Turkey gap scheme


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Water Conflicts - Turkey Gap Scheme issues

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Turkey gap scheme

  1. 1. Turkey GAP SchemeA2 Geography
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• To look at the aims of the GAP scheme in Turkey and understand the current problems facing Turkey• To appreciate the scope and concerns of the GAP scheme• To look at the future of scheme and issues that may arise
  3. 3. Present Day Turkey• The scarcity of water supplies in the river basin of ancient Mesopotamia has long fed disagreement among neighboring nations• The Tigris and Euphrates rivers originate in Turkey• The river system is shared by several countries and ethnic groups who regularly disagree on water issues• rising population in these areas is heavily affecting the availability of water.
  4. 4. Present Day Turkey • The Tigris and Euphrates are especially important to Syria and Iraq. Syria obtains approximately 85 percent of the renewable water supply while Iraq obtains 100 percent from the combination of both rivers • The Turks (and the Kurds who live in southeastern Turkey) are less dependent on the rivers • Southern Turkey suffers from droughts
  5. 5. Aims of the GAP Scheme• $32 billion South Eastern Anatolia project to address droughts in Southern Turkey – effects major cities of Ankara and Istanbul• Turkey aims to be the ‘breadbasket’ of the middle east – will therefore increase cash crops• Socio-economic development – create better education , healthcare, more jobs and so stop outmigration
  6. 6. What Does the Scheme Consistof then?• 22 dams, 19 HEP plants, which produce 22% of turkey energy by 2010• Irrigate over 1.7 million hectares and support 7% of the population• South East Anatolia economy will grow by 400%• Will dam the Euphrates and Tigris rivers
  7. 7. Water Scarcity Index Turkey Syria Iraq
  8. 8. Concerns• Syria and Iraq are unhappy as these rivers provide most of there water. This makes it a Geopolitical issue ( geography, economic and politics are interconnected)• Ilisu Dam on the Tigris was proposed but they could not initially get funding due to the impact this was going to have ( World Bank, Uk Gov, Skansa Swedish TNC all pulled out – key players) because it was going to :
  9. 9. Concerns• Flood nearly 80,000 homes• Displace tens of thousands of Kurds• Cause waterborne disease and Malaria to occur more• Rotting veg’n would release methane and Co2 , so meaning it was damaging the environment
  10. 10. Future• 2004 Ilisu Dam scheme amended ( still caused the displacement of the Kurds). Funded by 3 companies combining• Water was released to help out Syria, but not Iraq• New plan is to create Cizre Dam – will take water out of the Tigris for irrigation and so annoy Syria and Iran