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Design of Capability Delivery Adjustments @ASDENCA2016


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Presentation of the paper "Design of Capability Delivery Adjustments " at ASDENCA 2016 workshop. Authors: Janis Grabis and Janis Kampars

Published in: Technology
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Design of Capability Delivery Adjustments @ASDENCA2016

  1. 1. Design of Capability Delivery Adjustments Jānis Grabis, Jānis Kampars Institute of Information Technology, Riga Technical University, Kalku 1, Riga, Latvia
  2. 2. Outline • Problem area • Background • Types of adjustments and their modeling • Example • Conclusion
  3. 3. Problem Area • Development of adaptive applications – Incl., context aware applications • Complex, often computationally intensive processing logics • High volatility and variety of context and other input data • Adaptation criteria
  4. 4. Capability Delivery Application • Companies provide business services • Capability driven approach ensures service delivery in different contextual situation – With minimum context specific development effort • Capability delivery applications provide capability enabled business services – Context dependency processing is decoupled from the core applications
  5. 5. Capability Delivery Application Context Capability Delivery Application Goals KPI Patt- erns Pattern RepositoryAdjustments
  6. 6. CDD Environment CCP Context data retrieval CPR Pattern repository CDA Business service CDT Capability modeling CNA Monitoring Adjust- ment
  7. 7. Types of Adjustments Adjustment Calculation Context calculation Performance calculation Adaptive adjustment Scheduled adjustment Event based adjustment
  8. 8. Types of Adjustments Calculations • Transforming raw context data into meaningful interpretations for driving service delivery • Calculation of performance indicators Scheduled adjustments • Adjustment is run according to a specified schedule • It alters behavior (e.g., parameters) of the capability delivery applications Event based adjustment • Capability delivery application invokes scheduled adjustment whenever it needs to make a context dependent service delivery decision
  9. 9. Adjustment Modeling • Event based adjustment • Scheduled adjustment
  10. 10. Example • A web service for processing images – e.g. creating mosaics • CDA is run on the cloud platform • CNA changes parameters of the cloud platform to ensure acceptable service response time • Adaptation algorithm is implemented as a scheduled adjustment
  11. 11. Image Processing Service CDA frontend (image processing web site) Msg Queue Task Container X Container I Mosaic Request Mosaic
  12. 12. Capability Model
  13. 13. Scheduled Adjustment public class ScaleScheduledAdjustment { public String execute(int min_nodes, int max_nodes, int max_wait_time, int queue_size, int nodes_count, int avg_time_in_queue, int busy_nodes) { try { // Empty queues and surplus of workers if (min_nodes < 1) return ""; this.debug("nodes cur-" + nodes_count + " min-" + min_nodes + " max-" + max_nodes + " busy-" + busy_nodes); // Scale up if requests in queue, average time exceeds constant and // max nodes not reached if ((queue_size > 0) && (avg_time_in_queue > max_wait_time) && (nodes_count <= max_nodes)) { this.scale("up"); return "CASE1: scaling up to " + Integer.toString(nodes_count + 1) + " nodes (cur:" + nodes_count + " min:" + min_nodes + " max:" + max_nodes + ")"; } • Adjustment increases a number of containers if waiting time increases • Adjustment decreases a number of containers if waiting time decreases • Adjustment changes resolution of external services respond slowly
  14. 14. Adjustment execution
  15. 15. Conclusion • Adjustments allow for separation of concerns • Adjustments serve as containers for implementing adaption algorithms of varying complexity • Adjustments are the key mechanisms for enabling business service delivery in changing circumstances