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From mass shootings to rise of ISIS, 2015 was a year of anxiety, fear and stress. What lies ahead in 2016?

Faith Popcorn reveals a shocking vision of Tomorrow in which consumers seek new ways to escape the chaos swirling around them.

Find out how we’ll cope, commune and create joy as a mega-challenging year unfolds.

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  1. 1. FA I T H P O P C O R N ’ S B R A I N R E S E RV E PREDICTIONS 2016COPYRIGHT © 2016
  2. 2. How we’ll cope, cOMMUNE, & create joy as a MEGA-challenging year unfolds CHAOS CONTROL
  3. 3. BUNKERINGOur Cocooning Trend (b. 1981) gets extreme
  4. 4. NOW suicide veSts, grenades, & global travel alerts: Welcome to A wartime WORLD where leaving home IS a life-or-death decision • Paris tourism -57% post-terror attacks • 74% of Americans worried ISIS will strike in US • Mass shootings in the US are, on average, a daily event • Panic rooms are the new NYC status symbol
  5. 5. FUTURE Tiny chips: Ones that detect explosives and dirty bombs are embedded in our Fitbits, fingers or mobile devices Armored communities: Privacy is swapped for safety. Residents’ activities and emails are scanned constantly, ensuring terrorist-free towns Virtual travel replaces real: Tours via Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard satisfy our wanderlust when the world feels too threatening
  6. 6. THE DIGITAL COCOONWe retreat into carefully curated Echo Chambers that reinforce our beliefs and buffer us from anxiety
  7. 7. NOW Originally created to connect people, the Internet now shelters us in a PLU (People Like Us) pod • SameGrain (voted Best Social App of 2015) allows users to connect with “people like you—around the corner or around the world” • Facebook reveals who among our friends has “liked” Donald Trump, and you decide if that’s a good or bad thing • Niche dating sites: Disney fans, farmers, salad lovers, snake owners and more
  8. 8. FUTURE The Rise of Micro-Clans: Squads of friends become the new social unit. “Bestie Rows” = streets where pals live next to each other The Un-News: As social media replaces old-school reporting, consumers get their updates from filtered feeds that are sponsored and biased
  9. 9. AngstingEmbracing our sadness is the new stress relief
  10. 10. NOW Consumers HUNGER FOR REAL emotions–even sad ones–in our isolated-by-technology ERA • Adele’s heart-wrenching 25 tops the charts, revealing people’s desire to feel. “Netflix and chill” gets replaced by “Adele and cry” • Affluent women join the Sad Girl Movement and cultivate a despondent look; gain hundreds of thousands of followers • The Museum of Feelings in NYC: Visitors’ moods are channeled by social media to become artwork in real time
  11. 11. FUTURE Working through sadness is seen as the key to a richer life; people flock to Grief Curators to untangle their emotions From drop-in CryPods to Misery Parties, businesses help consumers purge the pain
  12. 12. CHASING THE HIGHEscape to altered states, far from our stress-shattered daily lives
  13. 13. NOW IN TENSE TIMES, WE DESIRE TO RETREAT AND EXPLORE OUR MIND’S INNER LANDSCAPE • Entrepreneurs and techies micro-dose with LSD to stimulate on-the-job creativity • Soaring drug use & heavy drinking across US • America’s first Ayahuasca retreat takes guests on shamanistic journeys into their psyche • CanopyBoulder–the first US cannabis-centric start-up accelerator–grooms companies for investment
  14. 14. FUTURE A new leaf: The first marijuana brand will be publicly traded on Wall Street Mind-quaking OTC products: Laced with hallucinogens, they become key creativity tools at work Visioning: A new field emerges with licensed practitioners guiding clients through drug trips
  15. 15. What this means to the Marketplace: • In uncertain times, consumers turn to what they can trust. Brands that are ultra-dependable–and communicate this through all channels–will thrive • In an ever-more automated future, we want the responsiveness of real live people wherever robot voices and touch-pads now reign. Companies with impeccably trained, 100% human customer service will win • Marketers must recognize their consumers struggle and enhance her emotional life with services that support and uplift ANXIETY FEAR A DANGEROUS WORLD BUNKERING THE DIGITAL COCOON ANGSTING CHASING THE HIGH
  16. 16. What will you do differently today? tomorrow Now that you know everything about Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve 55 East 59th St, 18th Floor New York, NY 10022 212.772.7778 Faith Popcorn   @faithpopcorn   @faithpopcorn   Faith Popcorn