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2012 Prediction: The SHE-CHANGE


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2012 Prediction: The SHE-CHANGE

  1. 1. 212.772.7778WHAT’S POPPING @ FAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE JANUARY 20122012 Predictions Monetary domination will cease to be the sole metric by which success is measured. WomenThe SHE-CHANGE will put people before profit and won’t demand the same exorbitant salaries and bonuses for which their male counterparts have become infamous.A sea change is any widespread sweeping shiftthat affects all elements of a system.In the coming decade we will see a sea changein the way feminine power is incorporated insociety. Characteristics once thought to be solelythe province of women will be adopted as bestpractices. We call this pervasive revolution theSHE-CHANGE.1. VERY YOUNG WOMEN ARELEADING THE WAYWhat We Are SeeingYoung single women purchase twice as manyhomes as young single men. Two thirds of allundergraduate degrees and 60% of Master’s 2. THE NUCLEAR FAMILY 2.0degrees are going to women. The number ofwomen with college degrees has more than What We Are Seeingdoubled in the last 30 years while the number of Single motherhood is no longer perceived as anmen with degrees has stayed the same. Single unfortunate situation but a conscious lifestylewomen between the ages of 22 and 30 earned decision. In Sweden 55% of births were to8% more than men in that age range in most unmarried women and in Iceland the share wasU.S. cities. In 2011 all three winners of Google’s 66%. These countries have some of the smallestScience fair were women. gender gaps when it comes to salaries. The US, with unmarried women delivering 41% of the children born is not far behind. Marriage is alsoWhat We Are Predicting losing its status as a mandatory life goal. AlmostBy the end of the decade there will be more a third of Japanese women in their early 30sbusinesses started by women than men. are unmarried and over one-fifth of TaiwaneseCurrently women own 35% of startup businesses. women in their late 30s are single. Today less American women in their early 30s are marriedWhat It Means than at any other time since the 1950s.Women are the key to economic growthand recovery. Their creativity and gift formanagement make them natural employers.FAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE JANUARY 2012 PAGE 1
  2. 2. 212.772.7778Conversely, stay-at-home dads have formeda supportive and quickly expanding community/ 3. THE NEW CHIVALRYnetwork. A recent survey showed that 73% of What We Are Seeingmen had no problem with their spouse being The phrase “the weaker sex” no longer holds anythe primary breadwinner. In the UK there are meaning. While men and women have different10 times as many stay-at-home dads as there strengths and weaknesses women’s strengthswere a decade ago and more than a quarter of are becoming more viable. Women areall new fathers give up at least part of their work experiencing an upswing in their collective powerschedule to take care of their children. while at the same time men are confronting some negative side effects of changing societal expectations. Men are 3 times more likely to suffer from alcoholism and account for 75% of all suicides. Internet pornography is negatively influencing male sexuality leading to more depression and dysfunction. Men smoke more, eat worse and are not as good at dealing with stress.What We Are PredictingOver the next decade the amount of households Women on the other hand are learning to protectcontaining traditional nuclear families will themselves, effectively removing the old notiondecrease drastically. Right now 23% of families that they need men for the job. In recent yearswould be considered nuclear, with some states the number of women purchasing guns has risenlike Baltimore and Washington coming in with 73% with the majority of the women buying theunder 10%. Alternative forms of birthing, weapons for personal protection.marriage, childrearing and family structuring willbecome commonplace. What We Are Predicting It will be up to women to protect men in this newWhat It Means world order. They will need to teach men how toThere will be a rise in services that provide survive and thrive in a society that puts more andflexibility to all different family structures. more value on feminine characteristics.Co-parenting sites that bring singleparents together to help raise children What It Meansoutside of marriages (, Males’ problems with aggression, will become the new and performance will continue to worsen as longmatchmaking craze. Day and night care centers as they go untreated. Educators and employerswill become one of the most important and will have to deal with the sociological problemslucrative services available. men are experiencing. Support systems andFAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE JANUARY 2012 PAGE 2
  3. 3. 212.772.7778counseling will be made available to help be a red flag for many investors. John Hagelyoung men deal with issues as they become co-founder of the Deloitte Center for the Edge,problematic. Employers interviewing for a risk management group, has said “The futurepositions will need to gauge how in touch with belongs to those of us, female or male, who cantheir emotional side male candidates are. adopt and embrace the feminine archetype.”Unchecked masculinity will be seen as a liability.Corporations will lose a lot of their male populace What We Are Predictingto the stay-at-home dad trend. Traditionally female behavior will become preferred in business situations. Companies will value employees of both genders who4. WOMEN ARE CLOSING THE demonstrate conscientiousness over extraversionGAP IN THE ECONOMY and testosterone fueled decision making.What We Are Seeing What It MeansWomen have earned the reputation of being Employers will administer personality tests tomore secure and patient investors. This proved determine the degree of a prospective employees’invaluable in 2008 during the economic collapse. EI (emotional intelligence). Positions like ChiefFemale investors were more likely to hold Consciousness Officer will become a crucial roleonto assets longer and sell when the time was in all major companies in order to make sure theoptimum reducing their losses. female focus is maintained.The past few years have shown women to be amajor economic force. They control $12 trillion 5. WOMEN FROM THE EASTof the overall $18.4 trillion in global consumer ARE SETTING THE EXAMPLEspending. Women are making better investmentsthan men. A recent book titled “Warren Buffet What We Are SeeingInvests like a Girl” elicited this response from the Asian women are finding their natural skillslegendary investor: “Guilty as Charged”. Female as transformative leaders crucial to thestock brokers experience higher returns, earning development of their respective countries. Almoston average 9% while their male counterparts only a third of all CEOs in Thailand are women, thesee returns of 5.82%. highest ratio of female to male CEOs in the world and in China women hold 34% of all seniorCompanies with Boards containing two or more management positions.women are more profitable. If a company doesnot have a strong female representation in its Companies in Asia are doing everything to retainboard of directors or upper management it will their female talent. In Japan, Google providesFAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE JANUARY 2012 PAGE 3
  4. 4. 212.772.7778its female employees with taxis to get them averaging 5 million people. The influx ofhome safely after dark. In India, pharmaceutical qualified female managers is and will be one ofcompany Boehringer Ingelheim allows young the most important changes going on in globalfemale employees to bring their mothers along business for the next decade. Companies whoon business trips to avoid the cultural disapproval leverage this to their advantage will see massivewomen sometimes face when traveling alone. rewards.What We Are Predicting IN CONCLUSIONAsian women will stand out as an example ofthe benefits of incorporating women into the The SHE-CHANGE is exactly what societybusiness climate of a nation. Other countrieswill try to capitalize off the same model once needs right now. We need to rely onit is demonstrated how profitable it is. compassion more than competition and innovation more than invasion. TheWhat It Means introduction of this new feminine powerOver the next 40 years around a billion people will into all aspects of our lives will bringmove from the rural regions of India and China about a new era of productivity and peace.into 59 megacities, each with populations inkin g, ow what yo u’re seeing and th Please let me kn @faithpopco Faith Best Future, FaithFAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE JANUARY 2012 PAGE 4