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Global Ed Con: Promoting collaboration across borders


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Promoting collaboration in online learning. Why and how as exemplified in two projects aiming to uncover entrepreneurial awareness and skills.
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Global Ed Con: Promoting collaboration across borders

  1. 1. Promoting collaboration across borders: two approaches Anne Fox
  2. 2. Learning: Beyond transmission What works?
  3. 3. Learning: Beyond transmission
  4. 4. Why collaboration? Learning is social
  5. 5. Why collaboration? All the learners have something to contribute
  6. 6. Why collaboration? Collaboration is the tip of the iceberg
  7. 7. Building trust  Low risk eg fill in profile  Social  Trivial information exchange  Gradual journey away from comfort zone
  8. 8. The projects
  9. 9. The challenges  Language  Paradox of entrepreneurial courses  Fostering trust
  10. 10. A tale of two projects: M-HOUSE Challenge: How to raise the awareness of home-based European adults that their skills in running a household could be transferred to an entrepreneurial situation?
  11. 11. The M-HOUSE modules Module title  Make yourself at home  Make your dream come true!  Plan It! Do It!  In search of value  Move and take-off  Balancing the books  Problem solved  Branding yourself From home to business  Looking after guests (customer care)  Organising the trip of a lifetime (business mission)  Organising a social event (completing a business project)  Making a big purchase (managing resources)  Moving house (starting a new business)  Dealing with fluctuating income  Handling conflict  Thinking about a new business idea
  12. 12. M-HOUSE: Tasks that promote collaboration  Planning an event in groups  Analysing the two sides of a conflict in pairs  Pitching to a prospective landlord as the ideal tenant - peer rating
  13. 13. dCCD FLITE: integrated group work Building on the fact that one person rarely has all the skills necessary to start a business, therefore collaboration results in a superior product.
  14. 14. ConCurrent Design as a project process • The right people in the room • Can make necessary decisions
  15. 15. The business plan: a point of contact
  16. 16. More….  ConCurrent Design FLITE: raising entrepreneurial awareness in IT students & employees  M-HOUSE project: raising households’ entrepreneurial awareness  Blog post series on Linked In
  17. 17. Images  Feedback:  Iceberg: