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  1. 1. FamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy GroupOur mission is to reinforce the natural family values among the expert and scientific community, in the mass media, in the laws in Russia / CIS, at the U.N. and internationally. Our founders: World Congress of Families – Family and Demography Foundation represents Interregional Public Organization “For Family largest international network of hundreds of pro- WCF in Russia and CIS, organized Moscow Rights” is defending the natural family in Russia life and pro-family NGOs from over 80 countries Demographic Summit: Family and the Future of since 2010, Chairman Pavel Parfentiev has of the world, The Howard Center is officially Humankind on June 29-30, 2011, initiated in 2011 St.Petersburg Resolution on accredited at the United Nations Economic & founded by archpriest D.Smirnov, archpr. Anti-Family Trends at the UN signed by 126 Social Council M.Obukhov and A.Komov NGOs of Russia and Ukraine
  2. 2. Our mission: reinforce the natural family values in laws, massmedia, science - in Russia / CIS, at the U.N. and internationallyWe are convinced that now is the time to create an effective mechanism of protection of thenatural family on the level of the Russian and international law, to build highly efficient network ofpan-Russian grassroots socially conservative activists, that would be able to consistently exertreal influence on the family policy in Russia, at the U.N. and internationally. Advocacy Group“FamilyPolicy.Ru” has a priority objective of timely informing the key decision makers and opinionleaders in the area of the family policy in Russia: the State Duma and the Federation Councilmembers (lower and upper chambers of the Russian Parliament), the Public Chamber (publicpolicy council), Administration of the President, the Government of the RussianFederation, representatives of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of power, both inthe capital and in the regions and municipalities, as well as mass media, leaders of scientific andexpert community, NGOs and the entire civil society. Our relevant, accurate, objective andscientifically sound reports and analytics are designed to help authorities, stakeholders and civilsociety to make informed decisions, that are friendly to the natural family and to the generalpublic.We are planning to undertake the following activities in 2012-2014:• Press conference in Moscow on May 21, 2012 on the launch of the "FamilyPolicy.Ru",• Presentations of Dr. Ted Baehr from Hollywood, USA – Chairman of the MOVIEGUIDE® Family guide to movies and entertainment – at the leading Moscow Universities on May 22-23, 2012• Announce the launch of "FamilyPolicy.Ru" at the World Congress of Families VI in Madrid, Spain, May 25-27, 2012 (2000 people from all continents)• Participation in the Parliamentary and Youth Forums in Madrid, Spain in May 2012• Special parallel events at the U.N. headquarters in New York in the summer and fall of 2012• Organization of the Pan-Russian Conference "Large Families – Solution to the Demographic Crisis" in late 2012- early 2013 with the participation of the regional representatives and international experts• Participation in the work of the U.N. Committees, affecting family policy in New York, Geneva, etc.• Organization of International Conference on Home Education in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2012• Participation in the World Congress of Families VII in Sydney, Australia in the fall of 2013• Organization of the World Congress of Families VIII in the Moscow Kremlin for 5000 people from 60 countries. 2
  3. 3. Family is Central to All Major Problems of Modern Humankind Decreasing population leads to economic crisis: current financial difficulties began in Weakening of the the US housing market due to Natural Family the fact that baby boomers Main underlying leads to loss of generation retired and no reason for the self-confidence one could replace them break up of the and real Family and citizenship and Demographic increased reliance Economy Winter is loss of on the welfare faith Demographic state Winter Politics Religion Welfare State Loss of Faith Drugs and alcohol abuse Evidence proves that children rates are much higher among Drugs have much poorer adolescents who live in Alcoholism Education performance if they grow in FAMILY Low Performance broken families, without broken families, without fathers and with working fathers and with working mothers Crime Suicide mothers Violence Euthanasia Statistics Egoism Data shows that demonstrate that Hedonism children have teenagers have much higher much higher crime chances of rates and chances committing suicide to go to jail if they if they grow in grow in broken Atomized Ego and its broken families, without selfish and hedonistic families, without fathers and with interests are central to the fathers and with working mothers modern consumer society working mothers ideology that leads to destruction of the Natural Family 32
  4. 4. Our tomorrow is being shaped today in the familyFamily is the key to solving all major problems of modern humankind. The moral norms and lifestyles of the futuregenerations are formed in the families. Our tomorrow is being shaped today in the family. Social science data stronglysuggests that any disruption of the natural family life (civil cohabitation, single parent families, same-sex unions, etc.)negatively affect both children and adults, lead to increased likelihood of suicide and depression, alcoholism and drugaddiction, severely damages physical and mental health. The family institution in Russia is in deep crisis today: - About a third of all children are born out of wedlock, with more than half of marriages falling apart; - More than two million children are “civil orphans” living away from home, although their parents are alive; - Russia holds first place in the world in terms of abortion rates; for every 3 newborn children, there are 2 abortions made; over 1.2 million abortions p.a. (officially), with population declining 240 thousand people p.a.; - Deep demographic crisis threatens the security and long-term viability of the state, that is acknowledged by the leadership of the Russian Federation. Constitution and laws of Russia guarantee the protection of the family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.Despite all this, the natural family values are under a fierce attack today by the mass media, TV, movies, internet, and evenby certain scientists and some legislators in the State Duma. Sexual perversion and promiscuity, egoism, hedonism andselfishness are being heavily promoted nowadays in the guise of "human rights". This "progressive" foreignexperience, which had already led to negative consequences in the West, has been actively promoted during the last twodecades in Russia. All CIS countries are under strong pressure from influential international organizations likeUN, EU, UNICEF, WHO and others, who very often act ultra vires and illegally impose their liberal agendas on sovereignstates. 4
  5. 5. Russia as many other Countries faces Demographic Crisis Political and religious leaders on the importance of solving demographic problems «Without exaggeration, the central «According to official statistics, annually problem of contemporary Russia is more than a million women have demography, strengthening the abortions. If 20% change their mind, - family, increasing the birth rate…» then 200 000 lives are saved! It is worth fighting. But the number of unrecorded abortions is several times higher and is difficult to estimate» Vladimir Putin Natalia Yakunina President of the Russian Federation "The sanctity of Motherhood“ Program Head «The overall decline in «I am convinced that the preservation of population, reducing its density to the family is very important to our society. almost three times less than the Without that, we won’t solve one of the global average would result in major problems of our country - the weakening of political, economic problem of demography» and military influence of Russia in the world, and the possibility of additional claims to the territory of Svetlana Medvedeva President of the Foundation the RF» for Socio-Cultural Initiatives Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister of Russia «We must once again make motherhood «In order to change the situation with prestigious and honorable, surround the the demography in Russia, it is enough family and children with care of the whole for every child conceived to be born. society, to ensure that spending money Then the whole issue will just on a child is natural, while on expensive disappear» unnecessary things - shameful. All of this will heal the mentality of people and increase its numbers» Fr. Dimitry Smirnov Head of the Synodal Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Department on the Relations with the Armed Church Kirill Forces and Law Enforcement3
  6. 6. Demographic Situation Analysis and Forecasts Crisis of the Natural Family and Institution of Marriage inevitably leads to the Demographic Winter Number of births / deaths, abortion, and  In Russia, modern fertility parameters are 2 times less than migration, millions1 required for replacement of generations (1.2 births against 2.15 Assessment of the 4.5 actual number of necessary for simple reproduction of population) abortions, including 4.0 chemical & abortive  According to official forecasts, in 2020, active female population of 3.5 contraceptives 1 reproductive age will be lower than in 2009 by 38%2 3.0  In 2020, dependency ratio in the working-age population will 2.5 increase by 28% compared with 2010 Deaths 2.0 Births 1.5 Abortion (official) 1.0 During the period from 1990 to 2009 it is estimated that around 78.5 million abortions have been made, including 45.8 million registered 0.5 Migration ones 0.0 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 During this period the population declined by 6 million, and without migration - more than by 12 million people The population of Russia without migrants, forecast to 2030, millions4 If at least 20%3 of officially registered abortions resulted in childbirth, the population of Russia today would be at least 150 million -1% people 1,5 mln/yr 148 142 134 127 -21% (-32) 116 PRO-LIFE AND PRO-FAMILY MOVEMENT, WHOSE AIM IS TO IMPROVE THE DEMOGRAPHIC SITUATION AND THE PRESERVATION OF WOMENS REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, SHOULD BECOME A CENTRAL PRIORITY OF RUSSIA IN ITS STRUGGLE FOR LONG-TERM SURVIVAL 1 Dynamics of the number of official abortions does not reflect the real dynamics of abortion, because only a small portion of abortions performed in commercial clinics are registered officially. According to expert estimates the total number of abortions exceeded the official by 2,5-3 times 2 Since 2010 the active reproductive age (20-29 years) will reach numerically small contingent born in 1990-ies. 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 3 Reducing abortions by 20% is feasible and proven by examples, it is achievable with good quality work of psychologists with women in a state of crisis pregnancy4 4 Based on the official forecast FSGS 2030
