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Mediant 1000


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Mediant 1000

  1. 1. Application Note A u dio Cod e s M e d ian t 1 0 0 0 – TM the Ideal Platform for running y o ur IP-PBX s oftwa re As PBX vendors are migrating from TDM PBXs and hybrid solutions to pure IP-PBX solutions, a need has arisen for the correct platform in order to run IP-PBX software. Enterprises globally, prefer a single box solution that will host a complete telephony solution: the PBX software, the media gateway functionality, and advanced applications such as conferencing, voicemail/Unified Messaging and transcoding. Enterprises acknowledge that any solution they select must be based on open industry standards: SIP for call control and MSCML for media services, allowing easy interoperability with third party devices such as IP Phones, and any third party application that may be selected in the future. Enabling a combination of third party hardware and software from third party sources reduces the cost of the solution, enabling a selection of the best products with suitable features.
  2. 2. 2 Application Note Accordi ng to the demand for a standards-based, open platform for IP-PBX, AudioCodes has built and created the MediantTM 1000 application-oriented open business gateway – an ideal solution for IP-PBX software vendors searching for an OEM platform to run their software, providing a full solution in a single, 1 rack unit form factor: M A market leading modular media gateway, supporting a mix of FXS, FXO, BRI and E1/T1/J1 PSTN interfaces M OSN (Open Solutions Network) server, which can run Windows or Linux operating systems and host the IP-PBX application M Media Processing Modules (MPMs), that can provide the DSP resources needed to support enhanced applications such as conferencing, announcements, IVR, recording and transcoding M Future support for a secured router module, providing WAN access, data routing and SBC functionality in the same box World leading telecom vendors are currently utilizing the Mediant 1000 platform, in order to run their IP-PBX solution, shortening time-to-market, and saving R&D, logistics and support expenses of Next Generation enterprise telephony solutions. OSN Module I/O Module MPM Module Connectivity/Router Module Modularity The Mediant 1000 supports 6 modular slots, allowing a mix of E1/T1/J1 digital trunks, ISDN BRI, FXS and FXO Loop Start/Ground Start ports, with up to 4 digital trunks or 24 analog ports in the same gateway (4-120 channels). IP-PBX vendors can utilize these ports to connect to PSTN (using E1/T1/J1 digital trunks, BRI or FXO), to support a direct connection to existing POTS phones, faxes and modems (using the FXS interfaces), or to connect to existing legacy PBXs. OSN Server The OSN Server, hosted inside the Mediant 1000, is a powerful, Intel-based platform, which can host the IP-PBX software, and/or any other value added application required by the OEM vendor. Tested to support more than 500 concurrent IP telephony users, the OSN is currently based on an Intel Celeron 600 MHz CPU (equivalent to 1.5GHz Pentium in a standard PC), 512MB-1GB of RAM and single/dual hard disk drives. The OSN was tested to run Microsoft Windows and various Linux operating systems. MPM Module The Mediant 1000 can host up to 2 MPMs (Media Processing Modules). The MPM includes the DSP resources required to offload the media-intensive applications from the CPU. Supporting standard MSCML (Media Server Control Markup Language) allows the application server to easily utilize the MPM resources for media processing features
  3. 3. 3 Application Note such as: conferencing, announcements, recording and transcoding. Supporting these features, both on the TDM and the IP side, enables the OEM vendor to easily integrate into the platform key applications such as voicemail/Unified Messaging, IVR and conferencing. In addition to the TDM interfaces, the Mediant 1000 supports up to 60 IP media resources simultaneously. Supporting such applications on the DSP based platform frees up the resources of the CPU which runs the IP-PBX application, and provides more flexibility, as well as an option to be used as a DSP bank for more advanced gateway applications. Interoperability & Flexibility The Mediant 1000 has been tested for interoperability with numerous legacy TDM PBX vendors, PSTN switches, IP-PBX and Softswitch vendors and IP-phones, and is homologated in over 75 countries worldwide, saving the investment of OEM vendors in long-cycle interoperability and homologation testing of specially built platforms. The Mediant 1000 supports a wide range of PSTN protocols (many variants of CAS & PRI), as well as many industry standard LBR and wideband Vocoders for wireline, cable and cellular implementations (including G.711, G.726, G.723.1, G.729A, GSM-FR, MS-GSM). Headquarters Branch Office CO Fax POTS CO MediantTM 1000 POTS PSTN Interface IP-Phones IP-Phones MP-11x Fax LAN IP Openness AudioCodes’ line of Media Gateways enables the OEM vendor, as well as the end customer, to complement the integrated Mediant 1000 IP-PBX solution with external media gateways in order to support remote branches, additional FXS connections, or higher density of E1/T1/J1 trunks. AudioCodes’ complete product portfolio of Media Gateways use the same feature set and are fully interoperable with the Mediant 1000. AudioCodes line of Media Gateways cover the full range of density needs, from a 2 FXS ports residential gateway, up to a high density, carrier class gateway supporting up to 16,000 VoIP channels.
