is agreat way to develop your woodworkingskills, while at the same time customizing itto your liking. This project certainly is a bitmore challenging than other desk planswoodworking projects, but it can also bevery rewarding in the end.
  2. 2. If youre going to build your very owncustom bed, then you will have to find orcreate a bed woodworking plans.Instead of building a bed from scratch,you might be interested in modifying theone you currently have. Chances arethough that you will want to build a newone, and successfully completing such aproject requires good planning.
  3. 3. As mentioned, building a bed does requiresome woodworking skill. The plans are morecomplex, so having prior woodworkingexperience is going to be necessary. If you areonly a beginner, then it might be best to startout with some easier projects first and reallystudy the craft. Read books, visit forums, andread articles about building a custom bed.Gain some experience reading woodworkingplans, and focus on developing your skills. Analternative is to find a skilled woodworking whocan help you build a bed.
  4. 4. Once you are ready to start your bedplans woodworking project, then youcan begin the process of finding the rightplans. There are tons of plans online,but home improvement stores andbooks are also very good resources.The key is to find plans that have step-by-step instructions, provide a list ofmaterials, as well as diagrams that areeasy to understand.
  5. 5. Experts recommend getting around 8 hoursof sleep each night. That constitutes 1/3 ofour day, not to mention the times when welay down on our beds to relax. For thisreason, the bed must be well constructedso it can stand the test of time. You willhave to decide on the style that fits best foryour room. Some to consider includeMurphy, platform, heirloom, and a pencilpost bed. If you have children, then youmight be interested in building a loft orbunk beds.
  6. 6. If you need more storage, then considerbuilding a dresser or a nightstand tomatch the style of the bed.The difficulty of building a woodworkingbed varies depending on the style.Regardless, it helps to already haveexperience with woodworkingbeforehand in addition to acquiring theright plans.
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