Shakespeare Quarto Archives


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This is a presentation for a class in digital libraries. I wanted to present a DL intended for scholarly use and electronic tools for notation.

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Shakespeare Quarto Archives

  1. 1. Shakespeare Quarto Archives
  2. 2. Scholarly Digital Libraries Provides online access across geographical boundaries Open access of freely available Furnishes materials held in various locations Supplies primary sources for a scholar, educator, student  Images – captured in high resolution  Text – transcribed and fully searchable  Video – may be primary sources or tutorial
  3. 3. Shakespeare Quartos Archive Intended audience  Literary scholars  Theatre professionals – actors, directors, playwrights  University students  Educators
  4. 4. Value of Quartos No manuscripts survive Quartos are earliest extant copies from Shakespeare’s lifetime (1567-1616) They show what Shakespeare probably wrote About half of Shakespeare’s plays printed as quartos  Quarto refers to the format or paper folding and leaves  Formats include: folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo
  5. 5. Uses of Shakespeare Archive Quartos are dispersed throughout the world Archive provides central point of accessing 32 quartos Scholars and researchers need to examine different editions for variations in text Archive provides electronic tools to analyze text Scholars need annotations and marginalia
  6. 6. Tools Enable Comparison between two or more texts Images of pages can be cropped and resized for study Search feature allows users to search across all editions Cue lines rendered in blue for staging prompts Site provides tools for notes, labels, and exhibitions
  7. 7. Examples of Functionality Select a library
  8. 8. Multiple Editions, Locations 1603 Edition, British Library
  9. 9. Multiple Editions, Locations 1637 Edition, National Library of Scotland
  10. 10. Compare Editions, CopiesBritish Library, 1603 and Huntington Library, 1603
  11. 11. Compare Editions, CopiesBritish Library, 1603; Huntington, 1603; Folger, 1604
  12. 12. Textual ComparisonBritish Library, 1603 and British Library, 1605 Highlight indicates difference intext
  13. 13. Zoom and DetailsBritish Library, 1603 -- Zoom and Bleeding Ink
  14. 14. Zoom and NotesBritish Library, 1603 and Annotations
  15. 15. Search Across Texts Huntington, 1604; Search Across All Texts
  16. 16. Cue Lines -- Actors, Directors British Library, 1603; Cue Lines
  17. 17. Notation FeaturesBodleian Library 1622, Note with Label
  18. 18. Annotation, Print ViewExample of notes about possible printer’s errors as reason forvariation
  19. 19. Digitization, Administrative Data Location of encoding – British Library and Folger Library
  20. 20. Thank you!Florence Paisey, Spring 2012