  7. 7. Our Founders: WCF, Family & Demography Foundation,Interregional Public Organization “For Family Rights”World Congress of Families (largest international network of the pro-family NGOs from 80 countries), Family &Demography Foundation (organizer of the “Moscow Demographic Summit: Family and the Future of Humankind” in June2011) and Interregional Public Organization “For Family Rights” (initiator of the St.Petersburg Resolution on the Anti-FamilyTrends at the U.N., that was signed by 126 NGOs of Russia and Ukraine) hereby announce the launch of theFamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy Group. Our aims are to strengthen the institution of the natural family (based on the lifelongmarriage between a man and a woman) in Russia/CIS, at the U.N. and internationally, to promote family values ​in thescientific and expert communities, in the mass media, in the laws and regulations, and to help the State inimplementing consistent and effective family policies to address the current demographic crisis. World Congress of Families – is the largest international network of hundreds of pro-life and pro-family NGOs from over 80 countries of the world, representing millions of people from all continents. WCF supports and promotes the natural family as the fundamental base unit of society, based on the lifelong covenant of marriage between a man and a woman. World Congresses of Families took place in Prague in 1997, Geneva in 1999, Mexico in 2004, Warsaw in 2007, Amsterdam in 2009. WCF VI will take place in Madrid on May 25-27, 2012, WCF VII in Sydney, Australia in 2013 and VIII in Moscow Kremlin in 2014 for 5000 people from 80 countries . More information is on Family and Demography Foundation named after holy patrons of the family in Russia St. Peter and Fevronia was the organizer of the Moscow Demographic Summit: Family and the Future of Humankind in June 2011. The Foundation is the official representative of the World Congress of Families / Howard Center in Russia & CIS. Foundation`s CEO is Alexey Komov, MBA. Board of Directors include Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov (one of top public speakers in RF), Archpriest Maxim Obukhov (leader of Russia`s pro-life/pro-family movement). More information is on Interregional Public Organization “For Family Rights” is defending the natural family in Russia since 2010 on various levels: regional, federal and international. In depth analytical research is conducted by the experts of the organization on all family-related topics, that has substantially helped to reinforce the family values and provide legal protection to many families all over Russia. “For Family Rights” organization has initiated the St.Petersburg Resolution on the anti-family trends at the United Nations and other international organizations, that has been signed by 126 NGOs all over Russia and the Ukraine. More information is on 7
  8. 8. World Congress of Families (WCF) – leading intl network Represents hundreds of Pro-Family organizations from 80 countries World Congress of Families represents the most extensive and widespread association of a large number of organizations advocating for the preservation of the Natural Family. Members of the Congress are opponents of the “childfree” movement, the radical feminists and various "sexual minorities". The main objective of the Congress is to coordinate and unite all healthy forces working to strengthen the Family, Childhood. WCF DEFINITION of the NATURAL FAMILY: The natural family is the fundamental social unit, inscribed in human nature, and centered around the voluntary union of a man and a woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage, for the purposes of: satisfying the longings of the human heart to give and receive love; welcoming and ensuring the full physical and emotional development of children; sharing a home that serves as the center for social, educational, economic, and spiritual life; building strong bonds among the generations to pass on a way of life that has transcendent meaning; extending a hand of compassion to individuals and households whose circumstances fall short of these ideals. The idea of periodic meetings of people sincerely concerned about the deep crisis of the Family and search for its rebirth as the fundamental unit of society, was born in Moscow in 1995, during the visit by Dr. Allan Carlson (author of the well-known throughout the world Manifest "Natural Family»). Thanks to the enthusiasm it has created, the idea was quickly put into practice. A year later, in 1997, the first World Congress of Families was held in Prague. So far 5 World Congress of Families have been held in various parts of the world, attracting thousands of defenders of Life and Family from all over the world. In the last Congress in Amsterdam around 3 800 people representing 65 countries.WCF 1997-2014 WCF publishes a monthly The Congress brings together hundreds of permanent members Newsletter and 32 partner organizations 1997 Прага700 участников | 20 стран 1999 Женева1600 участников | 65 стран 2004 Мехико3300 участников | 75 стран 2007 Варшава3900 участников | 60 стран 2009 Амстердам3800 участников | 63 стран 2012 Madrid 2013 Sydney 2014 Moscow WCF VI will take place in Madrid, Spain on May 25-27, 2012. WCF VII will be held in Sydney, Australia in 2013, and WCF VIII in September 2014 in Moscow Kremlin for 5 000 people from 65 countries. 8
