Unit testing (workshop)


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Unit testing (workshop)

  1. 1. Unit Testing Foyzul Karim foyzulkarim@gmail.com Secure Link Services Limited
  2. 2. Unit testing? No need 1. Lets write a Math Calculator class. It can Add Subtract We know it will work because we have 'enough' confidence on it.
  3. 3. Unit testing? No need 2. Lets write a Regular Expression generator class. It can Generate Only Alpha Allowed expression with different length Generate Only Alpha & Numeric Allowed expression with different length Do you know your code will work before you test by yourself? If you want to know whether your code is working or not, how would you test? Create an User Interface Project? then Put some input fields? then Put an event trigger control (like button etc)? then Call your regex method from this project UI? You would do that.. won't you? Any other idea?
  4. 4. How about... If I say you to put your code under a testing machine. You don't need to test by yourself using the UI, would you mind? Lets see one of the most common testing tool of the world. Anyone wouldn't dare to test that by his/her finger to calculate the result. Or would anyone?
  5. 5. Why would you need that? Because you don't need to manually input the values each of the time you want to test Because you don't need to input different values each of the time you want to test Because you don't need to click and press keyboards each of the time you want to test Because after you modify some of your classes you don't want to test manually the rest other classes And many more because left...
  6. 6. Who says to write unit test? "Any program feature without an automated test simply doesn't exist" Industrial Logic
  7. 7. I Don't know those guys I have enough skill to write codes which act what I expect that to do.. I don't want to write Test Code because I am a "Super Geek Alien Type Genius Programmer, Not a Tester"
  8. 8. Probably you know these JQuery Json.NET Entity Framework JQuery Validation Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure JQuery UI Modernizer Microsoft ASP.NET Razor 2 ELMAH Ninject
  9. 9. So... You will be unusual if you don’t write test code for your production code.
  10. 10. Lets test Required: Visual Studio 2012 Resharper 7.0 NUnit library Moq library Sql Server (any)
  11. 11. Lets test our Add method public class MathCalculator { public int Add(int first, int second) { return first + second; } } [TestFixture] public class MathCalculatorFixture { [Test] public void TestAddReturnsSum() { MathCalculator calculator=new MathCalculator(); int result = calculator.Add(10, 20); Assert.AreEqual(30, result); }
  12. 12. Debug vs Run
  13. 13. Displaying Error message
  14. 14. Criteria of GOOD Unit Tests Each of your test should focus on a single behaviour of a single method. So it should be Small Precise Independent Fast Flexible
  15. 15. Manual testing is superb !!! What would you do if you don't have any unit testing framework to test the Add() method we wrote just now?
  16. 16. Automated VS Manual Testing [Industrial Logic] Manual Tests is more expensive and time consuming Manual Testing becomes mundane and boring Automated Tests are reusable Manual Tests provide limited Visibility and have to be repeated by all Stakeholders Automated Tests can have varying scopes and may require less complex setup and teardown Automated Testing ensures repeatability (missing out) Automated Testing drives cleaner design Automated Tests provide a Safety Net for Refactoring Automated Tests are living up-to-date specification document Automated Tests dose not clutter your code/console/logs
  17. 17. What the Guru's are saying: “Any program feature without an automated test simply doesn’t exist.” from Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck
  18. 18. Practice time We want to check that whether the username of the student object has minimum 6 characters in length. Lets test it. Hints: public class StudentManager { public bool IsAllowedToProceed(string userName) { … ... } }
  19. 19. Steps we should follow Arrange Prepare the objects and appropriate data Act Call the appropriate method Assert Assert the expected values with the actual values
  20. 20. What should we focus? One test method should focus on a single behaviour of the method to be tested. If a single method can behave multiple ways, we should write different test methods to test each of the expected scenarios.
  21. 21. More Practice... Discussion and change of the requirements according to the audience level. For example: 1. Create different criteria for a username to have and test those criteria
  22. 22. Lets discuss a project Shortest path finder
  23. 23. Another Example scenario A user can attempt to login 3 times sequentially. On failing the 3rd time, his account will be locked. On the 4th time, his account can't be accessed whether he gives valid credentials or not. After an hour he will be again able to try to login.
