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Linkedin Pallottini


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A short review of my experience, areas worked in, last accomplishments and publications

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Linkedin Pallottini

  1. 1. Fabio PallottiniBS Geological Engineer MSc Oceanography 14 Years experience
  2. 2. Background• Geological Engineer, Special award degree obtained due to final thesis project. 2000 - Universidad Central de Venezuela• MSc Oceanography - 2002 Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. España• PhD Geology courses approved with outstanding grades. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España – 2007.
  3. 3. Laboral experience2011 – TodayREPSOL Exploration (Spain)Senior Exploration Geoscientist2007 – 2011Schlumberger DCS (México)Consultant – Senior Exploration Geoscientist2005-2007REPSOL-YPF (Spain)Exploration Geoscientist2002-2005Schlumberger SIS (Spain)G&G Workflow consultant2001-2002European Social FundEnvironmental Geologist2000-2001Schlumberger DCS (Venezuela)Geologist
  4. 4. Seismic Interpreter experienceAlgeriaExploration round evaluation for the Tinrhert basin blocks (2005), Seismic Interpretation, volumetrics, risk analysisMozambiqueExploration round Ruvuma basin offshore evaluation (2005-2006), Seismic Interpretation, volumetrics, risk analysisKenyaOffshore plays evaluation (2006) Seismic interpretation and mappingRegional basins evaluations for the East African MarginOffshore basins prospectivity ranking evaluation - regional study (2006) Seismic interpretation & mappingAngolaKwanza basin shallow water blocks evaluation (2006-2007) Seismic interpretation and mapping. Focused on the Aptian sub-salt playPeru and EcuadorMarañon basin regional integration study (2007) . Seismic interpretation and mapping.
  5. 5. Seismic Interpreter experienceGulf of Mexico (2007 – 2011)•Worked for Schlumberger Consulting Services as a Geologist.•Sedimentary model for PEMEX in the northern Veracruz Basin.•Modeling for Tiumut-Nelash Area project.•Regional mapping project for the South Mexico area (PEMEX).•CHOCOP field (PESA - Guatemala) re-evaluation and development resulting in several well proposals.•Reservoir Seismic Services team (RSS-DCS) seismic interpretation (Q Seismic) for several seismicinversion projects (GOM).•Implementation of seismo-geomorfologic and stratigraphic workflows on prospective areas.•Costero - Ribereno static model (Macuspana - PEMEX). - Project Manager and Seismic Interpreter.•Shallow Drilling Hazard assessment for deep water Aquila area in the Gulf of Mexico.•Geomechanical Assessment for the Yari Prospect. Cuba, REPSOL. Extrema Facies classification. .Sierra LeoneSL-07B-11 block (2011-2012) Seismic Interpretation, volumetrics, risk analysis. Drilling operations follow-upLiberiaLB-15, LB-16, LB-17, LB-10 (2011-2012) Seismic Interpretation, volumetrics, risk analysis. Drilling operations follow-upNamibia (current project) . Seismic Interpretation, volumetrics, risk analysis
  6. 6. Sedimentologist experienceVenezuelaSedimentological and Stochastic model for the Upper B sand, Ceuta Field in theMaracaibo Basin, Venezuela (1999-2000)Gulf of MéxicoDeveloped a sedimentary model for PEMEX in the northern Veracruz Basin.Integrating the sequence stratigraphy, seismic, attributes, logs, coresinterpretation and production data to develop a conceptual sedimentologicalmodel (2007-2008)GuatemalaChocop field evaluation – sedimentological and petrophysical modeling (2008) .
  7. 7. Geographical areas of experience
  8. 8. Key Accomplishments during 2011-20121. Implementation of Real Time drilling monitoring for deep water exploration wells on Sierra Leone and Liberia blocks. Integration on real time with the G&G database and projects for decision making management.3. Implementation of new workflows and methodologies using Petrel for prospect delineation and mapping. New methodologies implemented in Exploration5. A new approach was defined for reserves estimation using the NRV methodology for stratigraphic plays resulting in a more accurate estimation than the area x net pay. See Portfolio comments
  9. 9. Scientific PublicationsGorka Garcia*, Carlos Sanz, Peter Sherratt and Solomon Assefa, Schlumberger Reservoir Seismic Services, Fabio Pallottini and Eduardo Bendel,Schlumberger Consulting Services, Jose Luis Arroyo y Victor Hugo de la Rosa, Pemex E & P. “A reservoir characterization study in the Burgos Basinincluding simultaneous prestack inversion and lithology prediction”. 2009, SEG expanded abstracts. Houston, Texas. USA.García Leiceaga, G., Sanz C., Sherratt, P., Pallottini, F., Bendel, E., Arroyo, J.L., Hugo de la Rosa, V. “Estudio de caracterización de yacimientos en la FCuenca de Burgos incluyendo inversión sísmica simultanea pre-apilada y predicción litológica”. AMGE-AMGP Jornadas Técnicas de lasGeociencias, Reynosa, Mexico, 2009.I. Gomez Perez (Repsol YPF), R. Veiga (Repsol YPF) & F. Pallottini (Schlumberger). “Tectonic Evolution and Source Rock Distribution along theEast African Margin”. Abstract, AAPG International Conference and Exhibition 26-29 October 2008 – Cape town, South Africa. (Control ID: 470916)I. Gomez Perez (Repsol YPF), R. Veiga (Repsol YPF) & F. Pallottini (Schlumberger). “Controls on Source and Reservoir Distribution Along the EastAfrican Margin”. Abstract, 70th EAGE Conference & Exhibition — Rome, Italy, 9 - 12 June 2008. (Submission ID 3768)Pallottini, F., Sanz, C. “Implementation of Extrema based Seismic Interpretation and Facies Classification for the Exploration Cycle Reduction”.Abstract, Schlumberger MCA Reservoir Symposium 2010 Villahermosa, May 20th – 22nd.Pallottini, F., Sanz, C., Castañeda, R., Melendez, L., Jimenez, A. “Insights into the carbonate breccias distribution using an innovative Fmethodology for seismic facies classification: Agave field and surrounding exploratory areas, Macuspana Basin, South Mexico”. Abstract,Schlumberger MCA Reservoir Symposium, May 2011. Villahermosa, México.Pallottini, F., Sanz, C., García, G. “Shallow hazard anaysis on a fully-exploratory vintage using Q-marine data from Western Gulf of Mexico”. FAbstract, Schlumberger MCA Reservoir Symposium, May 2011. Villahermosa, México.