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fkiQuality overview 2014 HR experience

  1. 1. CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW Who we are and what we can do for your company. March 19, 2014 Prepared by: Francisco Pulgar-Vidal, President, fkiQuality
  2. 2. 2| What is fkiQuality? A consultancy dedicated to its clients’ operational excellence through consulting, training and coaching for operational excellence. Operational excellence means delivering goods and services that customer want, faster, with higher quality and lower costs. We apply Lean and Six Sigma methods to improve all types of operations.
  3. 3. 3| We help clients solve five fundamental types of problems Companies across all sectors are constantly challenged by these operational problems: 1. Long lead times to complete a task, deliver a product or generate new ideas. 2. Poor flexibility to respond to changing customer demands. 3. Too many defective products or service errors. 4. Excessive cost of operation. 5. Unacceptable operational risk. Client operations we have improved: • Manufacturing processes (scrap reduction) • Warehousing operations • Maintenance of facilities and supply chain assets • Product and packaging design • Financial transactions (accounts payable/receivable, fixed assets) • Hospital patient scheduling (operating rooms) • Customer Service • Human resources (hiring, payroll, benefits, termination) • Asset disposition • Contract management • International shipping & receiving Slow Inflexible Defective Expensive Risky
  4. 4. 4| We believe that a company’s prosperity starts with quality products and services Seek the prosperity of the business. Improving the way your company delivers goods and services leads to reducing all sort of hidden costs, increasing your company’s productivity. From this internal strength, your company will be poised to gain customers and grow in its market. Prosperity starts with quality. Seek the prosperity of the employees. Factories do not run themselves and savings do not happen on their own. Managers and associates must want to make gains in productivity and innovation, improving their jobs every day. So, create a production environment where employees are willing to apply their best efforts and start a spiral of growth. Quality requires the contributions of all employees. Based on the chain reaction by W. Edwards Deming. Improve quality Reduce costs Raise productivity Increase market share Stay in business Provide employment
  5. 5. 5| Training offerings designed to create problem-solvers ASQ certification Commercial, government Test-taking prep courses. Cover ASQ body of knowledge for each exam. Education only, Certification is available. Six Sigma Green Belt 100% exam success rate 4d + 2 half-days test practice Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 4d or custom Six Sigma Black Belt 80% exam success rate 7d + 2 half-days test practice Lean for Practitioners 4d Lean Overview for Manager 1d Lean Six Sigma for Executives 1/2d The successful company educates and lets its employees apply their best skills to solve daily problems. fkiQuality offers Lean Six Sigma training for problem solving and courses geared to earning certifications from the American Society for Quality.
  6. 6. 6| How is fkiQuality organized? fkiQuality is a network of professionals who are passionate about operational excellence, with functional and industry expertise. We join forces with your staff to create the best team for the challenge. Types of teams : • Consulting teams to fix an urgent challenge. • Training designers and instructors to create problem solvers in your company. • Coaches to sustain initial steps and get business results. • Program managers to launch quality initiatives. fkiQuality-client teams Consulting team Project manager Client project team QA advisor Training team Course designer Instructors Coaching team Managers’ coach Practitioners’ coach Program management Deployment lead Portfolio specialist
  7. 7. 7| Sample Recruitment Project How to get the right sales and management talent early in the year to meet annual revenue goals? The slow recruitment process was slowing the growth of the business and losing the best candidates to the competition. The recruitment process itself went along slowly and important candidate information was ignored or not made available on time to decision-makers. The end-of-year race to meet hiring targets resulted in non-coordinated actions between HR and Sales, stress at the worst time of the year, and most damaging, hiring the wrong people for the jobs. The project team looked at the end-to-end hiring process and identified bottlenecks, disconnected activities and unnecessary tasks. As a result of this analysis, the team identified twenty-three quick wins that helped waste less time, work with more coordination and avoid simple mistakes. Most importantly, the hiring process time was halved, resulting in acquiring the right talent in time to meet business goals for the year. This resulted in additional revenue estimated at $5m per year.
  8. 8. 8| Sample Human development Project How to create a learning program with business impact from a collection of disorganized training activities? Business executives began to observe that current training in productivity methods did not produce tangible results, and started questioning the value of training to the organization. The project team evaluated how much trainees remembered course content after classes and how much/how well it was applied to solving daily work challenges. Observations indicated that training participants struggled to apply theory to practice, lacked resources to answer key questions and generally felt like struggling “in darkness” and “on their own.” It was decided to pair one or more training participants with an experienced coach who can provide direction and point support when needed. This resulted in the launching of “beach head” projects that targeted large business problems led by an experienced Lean Six Sigma professional who served as mentor to the participants in a team structure. Given the larger scope and benefits from beach head projects it was easy to justify the coaching resource, and by working daily with a seasoned Lean Six Sigma professional, participants got a richer, faster learning experience.
