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2007: Infosecurity Italy: Voice Privacy Security (flash talk)

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2007: Infosecurity Italy: Voice Privacy Security (flash talk)

  1. 1. Voice Privacy & Security Flash Talk improvvisato Matteo “LK” G.P. Flora Marco Misitano Alessio “Mayhem” L.R. Pennasilico Fabio “Naif” Pietrosanti
  2. 2. PSTN RadioScanner 1G GSM Cryptographic Issues 2G No more Trust? 1890: "Right to be left alone" VIPs What's Encrypted? 3G Definition Virtual Mobile Operator Now: "Diritto di Chedere di sè stessi" 4G? Diritto Costituzionale Where is my RTP? Right to be left Art.5 Right of Phone Technology Liberty and Security Crypto Infrastructure SIP / H323 EU Human Rights SPIT 196 Law & European Privacy Law Skype Windows Mobile New Tech Symbian Hardware Device Security CALEA 1994, USAlea iPhone RIPA 2000, UK Voip Devices TBL 1984, Japan Lawful Interception Legge 20 Nov. 2006 n.281 Piano Rovati ETSI Lawful Interception, EU NICE (Lang Detection) Verint Voice Privacy Isolation Worldwide ADC provider The Italian Future? SRTP Interception Service Provider SS8 (satellite) No Common Std. MiKey Standard Issue ZRTP Encryption Old Time: One Operator & One Judiciary NO Mobile Security Technology Sec Standard NOW: More Operator & More Judiciary Communication TLS Signaling Skype Encryption? Evolution Phone Darknet Future UMA