  24. 24. Brainstorming time Find out the possible criteria to test the scenario. Lets discuss
  25. 25. Possible scenarios to test So, the possible scenarios might be 1. Ideal case, where user inputs are valid and he will be given pass to proceed 2. Worst case, using invalid password, the user will try login 3 times in a sequence and in the 4th time he will receive a account lock notification 3. User can not proceed to the next step if he inputs 3 times in a row, but in the 4th time he use the valid password because the system is locked 4. After one hour user can access the system and the counter is 1 5. After one hour blocking time user can login into the system with valid password on the 4th time
  26. 26. Test Method is explaining 1. TestSigninIdealCase 2. TestSigninBlockCase 3. TestSigninBlockCaseResetWithValidPassword 4. TestSigninBlockCaseResetWithDelayedTime 5. TestSigninBlockCaseResetWithDelayedTimeWithValidPassword and if required we would add more..
  27. 27. Now Lets discuss about the Smells http://www.revealingassets.ca/Home%20Staging%20Addresses%20Bad%20Smells.jpg
  28. 28. Unbearable Test Code Smell Don’t copy and paste Don’t Repeat your code Know your fixture Don’t be optimistic Do Assert Be clear about the Unit Test Coverage Know your Testing Framework Don’t test everything at a time (image in next page) Avoid inappropriate dependencies of your test method Try: One Assertion per test At least One concept per test Appropriate error message
  29. 29. Designing Effective Micro Tests Do the Black-box testing with your class. Avoid white-box testing. assertSame(element, list.get(0)); vs assertSame(element, list.contents[0]);
  30. 30. A good unit test Express intent, not implementation details Small and Simple: Easy to quickly comprehend Run fast (they have short setups, run times, and break downs) Run in isolation (reordering possible) Run in parallel Use data that makes them easy to read and to understand Frequently Run with every code change
  31. 31. Test is not unit test if Has External Dependencies It talks to the Database It communicates across the Network It touches the File System You have to do special things to your Environment – (such as editing config files) to run it It can't run at the same time as any of your other unit tests Order Dependencies - Only works when run in certain order
  32. 32. Do we need to follow all of those to write unit test? http://mattdturner.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Computer-frustration.jpg
  33. 33. Sometimes we tweak !!! At least we can tweak according to our need instead of not writing them at all
  34. 34. So what we are tweaking while testing Database [Test] public void TestGetShouldReturnUser() { using (TransactionScope scope=new TransactionScope()) { IUserRepository repository = new UserRepository(new GoldfishDbEntities()); User user = CreateUser(); repository.Save(user); User returnedUser = repository.Get(user.Id); Assert.AreEqual(user.Id,returnedUser.Id); Assert.AreEqual(user.Gender,returnedUser.Gender); } }
  35. 35. Unit testing Advanced Lets talk about the other attributes Setup Teardown
  36. 36. Inheritance in Unit Testing
  37. 37. Exception Expectations How to write the test when our production code throws exceptions?
  38. 38. Practice (Sales tax) Sales Tax Introduction Basic sales tax is applicable at a rate of 10% on all goods, except books, food, and medical products that are exempt. Import duty is an additional sales tax applicable on all imported goods at a rate of 5%, with no exemptions. When I purchase items I receive a receipt, whichlists the name of all the items and their price (including tax), finishing with the total cost of the items, and the total amounts of sales taxes paid. The rounding rules for sales tax are that for a tax rate of n%, a shelf price of p contains (np/100 rounded up to the nearest 0.05) amount of sales tax. Write an application that prints out the receipt details for these shopping baskets.
  39. 39. Practice (Sales tax) INPUT/OUTPUT: Input 1: 1 book at 12.49 1 music CD at 14.99 1 chocolate bar at 0.85 Output 1: 1 book : 12.49 1 music CD: 16.49 1 chocolate bar: 0.85 Sales Taxes: 1.50 Total: 29.83 Input 2: 1 imported box of chocolates at 10.00 1 imported bottle of perfume at 47.50 Output 2: 1 imported box of chocolates: 10.50 1 imported bottle of perfume: 54.65 Sales Taxes: 7.65
  40. 40. Practice (Sales tax) Input 3: 1 imported bottle of perfume at 27.99 1 bottle of perfume at 18.99 1 packet of headache pills at 9.75 1 box of imported chocolates at 11.25 Output 3: 1 imported bottle of perfume: 32.19 1 bottle of perfume: 20.89 1 packet of headache pills: 9.75 1 imported box of chocolates: 11.85 Sales Taxes: 6.70 Total: 74.68