  9. 9. 9| Sample Employee Benefits Project How to administer the FMLA program to provide best service to employees, minimize non-compliance risk and apply the right disability policies? Issues included how to be compliant in the handling of transitions from short- term to long-term sick leave, health insurance and disability plans. The team baselined the FMLA process and discovered that it was hard to stay in touch with employees during leave, especially as the 12-week period came to an end. Analysis indicated the need to collect, update and verify accurate personal data, which was done before a FMLA leave would ever be needed. Team increased HR-wide awareness of data needed for processing absent employees, and built connections between hiring/intake teams and benefits teams. Periodically, benefits teams verified the quality of personal data for all employees. This resulted in less effort to administer FMLA program and reduced non- compliance risk.
  10. 10. 10| Sample HR Financial Responsibility Project How to enforce post-termination obligations while minimizing legal risk? Positive employee relations must be maintained even after employees leave the company in order to satisfy all remaining obligations, especially monetary benefits. The monetary benefit sought had to be balanced with maintaining good relationships with ex-associates and minimizing the possibility of litigation. The main issue was confusion within HR over which monies to recoup from ex- employees and how to initiate this process. Additional risk was created by not knowing well how to follow-up with those who weren’t paying. The project team set out to identify all types of monies owed, identifying the following main categories: benefit program payments (education loans), overpayment via payroll (relocation packages), sign-on bonuses, ex-pat related payments (living allowances). Documented weaknesses in the recouping process like a lack of a business- wide policy, too many handoffs between HR and business parties, and lack of a toolkit with procedures, templates and target dates. The team addressed these weaknesses with the right policy, centralized management and toolkit, plus a periodic review process. Benefits included increased compliance, a faster process and a better understanding of the process inside HR.
  11. 11. 11| Our clients Consulting for operational excellence Strategic planning Training Coaching Sectorsrepresented: • Construction • Education • Food&beverage • Healthcare • Heavyequipment • Manufacturing • Oil&gas • Retail
  12. 12. 12| We go wherever our clients operate
  13. 13. 13| FranciscoPulgar-Vidal, fkiQualityPresident +16305440116, • Master black belt by IBM Corp., Black belt by American Society for Quality. • Consultant for clients in manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, consumer packaged foods, retail, automotive, financial services, education and the government. • Led projects in the Americas, Europe and Asia. • Instructor for grad/undergrad classes at engineering and business administration colleges. • Has trained thousands of professionals in Lean Six Sigma methods. • Francisco is fluent in English, Spanish and French. • MS Industrial engineering, Northern Illinois University; MBA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
  14. 14. Additional Client Experience Manufacturing Supplychain Healthcare Financialservices Retailandlogistics Facilitiesmanagement
  15. 15. 15| Sample Manufacturing Projects  Reduced to zero the number of customer defects for the highest volume product of a metal fabricator.  Reduced die manufacturing rework from 22% to 8% in 3 months.  For a quick-response metal parts manufacturer, extended time between tool changes from 2 to 9 hours, letting off- shifts operate unattended.  Reduced scrap of worst-quality product from 7% to less than 2% in 3 weeks for a laminated woods manufacturer.  For a maker of aircraft parts, shortened duration of a parts- smoothing operation from over 8 to less than of 4 hours.
  16. 16. 16| Sample Supply Chain Projects  For a Gulf of Mexico chemical manufacturer, optimized pipeline flow volume resulting in $6m monthly additional revenue.  For a regional pipeline operator, lowered crude oil pumping costs through better scheduling that takes advantage of hourly electricity price variations.  Reduced energy spent to unload tanker ships by optimizing pumping procedures and taking advantage of the dock time allowed.  Coordinated all parties responsible for planning a pipeline operating budget, reducing changes and meeting contractual deadlines.
  17. 17. 17| Sample Healthcare Projects  Planned hospital facilities and operations for increased utilization and better patient flow.  Simulated multiple scenarios of hospital capacity and layouts.  Improved speed of medical supply chains: order to delivery.  Accelerated processing and reporting of medical diagnoses.  Designed and deployed methods for better data quality, analytics and visualization.  Deployed lean healthcare practices.
  18. 18. 18| Sample Financial Services Projects  Saved 1,000 non-value added hours per month and increased processed payments by 50,000 monthly for a multi-country financial services operation.  Recovered 1,700 non-value added hours per month and increased accounts payable capacity by 25,000 invoices per month for a shared services center.  Designed an operational strategy to support expansion of shared services to multiple countries for an international foods company.
  19. 19. 19| Sample Retail and Logistics Projects  For a nationwide hardware franchise, accelerated start-up and turn-around periods resulting in more open stores per year and incremental sales of $6m.  Improved retail fulfillment of packaged flower bouquets for an international florist.  For a petrochemical center of excellence, reduced compliance risk of international import-export shipping tasks.  Supported improvement of commercialization and distribution of pharmaceuticals for a nationwide distributor.
  20. 20. 20| Sample Facilities Management Projects  For the regional headquarters of a major oil producer, reduced storage space cost by 90% in 2 years.  Redesigned the disposition of office furniture and equipment to maximize reuse and reduce disposal.  Accelerated the closing of financial liabilities left behind by outgoing contractors.  Improved spending coordination between authorized parties to guarantee funds for multi-year projects.