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Freello | Mobile Marketing 4 Media

Votes and Polls in REAL TIME
A INNOVATIVE way of interacting with the SIMPLICITY of a PHONE NUMBER

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Freello | Mobile Marketing 4 Media

  1. 1. Marketing and Analytics Web Platform Know Your AUDIENCE Votes and Polls in REAL TIME A INNOVATIVE way of interacting with the SIMPLICITY of a PHONE NUMBER #DilloConFreello #BastaUnoSquillo
  2. 2. Freello is a WEB platform to COLLECT USERS’ OPINION
  3. 3. Collecting opinions with a FREE CALL Automatic response via SMS Results in REAL Time Work fine with all mobile and fixed devices CRM integration NO 0210020002 Istat: zero growth in the fourth quarter of 2014 for the Italian economy, stop the recession. Are you optimistic? YES 0210020001
  4. 4. The user calls the Freello number to express opinion Simple Fast Free 0210020001
  5. 5. FREELLO hang up the call. No Call Charges.
  6. 6. REPLY VIA SMS / EMAIL Call to Action Link multimedia contents Promo Download APP Like FB Page / G+ Fidelity Plan Advertising Freello Thank you for joined! Win with Freello. Your coupon is 123456 Click here to try the product.
  7. 7. Name Date Sign up Email Gender OR privacy USER PROFILE Create your DATABASE Social Network Integration Facebook Twitter Google+
  8. 8. Analytics Platform Geolocation CRM Timeline engagement Gender Mobile operators referral and OS
  9. 9. Freello capture users in the REAL WORLD Works with all mobile devices and fixed
  10. 10. Freello can be used on any media Press and TV - Billboard - SMS - Web - Email – Social Media - Blogs – Live Events TV RADIO NEWSPAPER LIVE CINEMA SMS EMAIL BILL BOARD FACEBOOK LOGIN TWITTER LOGIN GOOGLE LOGIN CUSTOM LOGIN
  11. 11. Votes and Polls Promotional Campaigns Contest Event Management Mobile Payments Coupon Redemption Social Media Integration Increase Download App Check Mobile Number Systems Callback Product Try Increase Brand Loyalty SOLUTIONS
  12. 12. The Freello paradigm ? Build Event Share Event Reach Audience Engage Contacts Viral Spread Analytics
  13. 13. Ideal for generating interactions daily and weekly Profile the viewer and develop a new business proposition for advertisers COLLECT OPINIONS AND Marketing Real-time evaluation of the television product A metric to compare different advertising media based on the cost per viewer Monitor your brand awareness Capture immediately the service‘s impressions Measure the effectiveness of the testimonial
  14. 14. WHY DO YOU USE FREELLO HIGH INTERACTION Better results than using SMS and APP The free call reduces the barrier for the user RESULTS IN REAL TIME Faster than a digital, web and printed forms Aggregate data immediately available on the online portal CONTACTS CLOSE TO YOU Reach the customer at the right time Just one ring
  15. 15. FREELLO is a PATENT Mobile opt-in – Privacy Policy
  16. 16. CUSOTMERS
  17. 17. CONTACTS Francesco Pieragostini Cofounder – CEO Simone Capriotti Cofounder – CBO Pier Francesco Olivari Business Network
  18. 18. What we did with Freello TV Channel Users’ opinions in real-time 1) Users dialed a free number to express an opinion 2) TV channel collected contacts based on those interests and had immediate feedback and analytics 3) Analytics used to measure audience, offer insights to advertisers, collect contacts
  19. 19. What we did with Freello Banks and Insurance Promotions 1) Users dialed a free number to subscribe to an email newsletter 2) Bank acquired contacts to promote financial products
  20. 20. What we did with Freello Vehicle testing center Coupons 1) Users dialed a free number on a street advertising banner or postal communication to get a coupon via SMS 2) The center increased sales by 140% and created a user database that can be used for future brand campaigns and promotions

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Know Your AUDIENCE Votes and Polls in REAL TIME A INNOVATIVE way of interacting with the SIMPLICITY of a PHONE NUMBER


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