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FPGA Camp - Aldec Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Design
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FPGA Camp - Aldec Presentation

  1. 1. About Aldec Celebrating 25 Years
  2. 2. Aldec® Corporation Founder and President Dr. Dr. Stanley Hyduke
  3. 3. Market Position
  4. 4. Aldec UNITE Partners
  5. 5. Aldec RTL Simulation Customers © Aldec, Inc. 2009   Page 5
  6. 6. Aldec Hardware Customers
  7. 7. Key Technology Focus  Assertion-Based Verification (ABV)  System Level Verification System-Level - ESL - SystemVerilog - S t C SystemC  OVM and VMM Integration  DSP System Design and Verification – MATLAB and Simulink users  PCB-FPGA/ASIC Design and Verification  Design Rule Checking  Transaction-based Emulation  Hardware In-Loop Acceleration  Prototyping for Actel RTAX-S/SL and RTSX-SU RAD-HARD Devices  End-to-End DO-254 compliant Functional Verification  Enhancing our Core Simulation Kernel & Feature Set
  8. 8. Products
  9. 9. Active-HDL ™ 8.2 9 RTL Design and Simulation  Common-Kernel Mixed Language Simulator  Languages: VHDL, Verilog®, SystemVerilog (Design), SystemC & EDIF  HDL Design Tools: Design entry, Design Creation, Code2Graphics™, Block and State Diagram, Waveform editor, stimulus generation, Language templates & auto- complete, scripting, legacy design support.  Design Flow Manager: use popular third- p y party tools throughout the design flow within g g the same FPGA environment.  Debugging: Code execution tracing, Waveform/Compare, Memory Viewer, Xtrace, Advanced Dataflow and Profiler.  Coverage: C d C C Code Coverage, T Toggle & l Functional Coverage.  Additional Interfaces: DSP/HDL algorithm MATLAB® and Simulink® Interfaces & Zuken CADSTAR PCB Design  Assertion and Coverage(OPTION) SystemVerilog PSL & OVA support. Dedicated Assertion viewer, coverage, breakpoint editor.
  10. 10. Riviera-PRO™ 2009.06 10 Fast RTL Simulation Advanced Verification  Common-Kernel Mixed Language Simulator  Multi-Platform (32/64bit Linux®, Windows®) ut at o (3 /6 b u , do s )  Languages: VHDL, Verilog® , SystemVerilog (Design, Verification & Assertions), Assertions (SVA, OVA, PSL), SystemC & EDIF 200  Debugging: Code execution tracing, Waveform/Compare, Waveform/Compare Memory Viewer, Xtrace, Viewer Xtrace Advanced Dataflow and Profiler. Universal HDL/SystemC code level Debugging, Post- Simulation Debugging.  Code Coverage, Functional Coverage, Toggle/Expression/Branch coverage.  Assertion and Coverage based verification. Assertion waveform viewer, functional coverage, breakpoint editor.  Co-Simulation: DSP/HDL algorithm MATLAB® and Simulink® Interfaces  ALINT Design Rule Checking: VHDL, Verilog, Mixed language designs, Violation Viewer, Configuration Manager  Third-Party support: Synopsys SmartModels™ SWIFT, SWIFT SpringSoft® FSDB Denali® Memory FSDB, Models, Xilinx Secure IP OVM 2.0 Support –Future.  Simulation Regression Manager (SFM)
  11. 11. ALINT™ 2009.06 11 Design Rule Checking  ALINT is a robust environment for Design R l Ch ki in: D i Rule Checking i  VHDL or Verilog Designs  Mixed-Language Designs  300+ rules from STARC® 2006 Design Guides and Aldec native  Interactive Debugging  Violation Viewer  HDL Editor  Ruleset Editor  Policy Editor  Custom Rules creation  Tracking, Tracking Results Analysis Reporting Analysis,  Design and library management
  12. 12. HES™ 2009.07 Hardware Emulation System  ASIC, FPGA, ASIC FPGA SOC  Emulation 1-100MHz  Acceleration 10X or more  Prototyping 1-100MHz  Simulator Independent L Languages: VHDL, Verilog® VHDL V il ® , SystemC/C/C++, Assertions, EDIF  Transaction Level Interface (SCE-MI 2.0, SystemC C/C++) (SCE MI 2 0 S t C C/C )  Ultra-Fast DebuggerTM  off-the-shelfDINI and HAPS hardware support
  13. 13. DO-254/CTS™ End-to-End Verification of Avionic Designs for DO-254/ED80 Compliance Advantages • At-Speed Design Verification in Target Devices • Supports Actel , Altera® Lattice® QuickLogic® and Actel™ Altera®, Lattice®, Xilinx® • Automatic Test Vectors Generation for Target Devices • Auto-Capture and Analysis of results at all Design Stages • Easy Design Requirements Traceability • Independent EDA Tool Assessment p • Significantly shortens Device Verification Time Included Software • Aldec HDL Simulator (optional) • Aldec Waveform Viewer •C d C Code Coverage • Design Rule Checking Included Hardware • PCI/PCIe Motherboard • Custom Daughterboard with target device • CVT Application (TVD, VT, drivers, API diagnostic (TVD VT drivers API, designs and Compliance documentation) DO-254/CTS supports the “Design Assurance Guidance for Analysis Airborne Electronic Hardware” ( DO-254/ED80) chapter 6.2 Results Compare “Verification Process” and chapter 11.4 “Tool Assessment and p EDA Tool Qualification Qualification Process”. Levels A-D.
  14. 14. ALDEC INDIA OPERATIONS Aldec India office is based in Bangalore. P-186, Sector 10 Jiwan Bima Nagar Bangalore 560075 India Focusing mainly on marketing and customer support. Visit us at:
  15. 15. CHANNEL PARTNERS IN INDIA a d co p co Headquartered in Bangalore Offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other major cities Its customer base includes major Corporate and Defense establishments, Software Technology parks, MNC's and Super- Specialty Hospitals. p y p The company's commitment to technology and support has been its areas of strength and the reason for its customers to choose AMDL as a vendor of choice.
  16. 16. CHANNEL PARTNERS IN INDIA Incorporated in 1995 Arts Agencies a vibrant and dynamic marketing company strives to provide a complete suite of solutions to its customers in the areas of Analog, Digital, RF & Embedded Design Analog Digital Design. Take care of Aldec product distribution in Defense organizations like DRDO Labs Labs.
  17. 17. Thank You!