CaaS: Overview of the CDD methodology


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These slides presents a brief overview of the CDD Methodology developed in the CaaS FP7 Project. This state-of-the-art methodology will enable the develoment of Information Systems from a digital business perspective. It presents a method overview and an initial version of the metamodel that supports this method

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CaaS: Overview of the CDD methodology

  1. 1. WP5 CaaS Methodology Kurt Sandkuhl 26.02.2014 © 2010 UNIVERSITÄT ROSTOCK | Fakultät für Informatik und Elektrotechnik | Lehrstuhl Wirtschaftsinformatik
  2. 2. Methodology work package (WP5) Capability Driven Development Methodology • Objective: establish a capability driven development for congruent digital business and information system development methodology by integrating together empirical experiences and developments elaborated in WP2, WP3 and WP4 with theoretical developments • Partners: Stockholm University (S), Riga Technical University (LV), University of Rostock (D), Universitat Politecnia de Valencia (ES) Tasks: T5.1: Develop State-of-the-Art Overview on Relevant Methodology Areas [Month 4 - 5] T5.2: Develop Core for the Methodology [Month 6 - 7] T5.3: Develop Pattern Repository [Month 8 - 12] T5.4 Develop Algorithms for Capability Composition, Assessment, Delivery Adjustment [M 13 - 24] T5.5: Methodology Refinement, Integration and Acceptance (2 cycles) [M 16 – 18 and 28 - 32] T5.6: Methodology Description and Pattern Repository [Month 31 - 33] 14.10.2009 © 2009 UNIVERSITÄT ROSTOCK | FAKULTÄT FÜR INFORMATIK UND ELEKTRONIK 2
  3. 3. Capability driven development and delivery (CDD) Method Overview 14.10.2009 © 2009 UNIVERSITÄT ROSTOCK | FAKULTÄT FÜR INFORMATIK UND ELEKTRONIK 3
  4. 4. Business Case driven methodology development CaaS project approach is business case driven Methodology development needs to take into account: • Established engineering processes in business cases • Technology stack used in business cases Conceptual solution Task Task Task Technology Stack Business Analyst Technical solution Solution Engineer workflow workflow workflow Executed solution Worker/ Operator service Engineering Process service Service
  5. 5. CDD in Action – an Illustrative Scenario Pattern Repository 0 Existing reference processes extended to capability models 2 1 Select context to be considered and capability model to be adapted Solution Engineer Technical solution 4 Adaption of solution workflow workflow workflow fully automatic Executed solution Worker/ Operator service Engineering Process 5 Context monitoring Service is adapted service 7 Technology Stack Business Analyst Conceptual solution 3 Pattern is inserted Task Task Task largely automatically 6 Recommend / select pattern Patterns matching change needs are recommended Change needs detected identify specific aspects to address
  6. 6. Conceptual Foundation: Capability Meta-Model class Capability metamodel related to 1..* Measurable Property Context Indicator KPI requires 1..* 0..1 1..* * measured by 0..1 ContextElement ContextType requires Indicator ContextElementRange defines 1 1 * 1..* 1 1..* consists of 1 1..* Context Element Value * influences ContextSet has value Capability * requires 1 1 1..* consists of 1 1..* Goal 0..1 1 0..1 * Pattern Context Situation * 1 1..* motivates requires 1..* 1 ProcessVariant Process 1..* 1..* 1 0..1 supported by requires has requires 0..1 1 1..* 0..1 Resource