  9. 9. Moscow Demographic Summit: Family and Future of Humankind Organized by WCF and Family & Demography Foundation on 29-30 June, 2011 WCF Moscow Demographic Summit: Family and the Future of Humankind took place on June 29- 30, 2011 at the Russian State Social University (top 10 largest universities in the world with over 100 000 students). This international event was sponsored by the leading corporations of Russia. The Summit has received official blessing of Patriarch Kyrill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, letters of support from the Russian Parliament, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, as well as from the US Congressmen and Senators, and many religious leaders. Among the speakers of the Summit were the leading international scholars and scientists, demographers and activists, leaders of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, ex-candidate for the US President Dr. Alan Keyes, Hungarian Minister on social issues, members of the European Parliament, and other government officials. All this has helped to attract media and public We are very grateful to our Partners and Sponsors who helped us to organize the Summit: attention, with over 1400 articles published about the Summit in English and Russian languages.12
  10. 10. Interregional Public Organization “For Family Rights” initiated 10St.Petersburg Resolution signed by 126 NGOs in November 2011 Saint-Petersburg Resolution on the anti-family trends in the United Nations, on the unacceptable actions of the United Nations human rights treaty monitoring bodies and on the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure SIGNED BY 126 NGOs ALL OVER RUSSIA & UKRAINE Approved at the Public Hearing On November 24th, 2011 Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation “We, being the representatives of the civil society and non-governmental organizations of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, taking part in the second hearing conducted in Saint-Petersburg on November 24th, 2011, addressing the influence of international political organizations on the condition and welfare of the family in our countries, have examined the current trends concerning family problems in the United Nations, and in particular some activities of the UN treaty monitoring bodies, including the Committee on the Rights of the Child. We have also given special attention to tendencies towards imparting binding legal force to the interpretations and recommendations of the UN treaties monitoring bodies1 and to the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure2, which is to be adopted shortly by the UN General Assembly”. 10
  11. 11. Management Team of the “FamilyPolicy.Ru” Advocacy Group ALEXEY KOMOV – PRESIDENT, MBA PAVEL PARFENTIEV – MANAGING DIRECTOR Moscow State Lomonosov University – PhD Pavel Parfentiev - Chairman of Candidate at Sociology Faculty (Family & the Interregional Public Organization “For Demography), MA in History Family Rights“, an expert in the family St. Tikhon Orthodox Humanitarian University - policy, Russian and international Theology legislation on the family-related issues. The Open University, Business The initiator and sponsor of the St. Petersburg Resolution on the Anti-Family School, UK, MBA trends at the United Nations, signed by State University of New York, SUNY, NY, USA 126 NGOs all over Russia and Ukraine. Author of book: Stock markets regulation in Resolution is aimed at protecting the USA & Russia natural family and parental rights at the “World Congress of Families” representative in UN level. Member of the Organizing Russia/CIS Committee of the World Conference on Chairman of LOC of “Moscow Demographic Home Education - 2012 (GHEC 2012). Summit 2011” Paul Parfentiev is an independent scholar, historian, author of Strong analytical abilities, 18 years experience several scientific books and articles in project published in Russia and management, scientific, sociological, marketin abroad. Engaged in research in the field g research, management consulting, business of cultural studies, cultural development. Managing partner at Integrity anthropology, and history and philosophy of law. Russias leading expert on legal Consulting aspects of home education. IRINA SHAMOLINA – EXPERT MGAPI – Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Forecasting, Data Management and Processing, Programming REA im. Plekhanova – International Economic Relations. Copenhagen Business School, Denmark – МВА program State University of New York, SUNY, Albany, NY, USA PhD Candidate at Russian State Sociology University Over 13 years of professional experience in mathematical modeling, strategic planning, business development and market research in real estate, finance, insurance, FMCG industries. Managing Partner at Integrity Consulting & Marketing Services - Consulting boutique in management consulting, market and sociology research, financial modeling 11
  12. 12. Contact us: Alexey Komov: +7 495 960 0460 Pavel Parfentiev: +7 931 242 6012 pavel.parfentiev@gmail.comRussia, 129323, Moscow, Lazorevy st., 2-68