  4. 4. 4 Application Note Redundancy The Mediant 1000 was designed to support maximum built-in redundancy features. Supporting dual power supplies, dual network connections and module hot-swap allows the OEM vendor to offer the enterprise customer maximum availability of the PBX system. In addition, the Mediant 1000 supports life-line and PSTN fallback features to allow direct connectivity to the PSTN in case of IP network failure. Support of Standalone Survivability (based on an internal implementation of a SIP B2BUA), enables the IP- Phones to remain active in case of a branch office being disconnected from a central SIP Proxy. Security & Management The Mediant 1000 was designed to provide extensive security and management features to the OEM vendor and end customer, including full security features of the media (SRTP), the control (TLS /SIPS) and the management (IPSec, HTTPS, SSL). Supporting SNMP v.3, as well as full functionality and chassis management from the web interface, the Mediant 1000 management interface can be customized and private-labeled for the specific needs of the OEM vendor. Vo i c e Q u a l i t y As proven in the 4th ETSI VoIP gateways test, AudioCodes gateways provide the best voice quality in the marketplace today. Supporting a wide variety of VoIP codecs, and advanced features for voice quality improvement, the Mediant 1000 provides the best VoIP quality, allowing the use of quality-sensitive applications such as speech recognition. Routing & Security Module (future) The Mediant 1000 includes a special slot for future support of a secured router module. This module will allow the direct connection of the OEM solution to a wide variety of WAN technologies (including an internal modem), support of a full suite of IP routing functions, and most importantly, the support of an enterprise SBC (Session Border Controller) function – in order to provide full security of the voice service and direct SIP trunk connection to the Service Provider. Logistics & Operations AudioCodes is a leading supplier to global telecom OEM vendors. Years of experience in supporting OEM models permits AudioCodes to provide OEM vendors with important services such as full private labeling of gateway hardware and software (management interface). In addition, AudioCodes can load the OEM vendor’s software and configuration files onto the gateway during the manufacturing process, delivering the Mediant 1000 fully configured and ready to be delivered to the end customer, maximizing the profit for the OEM vendor.
  5. 5. 5 Application Note About AudioCodes AudioCodes Ltd. (NASDAQ: AUDC) provides innovative, reliable and cost-effective Voice over Packet (VOP) technology, Voice Network products, and applications to OEMs, Network Equipment Providers, Service Providers and System Integrators worldwide. AudioCodes provides a diverse range of flexible, comprehensive media gateway and media processing technologies (based on VoIPerfect™ - AudioCodes’ underlying, best-of-breed, core media gateway architecture) and Session Border Controllers (SBCs). The company is a market leader in product development, focused on VoIP Media Gateway, Media Server and SBC technologies and network products. AudioCodes has deployed tens of millions of media gateway and media server channels globally over the past few years and is a key originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard for the emerging Voice over IP market. The Company is a VoIP technology leader focused on quality, having recently received a number one ranking from ETSI for outstanding voice quality in its media gateways and media servers. AudioCodes voice network products feature media gateway and media server platforms for packet-based applications in the converged, wireline, wireless, broadband access, enhanced voice services and video markets. AudioCodes enabling technology products include VoIP and CTI communication blades, VoIP media gateway processors and modules, and CPE devices. AudioCodes’ headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Israel with an R&D extension in the U.S. Other AudioCodes’ offices are located in Europe, the Far East, and Latin America. International Headquarters 1 Hayarden Street, Airport City Lod, Israel 70151 Tel: +972-3-976-4000 Fax: +972-3-976-4040 US Headquarters 2099 Gateway Place, Suite 500 San Jose, CA 95110 Tel: +1-408-441-1175 Fax: +1-408-451-9520 © 2007 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AudioCodes, AC, Ardito, AudioCoded, NetCoder, TrunkPack, VoicePacketizer, MediaPack, Stretto, Mediant, VoIPerfect, IPmedia, OSN, Open Solutions Network, What's Inside Matters, Your Gateway To VoIP, 3GX, Nuera, Netrake, InTouch, CTI² and CTI Squared are trademarks or registered trademarks of AudioCodes Limited. All other products or trademarks are property of their respective owners. Ref. #LTRM-09033 V.1 05/07